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Who the fuck is riffing on the live stream, this song is sick. No sound hog match

Drone for a drone, I'm sure ours cost more, but POTUS proportionate response is a breath of fresh air

Meet Les Wexner. Multi billionaire and CEO of Victoria Secrets, Bath and Bodyworks etc and longtime friend of Jeffery Epstein. He is claiming to know nothing about Epstein yet in 1998 he sold him his 77 million dollar mansion in Manhattan for (get this) 0 dollars. Not only that there are no property tax records available for the property transfer until 2011 and here is the kicker. Epstein is listed as both the seller and buyer.
Yup, Les is a standup guy that knew nothing. (DZ)

James Comeys original memo concerning the FBIs probe into HRCs use of a private server before it was edited by subordinates and issued to Congress.
Wow. Just wow. 🤬

Things are getting weirder and weirder. .
Multi billionaire Steve Ross.
Donald Trump
Former defamed Iran/Contra senator John Tower
60 minutes news anchor Mike Wallace
Mossad agent Robert Maxwell
1998 at a party aboard Robert Maxwell's yacht The Lady Ghislaine named after his daughter Ghislane Maxwell.
Jeffery Epsteins handler. (DZ)


Let's start the day with some good old UFOs (second half of show shit

Who's backing Kamala?
Always follow the money.

Research conducted by DZ, not me.

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Angelique Cannon
Kamala Harris Campaign

Why did AP drop Harris's name in this article? Nothing to see here. Well maybe lol

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Ian Sams National press secretary Communications director,
Hillary Clinton Operative
Kamala Harris Campaign

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Lily Adams Communications director Communications director, office of Sen. Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris Campaign

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Julie Chávez Rodríguez Co-political director California state director, office of Sen. Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris Campaign

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Missayr Boker Co-political director Campaign director, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Kamala Harris Campaign

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