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Jordan Peterson goes on the offensive. I don't think he's gonna apologize and self flagellate to appease Twatter lol.


Orange man news will energize the base. It really is two polar opposite movies on one screen

Elephant in the room is how to prevent the election rigging? Which side can rig it better may ultimately be the question.

'They' are trying hard to thwart orange man's return. Says a lot that they are so afraid.

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How did the hacker get away from the police? 

He ransomware.

RA the Rugged man has been climbing the ranks in top rap lately. Had his latest on repeat in the car for a while now

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They did do the online collection plate of Kickstarter but I don't knock them for that. I support value for value but find Kickstarter when used by Pro's annoying

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My favorite rap group has remained De La Soul. They don't get too political. Thank you Pos Mase and Dave

Still @Johncdvorak's favorite band? The music transcends...

Was crypto bump a dead cat bounce? I want more discount!

5 watts and a non resonant end fed wire.

6 meter band FT8

Hey Scott Adams. Is this the Golden Age?

Are we being punk'ed with this newer PayPal interface?

CW may be harder than I expected. Just a few tries in but I'm stuck on lesson 2....


I only go there when I have to but....

It's funny how hard Facebag and Instabrag lock you out if you aren't logged in. You are worthless to them, not logged in. I think I'm blocked from Insta right now because I opened a business page too many times.

They just fixed these issues in v101.0.1. The half dozen websites that wouldnt open, now open again.

Firefox Ubuntu Mate

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