Any ham experts here, I want to build an APRS system for my paintball team.

@netwebindustries Its illegal to use team radios during a paintball game.

@Klaatu you must be thinking about speedball tournament, I play large scenario games. Usually there are more then 500 people or more on the field.

@netwebindustries Nope that was always illegal except for the ref's & field runners of course. Last time I played a 500 man game it was VA vs NC in 1994? Usually just did 100 men games or went with a large crew to play practice weekend games with tournament teams

@Klaatu things have changed, radios, tanks as in armor, drones, wifi, mortars, antitank, real fist strike round snipers, and soon augment reality in the form of in game management systems for players and refs. Green devil's on facebag, same avatar as here, look us up.

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