"Instead of releasing the full audio they apparently have…they decide to release it peacemeal…I don't think that's real journalism, that's click bait bullshit. If you had this tape, do your reporting and give us the source material." — @adam 1178

@adam: So it seems the more I listen to the BBC, the less I understand where they're at.
@Johncdvorak: What? That report made zero sense!
A: That's exactly why I played it!

"They're not going to let up on this because this is their only way of winning. They have…no ideas, and this is why they're going to lose again to Trump, because all they're doing is focusing on Trump." — @Johncdvorak 1179

"Our children are being set up to sell out the United States, to sell out the country. That's exactly what's going on. And if people come to realize that eventually, maybe they'll figure it out and do something about their own thinking." — @Johncdvorak 1177

"The playbook is: shut up, he's nuts, misdemeanor, impeach him, everybody agrees, everybody's all in. It's buffaloing, it's steam rolling!" — @adam 1179

"This child might as well be dead! She is completely under hypnotic spell and control. It's incredibly sad, I think we both agree with that. But you can see how effective it is…" — @adam 1177

"When you go , which means you have a piece of crap phone that basically let's you text, take calls, and if you want, get on some kind of web browser. That's about it…no apps, only the standard apps that come with the phone." — @adam 1178

"I've not used these crazy little cliches or bromides to say that's a really good point when, in fact, if you listen to the entire conversation, nobody made a point!" — @Johncdvorak 1178

"Gender equality is a big part of Agenda 21. Conservation management of resources for development, social and economic dimensions, demographic dynamics, and sustainability…Written in '92, you're hearing these words coming out of children's mouths now!" — @adam 1177

"Now we know you're a fake ham. No ham think D-STAR is a great product. Real HAMs hate it!" — @adam to @Johncdvorak 1177

@Johncdvorak: It sounds to me as though this is an extreme tactic to get people to donate.
@adam: It's probably not even about the money, as you say, it's purely to get the base riled up and it's not working on me.
J: Of course not, you're not the base!

"These are the talking points! This is literally the ad talking points. You could hear Leo Laporte do this about some product." — @adam 1178

"Most people on television, including Nancy Pelosi herself, when they talk about the transcript and what the President said…that they're all basing this off of, even she denies English truth!" — @adam 1179

"Look at this show. This show is a perfect example. We don't need advertising, we don't need the corporate world, we don't need Silicon Valley platforms, just a group of people who are doing this all together." — @adam 1177

"Three people died from vaping here in the United States because they were vaping Vitamin E…they don't even mention, let alone compare it to the almost half a million people who die from smoking worldwide!" — @Johncdvorak 1174

@Johncdvorak: What is the long game?
@adam: To steal our money and to keep the elite's money safe. Isn't that always the end game?

“It is always assumed that [our listeners] don't agree with everything [we say], because nobody would. In fact, Adam and I…we disagree constantly. Not constantly, but we disagree enough, which is the reason why one's Crackpot and one's Buzzkill." — @Johncdvorak 1176

"They took everything they learned from MKULTRA and they're applying it! This has nothing to do with a test, it's application. They know it works!" — @adam 1174

"People don't read jack shit anymore! They look at a headline, they look at a clip, and get outraged and go for it. It's sad. People are outraged and don't even know what they're supposed to be outraged about!" — @adam 1179

"It doesn't seem healthy what's happening, but what do we know? We're just a bunch of podcasters!" — @adam 1175

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