After all these years, I still think that Team America: World Police is one of the most pointed and insightful peices of satire ever created.

A bad faith line of questioning intended to tie up a person's attention and effort is a social DoS attack.

How did I not know about this video?

@ChrisWilson I think you need to start using this music bed for your PSAs

Watch "Microaggressions in Everyday Life" on YouTube

Big is great if you are the one at the top. Not so great for those at the bottom.

Watch "Does Guy Verhofstadt Have a Point?" on YouTube

His Lordship orderly prorogue actions of executive context self evidently frustrating the constitutional principal of parliamentary supremacy.

Surprisingly accurate depiction of the current state of the world.

Watch "The News Hasn't Happened Yet | #3: UP" on YouTube

PIERS MORGAN: Trump’s right - this Kavanaugh sex smear fiasco proves the New York Times is now a partisan hack paper intent on destroying his presidency by any means necessary

Let me get this absolutely straight: the supposedly most prestigious newspaper in America published an unbelievably damaging allegation against a Supreme Court justice and neglected to mention that the supposed victim of this ‘sexual assault’ doesn’t remember it ever happening?

@yukiame this should get your amygdala bubbling. Have fun ☺️

And Satoshi’s True Identity is… –

I've been reporting any advertisements and promoted posts as hate speech now for several months on .

The number of adverts and promoted posts I'm now getting has dropped almost to nil.

This is obviously the way to teach the .


Humans are the leading cause of anthropogenic climate alarmism.

As an Australian man that works full-time, is the primary breadwinner, and is "investing endless time and energy into fostering his children's imagination and helping them grow into well rounded people." with my 3yo son and almost 2yo daughter. Here is full and throaty FUCK YOU! GET FUCKED YOU FUCKING CUNT.

Australian dads are finally going woke — and it's about time - ABC News

One of the older ones, who refuse to wear a VisR, took charge. Against good sense she called the Security & Safety Dept.

The Help Desk dispatched an Autonomous Response Unit. Upon arrival it promptly ticketed the corpse for littering and arrested the woman for wearing a tshirt with a gun on it.

Peace then returned to Silicon City. All its citizens could continue to sleep...


A homeless man lay dead in the sidewalk. The pedestrians' VisRs tagged the body as "refuse", turned it into poop emojis on screen, and alerted the Sanitation Dept.

The Sanitation Dept. turned it over to the Health Dept. as "biowaste".

The Health Dept. turned it over to the Coroner as a "man experiencing lifelessness".

However, the Coroner was having issues with it's cloud service, and so the body remained.


@CSB I want a list of every PM that actually did vote for all those 3 things. They deserve to be drawn and quartered in the court of public opinion for what they have done. This entire bullshit is all their fault.

LibDems that always wanted to remain, that's fine. They are principled and stand up for what they believe. Brexit/UKIP can push for no deal if that's what they truly believe is right. But to vote down a deal and then vote to block no deal is truly dispicable.

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