This is probably a good time to spruik my favourite US politics podcast, Px3. Highly recommended for all No Agenda fans.

@ned couldn't agree more. Hands down one of my favorite podcasts period.

@ned im suprised jury hasnt put it on hiatus like a few of his other endeavors

@Dadud are you kidding? He's going to have to go to 5 days at this rate.

he cant make p3x a daily show, at least not until we're deep into the 2020 election. hes putting those other shows on hiatus because i think his wife is complaining

@Dadud yeah he's definitely doing too much. What projects is he putting off? I haven't heard anything about it yet. I listen to Px3, Unfriend me, and a Jury Daily every now and again.

@ned just 1800 wrestling and unfriend me. Doesn't give a reason really, but that was just my guess as to why

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