“Welker says: he's ramping up his threats to declare a national emergency. They can't even find any sort of a clip that would have anything to do with this!" — @adam 1110

@adam: 124 employees produce, what, 37 shows?
@Johncdvorak: And they got 13 studios? Wow, man, talk about overhead, who's giving them money?

"Thank you Facebook, thank you 10 million people for putting a price on data. I'm sure that there are companies who would pay $50 for you to do this…this is turning the model upside down!" — @adam 1108

"As is traditional with the No Agenda show, when it comes to big events…we always like to choose the winner based on geopolitical data points and with the knowledge that all major sports games are rigged." — @adam 1109

"Big Nic is here to say and I expect them to do a lot of ads denouncing their previous product, which, let's face it, the cigarette was just the administration vehicle, it's always been about the nicotine!" — @adam 1109

"When I hear [Ben] Shapiro going, oh my God, you can just hear it in his voice, he doesn't like these guys, he doesn't like the product, he doesn't like doing this read, give him a pre-programmed ad to run to play!" — @Johncdvorak 1109

"They've grown their capabilities way beyond what CIA does. They are the true spy agency now…because they're looking from space…they changed their name from National Geospatial Agency to National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. Gives you a clue!" — @adam 1107

"We change [album art] on every single show. Not every single podcast app will show our brand new art and I recommend you go get a different app if they don't." — @adam 1107

@adam: We hold Canada in high regard here
@Johncdvorak: Pretty much in the same regard we hold Venezuela!

"You gotta hear these smarmy douchebags from Pod Save America. They wrote speeches for Obama and now they're sitting there reading copy for Squarespace!" — @adam 1109

"Our show is designed to kind of debunk everything that is sold by the mainstream media and all these commercial operations, corporations, and these messaging companies." — @Johncdvorak 1106

“AP…did an article. Breaking News: the animals on the Animal Crackers will no longer be in cages because it’s cruel, PETA forced them. And it's NEWS…what a great piece of native advertising!" — @adam 1062

"I wish more companies would start filling potholes because our government, the corrupt government is not gonna do it!" — @Johncdvorak 1043

@adam: What do fish do for CO2, are they goos or bad? They don't fart like cows.
@Johncdvorak: I don't know, they rot and give off methane, I guess.

@Johncdvorak: You sound as good as anybody working these other systems!
@adam: But I'm still a closet
J: I'm just sitting in my office
A: In your chaise lounge
J: In my chaise lounge, I gotta window here with the traffic going by…
A: With Skype!

"Interestingly, if you're looking for any mainstream M5M report about any dangers of 5G, you're not going to find it. You're going to find it months ago." — @adam 1105

1103 talking about NewsGuard
@adam: It's not about protecting you
@Johncdvorak: No, it's about protecting the income of the Publicis Groupe!

"It may not be so coincidental that we also have this Roger Stone fracas which is dominating the news. I would say the ratio of Venezuela / Roger Stone news is Venezuela: 1, Stone: 9, just in weight of what attention it's given." — @adam 1107

1106 @ 2:03:00
@adam: You're going to regret this.
@Johncdvorak: No I'm not, this is gonna happen!
A: You're going to regret betting with me on this very show.
J: I've never regretted betting with anybody, I always win!
A: Mark the time down, everybody!

"Spread the ass cheeks open, make that pussy crack a smile."
- @adam


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