I wonder if the power is on in Berkeley this morning?

There is only one place I feel confident saying this
Behind a von of course
Being the head of a cannabis business, all I do all day is put out fires

I had to pause the live stream to keep up with all the fuckery in the chiefs game l.

The power grid and n California is fucking with my Sunday routine

Hey hey, hey ho, some generic asshole has to go

Modern cancel culture

In 2007 Epsteins butler Alfredo Rodriguez was charged and convicted on felony charges. Why? Durring his employment with Epstein he kept detailed logs and documents of his illegal activities involving children. He tried selling it all to an unnamed source for 50 thousand dollars.. Although the FBI admitted the evidence against Epstein was incriminating they gave him a free pass and charged Rodriguez instead.
Criminal complaint and FBI docs here.



DZ: "This is why when Mike Moore breaks stories I listen.
MSM is a joke.

Me: "I bet she wasn't even hacked"

DZ: "Yup. Justin Cooper her IT aide told the FBI durring questioning that he synced her BlackBerry with her server. The same BlackBerry she "lost" on her first trip to China as SOS in 2010. Secret service told her not to take it because it was unsecure. She did it anyways."

Far right: J David Cox. One of the 2 union bosses in charge of guard scheduling at MCC where Epstein was being detained.
Fun Fact In the 30 year history of MCC only 1 other inmate has successfully committed suicide out of a total of 3 recorded attempts.

Meet Doctor Michael Baden. He oversaw the autopsy of JFK and endorsed the magic bullet theory in the report. Who also conducted the autopsy on Dr. MLK jr. and was also involved with the OJ Simpson case.
Guess who is overseeing the Epstein autopsy.
You cant make this stuff up.

Do yourself a favor and watch the boys on Amazon, but don't let your kids watch it.

Can anyone confirm that barrack and Michelle are scrubbing mentions or tweets from of Hillary from their Twitter or other social media accounts.

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