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@KimZetter How can you condemn a video that you so plainly haven't watched, all by judging its headline??? Aside from the fact that I said in the tweets *immediately after** that it was the NYT that exposed the truth, I spent minutes in the video on it -- exactly what you imply was omitted:

Rescued my pop from rental trap hell and got him close to 3 acres w/ a fishing pond, and now we get to enjoy the spoils forever.

Fuck what you heard, life's good

The Pentagon's Lies About the August 29 Drone Strikes Were Spread For Days By An Unquestioning Media

Over and over, US security services lie and corporate media spread them uncritically. This is a particularly vivid case. Watch:


These fucking guys are scum. Seriously. What dickhead goes to a cemetery and follow around widows to make sure they are following covid rules.

"My mother-in-law, the sister of the deceased, was standing in the car park … she was also asked to leave, not even allowed to sit in our car and watch from the car and threatened with being arrested."


@leyonhjelm @Sophistifunk @coldacid @ned fuck don't do this to me!!

You're right, I'm getting old. Did you hear today's NA? They talked about Rolling Stone's Top 500 songs of all time and it's all woke shit... last time I read Rolling Stone's Top 500 Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" was #1 (tee hee no bias there right?)... I guessed the #1 correctly along with Adam today but their list now is so wack and unrecognizable.

This modern music... "IT'S ALL TOILET NOISES!"

Honestly Nicki Minaj's response to this situation is absolutely OUTSTANDING. More people need to have swollen balls like this.

NYT article that claimed that calls to the Mississippi poison control center in relation to Ivermectin had gone up by 70% has been corrected by changing 70% to 2%. Bizarrely, the original statement itself is no more in the article.

Article is here: nytimes.com/2021/08/30/health/
Source of the correction: twitter.com/marybethpf/status/

@ned Dunning Kruger effect in full swing. Politicians only exist because people of power and influence have found them to be very malleable and cooperative to their interests, more than any other form of government. Representative democracy is a cesspool of corruption. Universal voting was only given to people to mask the huge fraud and dilute the concern of how our countries are run because by atomising the population and pitting us against each other to mask our common ideals.

Forgot I had these. I bought these paintings of @adam & @Johncdvorak around 2012-2013.

I was black out drunk one night and ordered them. They showed up a few days later.

I need to hang them up.

In Melbourne Australia they put barriers on the skate ramps to stop kids skating.

Bmxers - hold my drink...


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