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"Your mind will be like it's habitual thoughts; for the soul becomes dyed with the colour of it's thoughts. Soak it then in such trains of thought as, for example: Where life is possible at all, a right life is possible."
- Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 5:16

From 'After Liberalism' by Paul Gottfried. This is what we call foreshadowing.

This seems to be a good rule of thumb for identifying friend from enemy. What binds us? Is it our shared experience, or our common experience? If it is a common experience, it only serves to benefit the globalist managerial state. More reason to meet IRL.

Jesus, this is the most spergy response to getting a twitter suspension I have ever seen! He's taking his fedora to the next level of production.

Any country whose mere existence traumatizes it's elderly to this degree deserves all the hellfire and damnation that it's got coming to it, to say nothing of how this wretched cesspit treats it's youth. "Death to America" doesn't really cover it anymore, America died a long time ago.

This entire pandemic response was conducted by governments using 5th generation warfare against their own people.

I will never forgive Western governments for that. Never. They broke the social contract utterly and completely. Fuck 'em, I do what I want now. It's no longer a question of trying to be a good citizen. Now it's a question of risk vs reward.

It was alluded to, but not explicitly referenced, so I will mention that this concept has a name. It's called the Euphemism Treadmi-

Wait a fucking second...

The wikpedia article I was trying to grab a link to, that I know I've seen before, has disappeared

It just fucking redirects to the Euphemism page. Even though it was a fleshed-out article about a distinct concept that isn't encapsulated by merely understanding what the term "euphemism" means. It is clearly worthy of its own page.

Maybe there's some far more innocent explanation for why this article has disappeared. But if it's for the reason I suspect, that some leftist recognized that knowing what the Euphemism Treadmill is undermines their argument for why we should adopt less offensive terms to describe shit that people are repulsed by, and they got the wikipedia article erased so that they would have an easier time arguing with people online...

Then I want to drag this stupid motherfucker out of their home, I want to hear their pleading as I put a gun to their fucking head, and after their death by lethal injection I will feel comfortable defending their execution, because whatever precious little value that miserable degenerate added to society was more than cancelled out by getting a wikipedia article deleted because it described a concept he found hard to argue with.
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:alert: ALERT :alert:
/// :win_warn: FEMALE HAD
A CORRECT OPINION :win_warn: ///
:alert: THIS IS NOT A DRILL :alert:

I really want someone to edit together old news footage of Donald Trump into a TV series.

Season 1 would be the primary, with Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz as the main villians.

Season 2 would obviously be the election with Hillary Clinton.

Season 3 would be James Comey and Kim Jong Un.

Season 4 would be Michael Avanti and the border crisis

Season 5 would be Nanci Pelosi and the first Impeachment

Season 6 would be Dr Fauci and Covid.

And Season 7 would be Joe Biden and the insurrection.

OMG this video is SOOOO BADDD!! How dare the right wing produce content people want to watch. Super scary and "dangerous" that PragerU have a consistent message and branding.

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So this video pops up in my YouTube recommended. And my first thought is I can't take you serious if you organize your bookshelf by colour.

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