"It's their own fault. You don't do it right, you ricochet off, you get struck twice by the shrapnel from the Noodle Gun. Little bits of pasta on your face!" — @adam 1252

"Instead of saying: American people, please do not buy a mask right now, we're working on the problem. It's very important that our first line healthcare workers have the proper mask…no, you didn't trust the American people, instead you had to lie." — @adam 1252

"No wonder people are showing up to our show in droves, there's nothing, there's nothing out there for anybody. It's just all hate and divisiness and it's all of them!" — @adam 1253

"Especially football, I don't know about college, but the NFL, they're under complete control by Black Lives Mater right now and I predict to you right now that Colin Kaepernick…some team will be forced to hire him." — @adam 1249

"This is the kind of thing that you'd think would be just front page…pounding the beginning of all the newscasts. This is major, this is espionage by the highest levela of professorships in the country and it's not even discussed." — @Johncdvorak 1252

"It's the shit that's on your apps in your phone and that you register for and then these apps track you all over the place and now the IRS is buying it [from Silicon Valley]. See, the government couldn't do this without that help…" — @adam 1253

"Corruption is our problem. Corruption in law enforcement, corruption in the medical system, of course in politics, the educational system. Corruption! It's true, you think about it, that's the problem." — @adam 1251

"They spend the first two minutes of the news show telling you all the news stories so you can just listen to this and then walk! You don't even need to see the first drug ad…" — @Johncdvorak 1248

"Now that's how you sponsorships, NPR! Are you listening? That's how you do it! You bring in the preacher to just say: Thank God for the Fords and the Toyotas and the Buicks and the Chevys. Thank the Lords for the Pennzoil!" — @adam 1248 youtu.be/qFay0TMo4nc

@adam: How many cars did the Zephyr have?
@Johncdvorak: I can't tell you!
A: Oh, no!
J: I missed the key car, the car I start the count with.
A: The markets will be confused! of we can't give them the Zephyr car indicator, there'll be trouble!

"We went within a year or two from cultural appropriation being one of the most shameful things you can do to the actual Democrat party leaders doing that in some virtual signaling about Black Lives Matter." — @adam 1250

"If you were excited about the vaccine coming because you heard about it on the news, 8 people tried it and the results weren't published, but it's gonna be great. Woooo! And that's your media and that's what you're going to base YOUR health on." — @adam 1246

"The Left is doing a very good job of making Trump the bad guy…The Minneapolis police? Eh, Trump. The fact the entire state of Minnesota is all Democrats and the state government is Democrats and the city guys are Democrats? Trump." — @Johncdvorak 1249

@Johncdvorak: If they were peaceful all along, how do you turn peaceful?
@adam: Just by turning the page in the New York Times, now it's changed!

@adam: Basically, the dude's married to us now. If she's been listening to us from day one, it's like laying in bed with Curry and Dvorak, there's no doubt about that. It's gotta be a fantastic experience.
@Johncdvorak: It's a foursome!

"The Unions are the greatest thing in the world according to Democracy Now except when they're police, so make up your minds what kind of Union you want!" — @Johncdvorak 1250

"The media was played easily by being about Trump but the medical pharmaceutical industry really didn't want this 50 cent pill anywhere near this problem." — @adam 1252

"Remember: there are no secrets, only information you don't yet have." — @adam

"They could have chosen 32, they could have amped it up, done 34, if it's approximate, who gives a crap anyway, you're there to scare people! No, let's make sure to let everyone know it's a 33. Abort mission! Abort mission! — @adam 1251

"I remember 3 months ago: N95, you gotta have the right mask, this is the wrong mask. Now we've gone from [that to] don't buy a mask, make one yourself, but wear it because it's mandatory." — @adam 1249

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