@CSB Found a random episode of DSC where you laid into Jason Calacanis. Not the best example, but your voice none the less.

Outstanding video from Sargon today.

The Chinese Health Organisation

The Chinese Communist Party has lobbied to have communists take over as many of the institutions of the United Nations as possible, such as Ethiopian marxist...



Screw that, Giant Meteor is the candidate we should all be rooting for.

Are you upset by gun violence? With Giant Meteor, there will be no more gun violence.
Are you opposed to abortions? Giant Meteor's plan guarantees there will be no more abortions
Are you more of a libertarian bent? Giant Meteor will demolish every form of big government there is.

Other candidates get caught in the DC bureaucracy machine, but Giant Meteor will smash through the partisan gridlock, annihilate the swamp, obliterate any existing deep state programs, bring the debt down to zero, and do so without *any* budget cuts or austerity programs!
@mewmew @ZW748VSJSiwWMNBxyz

Prince Charles has Coronavirus. If the Queen gets it, she if definately going to die.

Whoever did the first end of show track for episode 1227.... OUTSTANDING PRODUCT!

My Crackpot mum just told me that as of today there are no more central banks. Worldwide. None.

That has got to be the most Crackpot of all Crackpot theories I have ever heard! At least with the Israeli moon bases or NAZI hollow earth theory there is some plausible deniability. Or with things like the Mayan 2012 thing is was at least viable until 2012. But with this one its going to be really awkward on Monday when the RBA makes an interest rate annoucement.

I'm re-watching Buffy at the moment. The Gentleman from season 4 episode "Hush" have got to be one of the creepiest characters ever created.

This 100%

Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) Tweeted:
Are any of the people proposing months-long lock downs actually going without a paycheck right now? Or does it just so happen to coincidentally be the case that nearly every person in favor of these measures is also not being financially harmed by them? https://twitter.com/MattWalshBlog/status/1242431072392052736?s=20

some Swiss companies, to ensure high productivity levels of employees, request them to read email only twice a day not continuously

coronavirus outbreak has emotionally compromised many people

and some people are just stuck following news on news TV, Internet & social media

so Iβ€˜ve decided: to maximize my productivity levels & mental sanity: I’ll check on social media & news max twice a day, not more frequently

we’re in pandemic now but life must go on, must survive

see ya!

🦠 😷 🧼 🧀🧻

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