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If we can acquire the 7 stones from Regeneron we can defeat Omicron once and for all!

100 days from now if a person goes for their first jab, is that formula 1, 2, 3.5, or November 2020 edition?

Has the primary CoVax been tweaked since released? Or are each of the "doses" a different formula?

"Nakamoto used two email addresses and one website. The identity of the person who registered them is blocked."

Blocked? Which registrar holds the answer to the enigma?

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If your crypto had a CEO, I'll pass.

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Renewing SSL certificates constantly is annoying and expensive. A waste of time, especially for business card type sites with no logins or private info

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#JS8 is a fun #hamradio mode. If you are into chatting, you may like it. Reaches as far as FT8, but allows contacts as ragchewy as you want them. Plus message store+forward features.

There's a world-wide 24h JS8 party starting 2021-11-13 at 19 UTC, with some special "party games" on 80 m on Saturday evening (mostly for central Europe). See delta25.de/js8 .

Simmons is being paid, duh! Just like when he pimped/pumped Cardano. Think he came up with that himself? Kiss sucks btw

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Feb 28
All three vaccines are 100 per cent effective against death and hospitalisation, Fauci says independent.co.uk/news/world…

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The shots were sold as a cure, not a recurring Pharma subscription for a prophylactic with expiring efficacy. A one or two and done cure. Never forget this. Hundreds of millions of people complied because they thought they were taking something akin to a cure.

Scanning through some Marvel Action comics (for young readers). Found written "gender is a construct". They push this on the kids...

Don't waste your time with instacart email support. Non native english speakers Varun, Kundal, and Sandeep can't understand or respond to basic questions.

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meet young Dr Faucci. the highest paid government employee.

(volume on)

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You can’t call people “tin foil hat wearers” when you’re walking around with a cloth diaper strapped around your breathing holes

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