"noagendasocial.com, which is our federated social network which had no algos, no deplatforming, no shadow banning, and it's federated, so it works all around the world except with people who hate us, which is kinda good!" — @adam 1276

"Every time I see this, I cringe, because they show it on television way too much. They have somebody with this big long swab thing, this thing's a mile long, and there's some evil looking person with a mask on…" — @Johncdvorak 1276

"Remember: there are no secrets, only information you don't yet have." — @adam

@Johncdvorak: Ok, I'll see you later, Adam!
@adam: Alright, stay safe!
J: Go fuck yourself!

“[Trump] is saying in February, we knew it was aerosolized, [Covid-19] was transmitting through the air…where was Fauci on this? Where was everybody? In fact, they denied this! They denied it, and now it turns out it’s true.” — @adam 1277

"Peoples of Gitmo Nation European Union, you know clearly that this is a very toned down bullcrap report throwing some guy in there who's talking about… being enslaved. For someone who is just casually following the news…that's a crazy person!" — @adam 1273

"The dudes named Ben and the dudettes named Bernadette, they truly hold a lot of keys to our society and they are extremely undervalued." — @adam 1275

@Johncdvorak: …with Open Source solutions that require thousands of bodies to maintain solutions that never work. Now that sounds like IBM!
@adam: Just ask the guys who put together that Obama are website!

"Advertising is not just buy this soap, advertising is ideas…when we talk about this show, we're advertising a whole concept that says the mainstream media is bullshit!" — @adam 1277

"Why isn't he a martyr? We know Blake's name, we know Floyd's name, we know Breonna Taylor's name, we don't know this guy's name. Why? Because they don't give a crap!" — @adam 1274 usnews.com/news/us/articles/20

@Johncdvorak: I've been in the publishing business long enough to know how it goes and artists, they get abused.
@adam: And they like it! They like it!
J: I don't know that they like it…but they expect it.

"The No Agenda Show does not recommending Googling the term Riding The Dragon. You should probably put Biden in front of it!" — @adam 1278

@adam: That's not the job of a journalist! "I need to stop you because what you're saying is irresponsible!"
@Johncdvorak: That is the CNN approach.
A: Yeah, but it's not journalism!

@adam: [The company providing contract tracing for the NFL] Kinexon…
@Johncdvorak: Is it a publicly held company?
A: Oooh, let's find out.
J: Man, I'm in it, I'm there!
A: kinexon.com…Is it publicly traded. I like how you think, Dvorak!

"If you're wondering if we're going into lockdowns, the Gates Foundation just doubled it's investment holdings in Walmart. Just something you might want to think about." — @adam 1260

“Back in the day, we had Shut Up Slave t-shirts with a barcode and it was funny. Trust me, I ain’t wearing that one anymore!” — @adam 1277

"Mail-in ballots is one thing, but without the infrastructure and years of planning, no, it's a typical Democrat ploy. See how well their primaries run. No, no, none of this!" — @adam 1269

@Johncdvorak: How about science and math? How about teaching kids what they're supposed to learn at those ages, they can learn about racism when they're in college.
@adam: They do, math is racist, we've been through this.

"When you work in a bureaucracy or a government agency, they make a big point of write it, don't say it…You don't do gentlemens agreements if you're a government agency, you write stuff down." — @Johncdvorak 1273

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