@neanderthalsnavel Mitch the compromised CCP Bitch is not doing shit.
Lindsey PEDO Graham Doing Nothing.
We need rid of all of these Traitors.

The Guidestones were blown up by time travelers righting the time incongruities created by CERN restarting

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Edward Dowd

Monkey pox…WHO to reconvene emergency committee on July 18th. My prediction of slow summer escalation to seed the fear then attempt to declare this a pandemic happens after Labor Day. This will likely coincide with financial turbulence globally. Hope I am wrong but likely won’t be I am afraid. Enjoy the summer before the coming storm.

This Tucker clip is nauseating. Brandon and Obama are absolutely out of control traitors. I hope by some miracle MAGA controls Congress in Jan to impeach his ass and the senate to remove him. Then give Kamala a month and do it again. youtu.be/c_yRBwxn-RA

Did they ever find that 2nd darker skinned dude who helped Tim McVeigh? Oh yeah. That happened in the 1900s. Nevermind.

There will be books written in the future about how Jill Biden was really the President.

Hey! We found the picture of the Millennials after they live through the Great Reset. This woman lived through Civil War, WW1 and Great Depression!

Word document vs. 51 year old eyes:

"Little More"
"Good! Stop! I can see it."
"That's like 36pt font"
"Hmm. How do I turn on the Accessibility Magnifer Again?"

Joe actually says they "give a better Les Paul sound than a Les Paul" :-)

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This is an image of Alex Lifeson playing his white Gibson ES-355.
The guitar has a slab of maple down the middle that the pickups and bridge are mounted upon. The rounded sides are hollow. The hollow chambers gives the tone a "throaty" or "full bodied" and "rounded" sound to it. With gain, it gives that crunch we love. It's a bluesman's guitar. BB King played a version. Dave Grohl plays a version too. As does Warren Haynes. Joe Bonamassa says ES355 gives the sound "we think Les Pauls have"

Xanadu from the front row!
They are really using the feet too to recreate the song.

I was just scrolling through some Rock news. Letsee... Carlos Santana, 74 passes out on stage and is taken to the hospital. Axl Rose has another voice issue and had to cancel shows. David Coverdale has a through and ear issue and has had to cancel shows. Bret Michaels is hospitalized. The "news" is like an status update from the nursing home!

The only interesting item was Sammy Hagar saying he's made more money from his ventures than playing music! lol!

I still think Obamacare was the start of the Great Reset. The covid "curve flattening" was necessary b/c hospitals didn't want to be the bag holders for adding beds and services. This all started with Obamacare.

Can anyone in the Fedi tell me what the heck is going on with the cost of Epiduo Forte gel skin treatment?
Prices are from $160-450 for a 30 day prescription. I can't figure it out.

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