"People are…seeking different ways of technology to compress the information and get as much in as possible. I don't know if that's healthy, I don't know if it's good, I don't know if it works, but it's happening. — @adam 1125

"We're not like the other NAFTA douchebags, we're helping you guys out, we love our Canadians!" — @adam 1128

"Employees complaining of toxic workplace, only old white men running the show. Everything that they accuse others of, the Southern Poverty Law Center, they have been guilty of themselves, apparently, for a long time!" — @adam 1123

"We don't have a network of podcasts, no, we have a network of producers and they make one podcast together!" — @adam 1125

@adam: That was what it was. You got the measles, your brothers and sisters got the measles, you got to stay home, you didn't get any horrible shots, and you lived!
@Johncdvorak: No, that can't be true, you die if you get the measles!

"In Germany now, they have to give away free energy when the wind is blowing really hard because it overloads the network…and then when it's not enough, they gotta fire up the gas plants…we're the premier supplier of gas now, it's a bonanza!" — @adam 1124

"AOC does have a means to communicate. She's bulletproof, in a certain way. If only she could have a message that made sense, she would be worth something." — @adam 1124

"[Journalism in the EU is] a lot of copy-paste work and just translating. And why wouldn't you? You're up nice and early, compared to the US, you got the overnight stories, boom, it's good for a whole news cycle. Ok, time for coffee!" — @adam 1061

"If it comes close, the media will push back against it in some sinister way because they're the ones who lose out with campaign finance reform, the media!" — @Johncdvorak 1125

@adam: Every single mainstream channel, newspaper, magazine, website in the United States blames white men for everything.
@Johncdvorak: White cis-gendered men, by the way!

"I wish more companies would start filling potholes because our government, the corrupt government is not gonna do it!" — @Johncdvorak 1043

@Johncdvorak: If [measles] was eradicated, how can it reappear? Is it magical?
@adam: No one is asking that! This is native advertising for the pharmaceutical industry.

"Aviation is being put in a bad light whenever possible to promote taking the train." — @adam 195

"The circular reporting that we now know has been affected upon us where you create news, you leak it to the media, then the media reports on it, then you go back say: hey, look, the media is reporting on it, we should look into this!" — @adam 1125

"The media's bitching and moaning about being called Fake News and they put shit like this together. It's unconscienable!" — @Johncdvorak 1122

"Isn't it interesting that you got deplatformed from PC Magazine for questionong this…this is your Chem trails, John, 5G is your chemtrails!" — @adam to @Johncdvorak 1128

"When you're reporting, it's a loaded term to say…he claims…he says that this and that and this, which is legitimate reporting. He claims blah blah blah is slanted reporting." — @Johncdvorak 1127

"The $4000 [of Universal Basic Income] comes in, where does that go to? It goes to the same people who are automating, namely Amazon. People are going to spend their money on more shit from Amazon…and for the weed dealers, of course." — @adam 1120

"The should be ashamed of itself, especially when they're the ones who got a kick out of the Snowden stuff, they should be ashamed of themselves about Assange…because this guy is a journalist." — @Johncdvorak 1128

"How do we go from the Snowden revelations about just general spying to Barr going off the rails? These people are unbelievable and the is the problem" — @Johncdvorak 1128

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