Hey Green Bay Packers fans. Just so you know, Cleveland Browns fans have been talking this week about the two SB rings Rogers would win here the next two seasons just plugging into our team after he wins this year's SB. ;-)

@neanderthalsnavel BOOOOO!!!

I think it’s actually 60-40 he stays. He wanted more say in the personnel moves, and they gave that to him this year. It makes me wonder if he’ll rethink his plans to bolt at the end of the season. It seems like he has a decent relationship with MLF, so it’s a question of what he thinks of, and can he work with, Gutekunst and Murphy.

I’m hoping he stays. But after seeing what Brady did, it makes me wonder if he’ll go the plug n play route.


@obihahn I know I know. :-)
Just wanted to let you guys know the talk of Brownstown. :-)

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