"I wish more companies would start filling potholes because our government, the corrupt government is not gonna do it!" — @Johncdvorak 1043

"Americans won't really eat bugs…instead, we do what Americans love: give me something fake that looks just like it. Spam. We're the country that…as long as it looks the right way, we'll put it in our mouth!" — @adam 1161

"Pretend to be a conservative, use these talking points, don't point to the original document, and implicate Trump! This guy comes from NBC News…" — @adam 1163

"That $6.5 billion, people seriously want to choose their leaders, don't they? That's not just coming from mom and pops with their $100 thru Lizzie Warren, that's some real money!" — @adam 1163

"We don't need to talk about the children of legal citizens who parents OD or parent get arrested or broken families or domestic violence. You don't hear much about the children from the M5M when it comes to that!" — @adam 1163

"In the 80s and 90s, radio was absolutely , on the radio, 97.1, ZERO CONTENT, ALL filler!" — @adam 200.5

"I have to assume that the other candidates are so abhorrent to The Democrat voters that they keep Biden the top nod because these guys are offensive, all of them. Except Tulsi [Gabbard]." — @Johncdvorak 1160

"You gotta be quiet about Walmart, they spend $3 billion a year in advertising, we don't want people to be afraid. We certainly want the news to mention that Walmarts are gun-free zones." — @adam 1161

"Even if you want to call him a white supremecist and a Trump supporter, you might want to mention that he said that he wasn't." — @adam 1161

"How cool is it that we identified the drug that does it and now that they've got something that apparently combats it 8-9 years later? It's a great place, this country!" — @adam 1164

@adam: Am I misreading this or is this guy just an elitist prick?
@Johncdvorak: Well, I don't think he's much of an elitist, he's just a prick.

“We want you, the audience, to be able to get laid because you sound smarter listening to us!” — @adam 200.5

"We cannot let this show go by without showing you the gaffe machine that is Joe Biden. There's always a couple of good ones." — @adam 1163

"If you look at the entire Trump Rotation, it all eats away at the idea of draining the swamp and clearing the Deep State, which is the bureaucractic technocracy that runs the country." — @Johncdvorak 1164 trumprotation.com

"People have strong belief in jobs karma and there's ample evidence to show that it works!" — @adam 1164 media.phoneboy.com/najingles/J

"Socialism has leaders and they tell you to shut the fuck up and I've seen it and that's how it's lived. This has nothing to do with socialism. In fact, all this was, this entire [Democratic Socialists of America] conference, was fundraising!" — @adam 1162

@Johncdvorak: This is a fundraiser for people that are marginalized. Nobody has exploited them before. In other words, the autistic, the people who don't want to smell anything…
@adam: It's a new source of revenue!

"We laughed about Hillary Clinton's techno experts in the State Department. I'm pretty sure when it comes to bots and trolls, we're doing most of the work here in America!" — @adam 1162

"Immediately, some trolls are like: who cares about a TV show? Well, you'd be amazed at how programmatitive these things are and how people believe they've heard or seen some historical fact based on something they've seen in a television show?" — @adam 1161

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