"I want to remind everybody how thankful we are but also how important it is that we are an independent unaffiliated media property. We don't use any of the Silicon Valley infrastructure, we have our own infrastructure…" — @adam 1226

"What was more interesting than the irksome aspect of him telling a woman to shush was actually the term itself. Who uses shush? Check the calendar! It's 2020!" — @Johncdvorak 1224

"Who is in charge of Joe Biden? He just had a fantastic showing on Super Tuesday. Put the man at home, put the gimp ball in his mouth, lock him up, don't let him out! Put the surrogates on the road, get Jill Biden out there, anybody!" — @adam 1223

"That's what I like about the guys. They don't even bother listening to the show, they don't know anything about it, and they're starting to offer sponsors…Hey, we got a guest for your show that you'll love!" — @Johncdvorak 1222

@adam: What's happening in the markets is fantastic. I'm so happy to be alive to see all of this.
@Johncdvorak: Well, you're so happy to be out of the market, apparently!

@adam: I smoked a blunt with [Joe Rogan]. I'd never smoked a blunt, it was fantastic!
@Johncdvorak: Whaaaat?
A: Yes, I never smoked a blunt.
J: This sounds unrealistic!

"A lot of people suspect, nobody knows this for sure, that this virus was stolen from the United States but it was booby-trapped to begin with. And it was designed specifically to target Han Chinese…" — @Johncdvorak 1222

"Everbody is over in Davos. I did watch as much Davos coverage as possible. It's important for us because that's where the elites are. It's the annual gathering of the reptiles!" — @adam 1210

"You can't say that on TV. You can't say that advertising doesn't work. I'm amazed he's still alive!" — @adam 1223

@Johncdvorak: Oh, there's dad again using a fork to eat his cereal.
@adam: With a joint in my mouth!

@adam: What's the guy's name? Dick pound?
@Johncdvorak: Dick. Pound.
A: Dick Pound is the longest standing member? Are you kidding me?
J: I wasn't going there!

"Here's the prediction I make…this was signed on Friday the 6th, so by April 6th, this should all be over. 30 days from now, it's all done. Everyone has their money, we know it has to be spent. The important money has to be spent." — @adam 1223

@adam: Third hand smoke, you go to a movie theater, just the smoke, the residue that is hanging on other people's clothes is equivalent to you sitting next to somebody smoking 10 cigarettes!
@Johncdvorak: It doesn't even pass, uh, the sniff test!

@Johncdvorak: Before we go switch gears completely…
@adam: But I want to play some Hillary stuff!
J: I do want to run this…update on COVID-19
A: Is it really worth it? Is it more than I just did?
J: No, it's totally in a different dimension!

"You sound like elitist douchebags because you can't stand that he did exactly what the American public wants. This is how we buy our washing powder. Through these types of shows!" — @adam on the State of the Union 1214

"We have people and they know how to do mugs. They know how to make money doing some of this stuff that is not our core competency. Our core competency is to scream into a microphone." — @Johncdvorak 1223 noagendashop.com

@Johncdvorak: Name your kids after us!
@adam: The two girls?
J: I don't care!
A: Hi, this is my daughter John, my other daughter Adam. Yeah, you couldn't be more social justice than that!

"Administration of Foreign Affairs, diplomatic programs of the Department of States, foreign operations and related appropriations. Well, we all know what that is: CIA black budget!" — @adam 1223

"If you're a podcaster, you're not a t-shirt sales company! You don't have a shirt shop on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley." — @Johncdvorak 1222

"Even unlimited money does not buy you favor with the American public. This is a good lesson. It's not really being deconstructed because everyone's afraid because they all want the Bloomberg bucks to flow into Biden." — @adam 1222

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