@adam: That's your Linux update everybody. Thanks for tuning in to…
@Johncdvorak: If there's anyone left on the stream…

@adam: Ring gave the police stats about users who opted out [of sharing their videos with the police]. How disgusting is this?
@Johncdvorak: We're watching the police state unfold!
A: Yes, in real time!

“It’s going to be cruel to have an animal because dogs are people, too. It will be cruel if you give the dog to eat what you want the dog to eat, tell him where to lie down, and cut his nuts off…People are going to get brain fried from this!” — @adam 1190

"All you need is for one a-hole on your entire network segment to do something with spam, his IP will get reported, and the entire network block that goes along with that will also get reported." — @adam 1194

"I've been able to plan the actual cremation of my father around show days. I just want you to know that is how dedicated we are to the show." — @adam 1194

"It's never gonna happen. They're never going to leave. They can have as many elections, the parliament's never gonna vote it. Instead of we just leave, which is what they should have done…it's never gonna happen!" — @adam on 1187

"I wish more companies would start filling potholes because our government, the corrupt government is not gonna do it!" — @Johncdvorak 1043

@Johncdvorak: We don't play too much of Scott Adams, but…
@adam: He doesn't even show up in my timeline anymore so I keep forgetting to check him out. Thanks, Twitter!
J: He's been shadowbanned from you.
A: Totally…and we follow each other!

"The idea of the lifestyle is multiple layers…it is meant to wean yourself off of the smartphone where you are a zombie and you're just like everybody else and you're controlled by this thing that's notifying you and telling you what to do." — @adam 1191

“The Democrats do not want Bernie and they don’t actually want Warren either. This is pretty risky if you’re going for a brokered convention and bring Hillary in at the last minute. It's gonna look fishy." — @Johncdvorak 1190

"Twitter is not just a node, it's all of it. And this is why the shadow banning and the missing things and they're doing everything they can to keep from sending this stuff out. I think Twitter is in over their heads. They can't do what they claim they're doing." — @Johncdvorak 1186

"Kids, if you're writing about World War II, for a paper at school, you can just say Uncle Adam and Uncle John said: [Hitler and Churchhill] were really enthusiastic guys!" — @adam 1188

"For commercial reasons, the podcasting thing is a kind of an in-term right now. I feel sorry for anyone who anyone who made the mistake of dreaming up the idea of netcasts." — @Johncdvorak 1189

@Johncdvorak: This would be top of the news. Amy would be there with a microphone…
@adam: Yes, yes, she was on site back in the day!
J: Now, they don't even care! It's one of these things that was a passing fancy.

“They gladly accept the responsibility of, oh, well yeah, we were shadow banning when they're not doing anything except that they just can't handle the load…Twitter is just overloaded and they can't afford more capacity…" — @Johncdvorak 1190

"For us, we know exactly what [Trump is] doing: He's trolling the media. And they all bite on it!" — @adam 1186

@adam: He says "as long as long as you keep butchering my name, I'll keep donating." Alright.
@Johncdvorak: Why should I ever get good at these names?

"We need to stall! We need to hijack the media. We cannot have anyone doing any stories about anything but impeaching Trump! That's the mission…People are getting awfully close! They're gonna figure out Hunter. They're going to figure out Joe." — @adam 1192

“When anyone says: I won't raise taxes on the Middle Class, I say: please define Middle Class. We did this with Obama. There is no definition of Middle Class. There is no salary range, there's nothing that is set in stone as an economic indicator of what is Middle Class." — @adam 1187

@adam: Nationalist bad, socialist apparently good! And when the Nationalist came in, that's when everything went to hell and a handbasket. OK, alright.
@Johncdvorak: Beautiful job of propaganda.

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