What happened to the show yesterday, it hadn't posted yet

I need some new conspiracy theories, all my old ones came true.

Magnetic patch for the vent hole in the new 3d printer workshop

Is no agenda going to be delayed today for a few hours

After 21 years as a teamsters at ups, to night is my first night in management.

First five Minutes of is epic, and the spartan just showed up two seconds ago

After 21 years at , today is my last day as a teamster.

Went and saw it was good, it wasn't as good as Christian Bale's batman.

I'm in Missouri, that might help someone to the south realize where they are on the list

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It took US forces 3 weeks to take the capital of Iraq, halfway around the world from America. Russia has to take Ukraine capital by the end of the week (a country next door), or they loss face to the Yankees.

Thank you @putin for launching your war before the no agenda show started today.

Where are these no agenda rap songs, the name of the artist on Spotify, or a link for a download (that I know how to add files to Spotify for my playlist)

Been dropping my version of the 3x3 on Facebag now, got a 3x3 page and Group.

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