Catholics are not having children nor are they supporting churches/schools nor are they paying to send children they do have to catholic school. So what the schools are doing to make up the shortfall is taking non-Catholics and the State funds that are attached to them. Fine. But they ARE NOT EVEN TRYING to convert them and families into Catholics. The Catholic church USED to do this for millennia. The fruit: gang banger high school murderers. Well done Bishop Malesic!


IDK if this is true or not, but I can say as a Catholic this is NOT the case in my small neck of the woods. The number of families with growing numbers does not seemed to have slowed.

Being part of the parish's Stewardship Committee, I get to see a list of all the members of the 2 churches and their family members. It has risen by ~7% consistently for the last 5 years (since I started managing the data)

The schools are growing at nearly the same rate as well.

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