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Julie Chávez Rodríguez Co-political director California state director, office of Sen. Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris Campaign

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Missayr Boker Co-political director Campaign director, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Kamala Harris Campaign

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Nathan Barankin. Senior advisor Chief of staff, office of Sen. Kamala Harris

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David Huynh. Senior Counsel and director of delegate operations and ballot access, Hillary Clinton for President of the United States, 2016

Kamala Harris Campaign

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Anne Moriarity

Harris Campaign

(Not sure which one she is, but I would fuck all four of them at the same time, or at least make valiant effort)

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Want to meet the Democrat presidential nominee for the 2020 elections? How does it feel knowing the DNC has already decided who your candidate will be before you even voted?
Just like Hill and Bern.
I'll explain. Please try to keep up.

New court docs.
His name was .
Never was a Russian hack.
Fox news and Sean Hannity burried the story.
Robert Mueller straight up lied in his reoprt.

And look who the guest of honor was:

“Receiving an award at the event was former U.S. First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was presented with the 2014 Child Advocacy Award for the work of her foundation.

“I felt very fortunate to be able to attend the award dinner on behalf of the Governor and his Administration. We initiated the Mental Health Essay Contest for public and private high school students”

This was at the Child Mind Institute’s Annual Child Advocacy Dinner in NYC

Excerpt from a 2015 article:
“Epstein’s two Virgin Islands-based corporations have also funded a summer camp for children with intellectual disabilities and provided a prize for a school essay-writing competition”

Guess what Cecile was doing the year before that?

These Foundations are really for: Money laundering and Child Sex trafficking. Their June trip was an obvious ruse. They knew something was coming with Epstein. This was a “don’t talk” tour.

Which brings us back to Cecile and her work for Epstein.

If you guessed Ms. Brown, congratulations, you get a 🍪

Here’s an older pic of her with Bill Clinton in the Virgin Islands.

Guess who the Clintons met with on their recent June trip?

That’s Dee Baecher Brown, current president of the CFVI.

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