Why don't conservatives care that @[email protected] is flaunting Texas laws against smoking weed?

@wjmaggos because there's a lot more to conservatism than the social cons, and even they are sick and tired of the overreach of government and so are willing to look the other way on Rogan's dope smoking


are those laws no longer enforced at all in TX or is Rogan given an exception? isn't that the elitism conservatives now claim to hate?

@wjmaggos enforcement likely differs county by county, and yeah in the urban ones like where Rogan is there's likely little to no enforcement at all.

@coldacid @GettingCooked

Canadians talking about any American city being too liberal. Enjoy your healthcare hosiers!

@wjmaggos @coldacid Canada is lost. If only my very liberal, but slowly awakening wife would consider fleeing this shit hole...

@neanderthalsnavel @GettingCooked @coldacid

most of the left is not woke, just scared. people don't understand the danger of all kinds of ideology leading eventually to illiberalism, it tears societies apart.

@wjmaggos @neanderthalsnavel @coldacid The woke may be the minority but they're getting all the attention and oxygen in the room. Perhaps they're useful idiots for the string pullers, but...

@GettingCooked @neanderthalsnavel @coldacid

the woke get attention because 1) it's great fodder for conservative outrage media ala LibsOfTikTok etc 2) since the 60s, corporations have pretended to be socially left for good PR while they remain fiscally right. that has worked well till now...


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