This was recorded today on international frequency that pilots use. repeated all day by pilots!


My Sister in law dbl vaxx covid positive.
Wife's sister in law same.

America is an open air insane asylum run by a criminal cabal of sociopathic jewish wardens

"Powell envisioned moving the GOP 'close to the spirit of Lincoln.' " lol! A dictatorship that threw out parts of the Constitution on a whim, threatened supreme court judges, shut down dissenting newspapers, mercantilism, crony capitalism, war adventures. Yup.

Me to wife tonight: "Babe, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't even wear a tshirt and boxers to bed. I'd be in my birthday suit in a water bed with a bear fur blanket. I'd also eat nachos in it occasionally. You domesticated me. Thanks Babe."

I always thought this was so cool. The Led Zeppelin inspecting? Causing? At least aware of... Akin to? The extraterrestrial created crop circles. Excellent art.

Disgusting factoid: the dog's tongue can trigger the touch screen to turn the page on my Kindle reader on my phone. U r welcome.

Would love to see somebody use this one when the IRS questions an item on the return.

I may a digital content hoarder. "Disk is cheap" as they say.

@Klaatu what's the trick to download YouTube videos that are deemed "copyrighted music"? /r/VLC says a DRM flag or worse, an encrypted container is causing trouble for VLC to see the real file like it can on regular videos.

Re: Traitor Powell

How long do these Baby Boomers think they are supposed to live?

That last Windows 10 update, where they added the weather to the taskbar, was creepy. I occasionally tinker with the Microsoft Spyware and they really want to know your location.

Puppy Linux is fun.


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