really wish I'd had the means to visit Oz & NZ before New Normal. I've always found the citizens so genuinely nice and helpful. Back when I was in school I contacted many scholars from both nations re TPP & they all wrote back - providing sources and info.

@noaccounting4me wonder if they use Dominion too? Also how many gazillionaires have bought property in NZ as an escape and have influence as well

@noaccounting4me @stsmith I know enough of the those smug idiots - they don't want to know

We chatted last night for the first time since he moved away..
He made no bones, and said there's no secret.. the new 87,000 agents will be revenue agents and are being trained to combat the black markets and forbidden (untaxed) transactions that'll arise when digital currency is implemented..

I envision it'll be much like alcohol prohibition of the 1920s.. only instead of a war on booze..
These knuckleheads will be conducting a war on cash..

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@stsmith comments from the braindeads are hilarious

"When traditional Islamic societies practice "female circumcision" on minor females, rendering them incapable of sexual pleasure for religious reasons, we are rightly appalled. But when the Woke do something far more horrible -- hormones that block puberty make sexual pleasure in adulthood impossible, but these mutilations go much further than what the backwards Muslims of Africa do -- it is celebrated as liberation.

Democrat’s Jan. 6 Falsehood Sparks a Donnybrook with GOP in US House Judiciary Committee


Watch "Newborn Snuggling With His Best Friend, House Cat, as They Lay Together Comfortable" on YouTube

@noaccounting4me no idea but will this current DOJ is that even necessary?

Life is beautiful. And every day is gravy.
It's not easy to be awake and aware during times of madness.You need to keep a sense of humor above all else, in my opinion, or risk being swept away by despair. I'm so grateful for this podcast that has brought us together, a d helped us sustain this mindset. I'm grateful for @adam and @Johncdvorak doing the dAng thing for nearly 1500 SHOWS. (Christ, how does a show artist commemorate this properly?I dunno)....

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