“We’ll have a nuclear arms agreement for cyber crime. And please note the M5M pushing the cyber war…” — @adam 1353

@adam: Magnetogenetics
@Johncdvorak: This is second half of show stuff.
A: It’s Covid, baby!

“It’s like someone read the story about Typhoid Mary, which was an asymptomatic spreader of typhoid…and they extrapolated to this disease because it was in the public consciousness.” — @Therealdvorak 1352

“When I was at the meet up, couple of women there work at Cal Berkeley…they’re making them wear these green and yellow stickers as they roam around. I said: Why don’t you just make it a yellow star?” — @Johncdvorak 1348

“It’s proven to be an overcount [of Covid-19] time after time but they kept saying it’s an undercount. Why? What rationale is there to say that? Just to keep people more panicky?” — @Johncdvorak 1352

@adam: Nature and the No Agenda show go together very well.
@Johncdvorak: And housekeeping!

"Something like this obviously happened, it's not a bogus story, and the Pfizer marketing guy said: How come this isn't more publicity?" — @Johncdvorak 1346

“There is no difference between the Republicans and Democrats, they’re all captured by the same entities, the same money.” — @adam 1347

@Johncdvorak: What difference does it make if somebody has that opinion, I’m just asking, just theoretically…
@adam: That’s what Twitter is for is to get people all wound up.

“In the past 60 days, 600,000 of [the 3.7 mil. podcasts in Podcast Index] updated…If there’s a so-called $1 billlion marketplace, how does that work out…There’s probably 1,000 [podcasts] who are making all the money, everyone else is getting nothing!” — @adam 1347

@Johncdvorak: You watch any of these old movies, they're hurtful…I don't see any way back from this.
@adam: Just not the classics, turn on TV Land!

“It’s no longer about science, it’s how do we most effectively convince everybody to get the poke, the jab, the shot in the arm. That’s all that it’s about.” — @adam 1345

“You did well is the way it should be put if you’re an academician at a university at that level, but no, no, not at this school. You did good, you did good!” — @Johncdvorak 1348

“There’s not a single podcasting entity that has ever given a shit about what we’re doing ever, and these guys go and do it and they’re successful.” — @adam 1344

“I like this because you’re not lying. You’re a Covid Survivor because you survived the onslaught of propaganda and bullcrap. It’s not a lie!” — @adam 1339

@Johncdvorak: This sort of a gimmick is what ended up getting Boaty McBoatface the winner of a contest in England to name a new ship.
@adam: That’s why [the Eurovision song contest] is so fantastic, everything about it is wrong!

“News flash: If there’s some anti-Semites out there who thinks the Jews own the media, go look big pharma, you morons!” — @adam 1347

"Somebody has to explain this flu phenomenon. So if the flu has dropped to nearly zero with whatever we're doing, how come Covid hasn't dropped to zero…They're being conflated! Somebody's got the flu, they get really sick…ah, Covid!" — @Johncdvorak 1346

"When you think about all of the, well, what I'm calling spells, do you think psychotropic drugs have anything to do this? That the amount of people doped up in the United States just make them susceptible to believing stuff, anything?" — @adam 1345

@Johncdvorak: Don’t worry, it’s going to be safe for the celebrities.
@adam: It has to be safe for the celebrities because if they die, no one will see it because no one is watching these shows anymore!

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