Can I just say, the music at the end of episode 1256 is absolutely OUTSTANDING! I was practically in tears for 5 mins straight.

The YouTube algorithm sent this my way and OMG this clip has aged wonderfully! For those not in the know, the writer of this show has recently been cancelled for being a TERF.

I Hear You're A Racist Now, Father! - Father Ted

Father Ted tries to pass the time by impersonating a Chinese man using a lamp shade, he gets spotted and news spreads fast that he is a racist.

I've been developing a theory about the state of the world based on what I have observed happening and why. And I just realised that my conclusion is Jordan Peterson was right. We have a lack of meaning. And I think the primary cause of this is the increasing availability of communication with the rest of the world. And if this is true, then for the time being it will only get worse.


reddit banned a bunch of wrongthink subs, and then youtube banned a bunch of channels. More mass censorship from the alt-left media.

Especially as far as youtube goes, there is generally no justification what so ever, its merely silencing dissenting voices.

Leftist burning more books.

@neanderthalsnavel I was talking to a family priest friend of the family that was posted over to the Vatican for a number of years said to me, an not mincing any words said to me β€œSatan walks the corridors of the Vatican”. It’s not all bad, but there are a lot of people there for the power and influence over others, and there is a duplicitous attitude combined with a preference of the church wanting to manage its own problems.

Not healthy

@adam @Johncdvorak

I think there's a No Agenda producer at Babylon Bee, specifically because of the NYT one πŸ˜‚

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON! There is nothing on this article to indicate it is satire. But there is no possibly way in the 7 hells that this is for real. If satire it's pretty damn funny. If real, just kill me now because I do not want to live in this world 😭

NSW's new tourism campaign is outstanding!

(For those who don't know Australian geography, this is like California telling you don't go to Seattle)

I can honestly say that the world was a better place before Facebook existed. #deletefacebook


Insufferable hufflepuffs whinging about how they are no good at "adulting" and getting offended about comments on the internet that didn't use their pronouns properly (it's clearly listed in my twitter bio you bigot!)

Oh jeez, they're really scaping the bottom of the barrel now. If heat is so bad for pregnancy, why are we allowing people to live in tropical areas? Won't somebody think of the children! We need to declare all tropical regions inhabitable now!

Also, I love how towards the end of the article they subtlety imply that a survey of what people think about climate change is "evidence".

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