@Johncdvorak: Why wasn't that reported by the news media that you have there in Austin? They can look it up. You looked it up!
@adam: It was so hard! I had to do a whole search and type the guys name and spell it properly. It's insane!

“This does this fit perfectly in my rule of the media boomerang: if you abuse the media for your own personal gain, it will eventually boomerang back and hit you with at least equal but often multiple times the force.” — @adam 1217

@Johncdvorak: I'm surprised you watched the game.
@adam: No, I loved the game!
J: You didn't even get [the name of the Kansas City Chief's Quarterback] right…
A: Mahomes, what you mean? What's his name?
J: Bill.
A: Dick!

"You can always remember when it's Black History Month: because it's the shortest month and one of the coldest. That's the way we roll in America." — @adam 1213

“[Trump’s] a marketeer, connecting personal stories to his outcomes…taking credit for it, and at the same time, setting a trap like: You can’t criticize that because you’re gonna criticize the lady with the premature child who’s still alive?” — @adam 1215

"I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, but I can't imagine cordining off 11 million people in the city of Wuhan and having that work for more than a week or two before people just start burning down the place." — @Johncdvorak 1215

“I want my player stats flying in windows, I want telestrators, I want to feel good, good about the technical production of [Super Bowl LIV] and it was sparse! Maybe football fans like that more but I thought to be very, almost low budget!” — @adam 1214

@Johncdvorak: This doesn't go out to the newspapers, this kind of thing. They don't want to freak out the public.
@adam: No, no, this is just for podcasts. That's just so the the intel guys can sit around and laugh.

@Johncdvorak: "18% of the public controls 51% of the senate. How's that fair?"
@adam: Yeah, I've heard this…
J: It doesn't matter when Clinton was President and you had the same situation and he got elected by the Electoral College…that's beside the point.

“If it came down to Trump ends his second term, won’t leave office, I think I would go to DC to tell him to get the hell out. It’s ridiculous for any American to believe that the American people would allow that." — @adam 1214

@adam: When he hears People of Color, his brain translates it to Colored People…How different is it, really?
@Johncdvorak: I think it may actually stem…from a desire to say Colored People by the racists at the New York Times and elsewhere.

“There is one difference between TWiT the Magazine and TWiT the Network: the magazine doesn’t actually have dick pics!” — @adam 1214

“Was it possible that this app was designed to screw up [the Iowa Caucuses] so badly that they’re going to go the more easily manipulatable primary? Is that possible?" — @Johncdvorak 1214

"People often think only about maybe Apple, but there's a lot of small businesses that rely on the JIT, the just in time supply chain from China." — @adam 1214

"The reason for the Electoral College is because the States are…equal, not the individuals in the country. So you do end up with 18% of the public controlling 51% of the Senate, but that's the way it was designed because Egalitarianism is bad!" — @Johncdvorak 1215

@adam: Wow, this is ABC News with a minute and a half of completely information free news report. There was nothing in there! Nothing!
@Johncdvorak: That's no different than any of their reports!

@Johncdvorak: Oooh, there's a 10 car train today.
@adam: Oh, economy is up!

"Sorry, affiliates, if you were waiting, we were way over but time flies when you're having fun and talking about Harvey's privates!" — @adam 1213

"I wish I could make it more spectacular like an Illuminati sacrifice, but unfortunately, bad day! It happens to a lot of good pilots, sadly." — @adam on the fatal Kobe Bryant helicopter crash 1212

@adam: Senators eyes may have glazed over. I don't know if they care to even pay attention.
@Johncdvorak: I think they're minds are made up, so they're not paying attention.

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