The Ohio National Guard went into Dad's nursing home and tested all residents and workers? Why? The workers are coming and going.

Lovebirds can be trained to use little skate boards. There is some sort of cautionary tale here about what happens to the earthling survivors of a massive collision with a space rock...

Regatta de Blanc & Synchronicity are mid summer favea of mine.

You know how you transmit the magnitude of Sherman's March to the Sea to 8th graders? Tell them the fact that his army slaughtered all the family dogs they encountered. Maybe a few as they age will eventually make the jump to - how exactly was it justified to invade the South?

!!!!!I did it!!!!! My h.s. junior was driving and put on his Spotify playlist. He discovered Iron Maiden & Metallica by himself, which is cool. But then, The Battle of Evermore comes on. I ask him if *he* made the playlist (or is Spotify doing it). He replies yes, he did it. How did you find that song? 'You've played it before on our car rides, and I like it." A little later, Good Times, Bad Times comes on too!!! I successfully transmitted an appreciation of Led Zeppelin!!!!!

Every time I have to help my ailing dad with his doctor appointments, I end up binge eating all the chocolate in the house as a self-medication measure. It wasn't even my favorite kind. Next time I'm just going to get one of those big Hershey's dark chocolate bars. It's 'better' for me that way.

I'm on my how to turn chickens into dinosaurs kick. 4 years ago a chicken embryo was made to grow a dinosaur like leg by supressing a growth hormone. Also - a dinosaur like head was created on the chicken embryo thru the same technique. All reports say it's not being done for commercial purposes like Jurassic Park. Disney needs to create a real live Jurassic Park!

I barely have an idea of what 'Glee' is, and I have no idea who the floating actress is. M5M & the Social medias really are trying to ram that info down my throat.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Dems are doing a Weekend at Bernie's with RGB.

Upon analyzing its parasitic invasion of Education, Medicine, Sports, Religion, Entertainment, News and Social media, I conclude that China Is Indeed Assho.

@adam & @Johncdvorak Ohio & the Catholic Dioceses agreed that singing in Church is banned due to virus. Catholics are able to make do. It was also agreed that the Church needs to be sanitized between masses. To implement, when mass is over, we goto back of church, get paper towels w/ sanitizer and wipe down pew that we used. Cool innovation: the organist and violinist play loud spirited Church song medleys while we work. They are in concert mode while the congregation wipes down the church!

Back to what they don't teach us in school about the Union Army:

1. Sherman's soldiers put down all family dogs they encountered. The excuse was that they may track his army. Yeah, right right.
2. New York's mid-late war regiments were recruits from prisons. They spread their mayhem from Atlanta to the sea.
3. Lincoln cut deals with European countries to 'buy' *their* prisoners and put them in Union blue. So Sherman had hardened criminals doing the raping, pillaging, and burning.

Howard Dean tweeted on 7/11 that 'Christians don't have much reputation for anything but hate these days...' Really? He's an obviously an idiot. Twitter MUST ban him for that hate speech!! (They won't because it's condone).

Always annoying when the press uses Johnny Depp as the spokesperson for GenX instead of, say, Elon Musk. That is Boomer bullshit parroted by their millennial hellspawn.

I just witnessed a truly bizarre attempt by a black woman trying to navigate her car through a very tight right turn. Three other cars had to backup plus hers, and ANOTHER black woman tried to then get around her and they almost collided!

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Black women teaching their daughters to drive w/o male influence, because of absent fathers, has created mind numbing traffic issues. Ever more crappy drivers keep coming online. This is another subtle issue we all have to deal with b/c of black subculture's insistence on not embracing things that work.

Unless you have four legs and full thick body hair, referring to yourself as a 'dog mom' is assinine. Have a baby human.

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