"Hell you never die with a full blader" Amos

The expanse may be one of the most brilliant sci-fi series ever created. I was taken by surprise when the series show ended. I guess it on to the last three books. With a 30 year hop in the plot.

Do you think black wookies get arrest at a higher rate the brown wookies

I did buy one of these for the uparmored f250. Could be the best 400 dollars I ever spent

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Just got done with the book "one second after", not a fun one. But it does make me realize how much better prepared for an emp then all these dumbasses. God damn buy a metal trash can, put radios in trash can, close trash can

I started to watch the show dope sick on Hulu, now my back hurts

Break through cases every where around me, but here in this house ³ dudes non vaxxed, never tested, never got the "virus"

i'm looking for a post made a few days ago. It linked a pharmacy in Florida that ships to the rest of the United states. Ships Ivermectin

You'll are about to make me pull a rittenhouse
Bring the muscle to a politician house
Put my 2nd amendment all in his mouth
You'll are about make me pull a rittenhouse

Someone tag John in on this
I think we need to take a look at the ciabroadcasting system with their show seal team. They went so hard this week on the events of Afghanistan, it's clear that Someone was pissed. The entire plot revolved around recover of cia assets left behind, and continuous comments on all the hardware left behind.

Today is a great day for justice, self defense, and America. This is a win for all of us, and a pedo is dead bonus

I have a confession, I've been stealing all your memes and some of the links and posting them to minds social network. So far you all have net me 3 dollars in crypto (ecr20 token I think). That is besides the point, you all need to work hard three dollars ain't going to cut it.

This judge is tearing into this pompous prosecuting attorney in the case. Love this logic.

The new bond movie that was delayed cause of covid, the plot is centered around a biological weapon. That's ironic or.......

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