Car blast in front of N. Ireland courthouse, terrorism suspected
A car was burned to ashes after a powerful blast shook downtown Londonderry, a city in Northern Ireland on the border with Ireland. The explosion took place outside a local courthouse, prompting a major police operation. Read Full Article at

This story about the high school kids and the Native American guy is the same thing as Lorel/Yanny or the Blue/Gold dress. You just project onto it whatever you believe and that becomes the truth.

Not sharing for the article. Just the video at the beginning of the article.

"nobody wants to be accidentally racist" you can't be accidentally racist! If I say a word that I have no idea has any connection to race that has no baring on my moral character AT ALL. This fucking guilt by association to a person or a word or an idea or an image that is vaguely related to racism is complete and utter bullshit!

ABC News: Elon Musk quotes $1 billion to build tunnel through Blue Mountains.

I'm all for it, sounds awesome. But this is pie in the sky grade A BULLSHIT! And now it's all I'm going to hear about at the next state election. Fuck you Elon.

Donโ€™t believe the hype: the media are unwittingly selling us an AI fantasy โ€“ Journalists need to stop parroting the industry line when it comes to artificial intelligence

โ€˜Perfect accuracyโ€™: WikiLeaks hits back at โ€˜neoconโ€™ app NewsGuard, which labeled it untrustworthy

"In fact, buried within its lengthy warning label for WikiLeaks, NewsGuard actually admits that the site has never published fake information, saying that the information it has published has 'never been shown to be fake' and that there are no confirmed cases of any published documents being 'doctored' either."

My favourite part....

he then saw a backpack against the fence that contained rope, cable ties, condoms, lubricant, and a "jar of plum jam".

Deb Hutton's ex convicted over staged break-in at her Bronte home.

"he told police he had woken at about 6.30am to a "zipping" sound at the Pembroke St home and a "male voice saying 'meow', like a cat noise" on August 11.

Dulhunty told police he armed himself with a golf club and saw a "large figure" in a balaclava and pink gloves standing on a ladder."


Great summary of the game theory going on between Google, advertisers, an online censorship in general. Paris explosion: Bakery building on fire after.....

Be honest, what's the first thing you thought of? Mine was agent provocatours within Gilets Jaunes.

Because it's really, really worth an encore watch JUST for the narration alone. Stay classy, San Francisco!

The Sydney Morning Herald: 'Coma in a bottle': police seize $12m shipment sent from China.

Massive drug deals of shit I have never hear of. This must be what it feels like to get old. Who knows what the kids are using to get fucked up these days. I just want some weed please.

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