I want to see what the IQ score is of these ppl constantly dealing with law enforcement and the courts. Jordan Peterson says there is a baseline of shockingly moronic people in our nation. That are too stupid to be trained to do anything. I want to see how many of them are also in trouble with the law. I bet their is a VERY HIGH correlation.

Dang. My other mutant power is to be able to identify the Jewishness of random actresses by site. Must be my German DNA.

We deployed the 4,2,0 eco friendly (to some ppl) soylent green slow release lawn fertilizer this year. We hope to see green green green w/o burnout.

I feel like I haven't bought TP in a year. We're running down to the last cord of it. I have an urge to go-to Costco and buy hundreds of dollars worth for some reason....

Daughter: "<her brother'> brain is still growing"
Me: "At 17 your brother's amygdala isn't fully grown yet."
Son: "Yeah, but my amygdala is already bigger than yours!"

...much laughter...

Netscape's Web Server & browser back around 1997 were so much fun to use and program for. Then Microsoft came to town and shit on them all.

Falcon & Winter Soldier: S01E04 WOW! What an ending!!! The writing is as good as the movies. The acting and directing is top notch. It's interesting how these MCU shows are of such higher quality than the previous generation of Marvel TV shows.

Baron Zemo is a fantastic MCU character & actor

Remember when FM Radio was so cool. Well by me it's nothing but NPR affiliates and lame ass classic rock/formula country it makes me want to vomit. The best radio in the Detroit are is on AM ans thanks to apps like RadioDroid (thanks @techwipe) great AM radio shows are now HiFi. The internet is the resurgence of AM radio.

my bro has the rona. He has what feels more like a sinus infection. His wife banished him to his basement man cave (the punishment is not too bad). My cousin and I are trying to convince him to demand an anal swab retest at CVS. lololol!

bruh. I just wrote me a bash script to connect/disconnect from my vpn on Lubuntu. And used vim.
+10 to RavenClaw!

ALL health restrictions will be lifted in Ohio when the State reaches 50/100000 cases!!!! Cases per 100000 went UP again this week to 184/100000

F U Gov. DeWine!! All kinds of crazy vaccinations and mandates and it's still going up. So how about this? Increase the ICU beds just in case. That is one thing they REFUSE to do.

A few years ago we went to NYC and saw Phantom on Broadway. I was unimpressed with the whole experience. The 'see a Broadway show' thing is over hyped.

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