“The M5M is so handcuffed by the pharmaceutical companies that they can’t do anything that tells any story whatsoever that’s even remotely true about drugs in general…Most of their income from the nightly news comes from drug companies.” — @Johncdvorak 1331

“This is the best promotion that could be done in America: we’ll give you a donut if you get your shot. I’ve seen people, all you need to is color them yellow, and they’re Homer Simpson. That’s the level, people are actually excited about this!” — @adam 1332

@Johncdvorak: This is an old Nazi trick: if anyone kills one of us, we will kill ten of you!
@adam: Wow, hadn’t even thought of it that way.
J: That’s exactly what they’re doing. Oh, we have a violation, ok, you will all suffer!

“You are hearing press news models covering up. Covering up the fact they weren’t allowed to ask questions, that it wasn’t in the script, and they’re really saying: the American public had no interest in it, that’s why they didn’t ask any questions?” — @adam 1333

“[This report was] about one thing and one thing only, or so it seemed, which was: Republicans aren’t taking the vaccine. Republicans are bad, they’re bad, and Republicans are stupid…and they don’t believe in science!” — @Johncdvorak 1331

“This is a belt and road promotion. They have the trains running, they can get from China to Europe on the trains, and I’m just waiting to see the messaging.” — @adam 1333

@Johncdvorak: She shouldn’t be doing this. This is not what we want from our leaders…
@adam: Hey, she’s not a leader, she’s hired by the people we hired, she’s a subcontractor, the way I see it!

“If you don’t have an approved treatment, which could be Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, anything that actually works…which is why they fought so hard against it because they can’t have the Emergency Use Authorization if something out there works.” — @adam 1330

“If I go there next time and she makes me wants to wear a mask because I’ve not been vaccinated even though she is, I will have to tell her: I’m sorry, I will never come back here until you change that policy. This is what we have to do…” — @adam 1334

@adam: Another gay connection made on the No Agenda show. A romance!
@Johncdvorak: Unbelievable since we’re right wing nuts!

“They are the Chinese News Network. Even CGTN won’t go this far! They won’t, they play it kinda straight. CNN, they’re off the rails!” — @Johncdvorak 1322

@Johncdvorak: I don’t know any black people that watch PBS News Hour with Judy. Just to see Yamiche? I don’t think so.
@adam: To be honest, I don’t know anybody who watches PBS News Hour with Judy!

@adam: We have a $4 trillion stimulus bill coming up…
@Johncdvorak: That things not gonna get passed. I be stunned if that actually happened.
They’ll bitch about it.
A: What do they care?
J: No, as far as they’re concerned, it’s all free money!

“Bring back Google Reader with a one-click subscribe so everybody can go back to little blog posts and then you can then make it possible for people to have a timeline. Bring back Google Reader, support RSS, you will be loved for it.” — @adam 1323

@adam: Problematic is an outlawed term here.
@Johncdvorak: We’ll that’s problematic in itself!

“We bought futures, we’re drug dealers! There is no shortage [of Covid-19 vaccines], it’s the fact that we bought it all up before they could even make the stuff, taking a gamble, of course that’s why we’re forcing it on the public and the world…” — @Johncdvorak 1332

“Instead of saying: the number of people that are leaving are triple, or, you say: the number of people leaving used to be one and now it’s three. So you use triple to make it sound like there’s a lot of people leaving.” — @Johncdvorak 1333

“I can think of one of two families that have members, kids, that would rat out their parents in a minute thanks to the education they got at the University of Arkansas.” — @Johncdvorak 1314

“mtv.com, I registered that, MTV allowed me to have it, they didn’t give a shit because they were on AOL, they had the AOL keywords, and that was totally my own deal. And it was YEARS later that mtv.com reverted back to them.” — @adam 1327

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