Funny thing is this, I pay for the family Spotify plan. For like two years now. I've never listened to a podcast on Spotify 😂. My sister doesn't either (I don't think), I know my mom doesn't. I watch joe on a desktop, while doing other work. This gives me the chance to open a new browser when someone says "Jamie look that shit up". Ill miss that interaction, and does Spotify even have video? A large part of JRE is video, the nicely done, simple production.

Can anyone find the video of this "whistleblower" saying darkest winter

NBC nightly news
Time stamp 5:23
Gov drops the number 33 with regards to needed ppe

@adam RFK granddaughter and son presumed dead after canoe capsizes in Maryland

@adam I downloaded 1227 from the show page and it's marker as the 21st that is Saturday, not Sunday. Just you might want to know, not sure if anyone pointed it out yet

I hope so, that will make shit interesting. I'm sick of all the foreplay.....let's fuck already.

Yo bro I listen to the same podcast as you, you seemed triggered by a meme. Please take a step back and laugh at the obvious absurdity of the meme. While appreciating murica if unleased properly will wipe the floor with........everyone at the same time.

Here's to me hoping and drinking that our 23.7 trillion in unaccounted for dod spending is building some real cool shit

I thought you all might like to know this, I've been listening to no agenda since 836 religious. Either live or a download day of. This week is the first show I have not listened to yet. Only because I've been sucked into this audio book called Columbus day, and the other 8 books in the series. It's about stupid fucking monkey's getting involved in things far beyond are understanding

Who can get the number to call into cspan 3, I've been looking and can't find it. We need to get some 's going

Lol, gotcha now. Guess my Sunday routine is fucked

I wonder if the power is on in Berkeley this morning?

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