“Above all, this show really is a comedy show, let’s be honest about it. But only for each other. I don’t know how to make an audience laugh. If I can make you laugh, it’s been a good show, that’s how I view it.” — @adam to @Johncdvorak 1366 podverse.fm/clip/1SKVV6Sbm

@Johncdvorak: Who comes up with this 1000 engineers to create, what, a couple of pieces of shit code?…If it took 10 engineers, they’d do a better job.
@adam: Anything you want to do on Microsoft Windows takes thousands of engineers!

“This is how CNN thinks: people are stupid, we need to educate them, Bill Nye’s doing a great job with climate change, let’s do this. And then just end with BONKERS! SCIENCE! And just shut you up!” — @adam 1369 podverse.fm/clip/vZKO4SgOF

“This story has been tweeted so many times…Do Americans know how small 2mm really is? And if you take 2mm per year for 30 years, as the report just said, [it’s] 2.3 inches.” — @adam 1359 podverse.fm/clip/osRHimH-G

“People are pulling away from the media…In fact, there’s probably more chance that people want to listen to complete conspiracy crap just to not have to hear what those people have to say!” — @adam 1366 podverse.fm/clip/qMw39gsVi

“Hey, we’re doing this, you can talk because its not going to stop and it’s not going to have an effect. It’s like our show…does it have any effect on the overall think they’re trying to pull? No, none whatsoever!” — @Johncdvorak 1371 podverse.fm/clip/J05mS-2ys

@adam: Oh yeah, most of the cases we’re seeing here are totally Delta. How do you know that, ma’am?
@Johncdvorak: NPR should ask that question…

“The spook community is welcome here at No Agenda! As long as the amygdalae are correctly sized, everybody can participate.” — @adam 1373 podverse.fm/clip/uYbfATFRn

“Let’s say I got a flu shot and I got the flu. Would the logical answer be: man, you didn’t get enough flu shot, we gotta put more into you. Is that how vaccines work, the more you put in, the better they work?” — @adam 1364 podverse.fm/clip/87dgB1JYW

@Johncdvorak: What’s the Gaff?
@adam: You didn’t hear him say experimental vaccine?
J: That’s what it is!
A: But he immediately cut that off.
J: But why?
A: Because people do not want to feel like they are being experimented on!

“All of that always gets stuck and stolen and God knows where the money is, but all of the representatives are like: we’ll congress has to come back…What? The money was sent! Go to where the problem is!” — @adam 1370 podverse.fm/clip/awP-S4Kgi

“Now that you mention it, I have been seeing these people. Oh, I got the shot, I feel so much better about life. It’s exactly the same script! They had no backup.” — @Johncdvorak 1369 podverse.fm/clip/_JqfZ1827

“This winter, Canada’s gonna lock down, probably Europe will lock down, everything except the pockets of concern in the United States will lock down…They’re going back to masks, there will be a booster… ”— @adam 1362 podverse.fm/clip/eOyvoivHU

“For sure something very big and vast is happening with bankers, underage women, and creepy shit. And I think that it’s all going to come out. And I am now thinking, crazy as it may seem, that Melinda Gates may be the one who is going to trip it.” — @adam 1352

@adam: They’re trying to get us to eat bugs and kale again, John!
@Johncdvorak: Well, we’re back on track. You can tell by the donations!

“I can think of one of two families that have members, kids, that would rat out their parents in a minute thanks to the education they got at the University of Arkansas.” — @Johncdvorak 1314

“In aviation, the pilot and co-pilot never have the same meal [because] if one of them is bad, the other one probably won’t get sick…How does that work if everyone’s vaccinated in the hospital and something’s wrong?” — @adam 1373 podverse.fm/clip/EKuUFpKjS

@adam: I’m not going to let these horrible anti-government seething infected human resources on any of your trains or planes, vote for me! Isn’t that kinda what he said?
@Johncdvorak: Yeah, which sounds like tyranny, if you ask me.

“There’s no shortage! 80,000 doses expired in some area recently. There’s tons of shots out there! This is just to create a panic to get boosters so they can get another shot into people. This is terrible!” — @Johncdvorak 1371 podverse.fm/clip/DXoZt3ghq

“This is all either politics or marketing. I don’t think it has much to do with medicine or science anymore!” — @adam 1376 podverse.fm/clip/o1ojsDlWB

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