Good news, looks like I'll be going home next week after eight months in the hospital/nursing homes. Also found out I won't have to get my doors widened in my house because my power wheelchair will fit fine, so I will be able to put the money towards an accessible van that I can drive!! Here's a picture of me with my Mom's dog Charlie and my Mom in the background.

Did anyone else see how the M5M took Ted Nugents Covid announcement out of context ! Thank goodness I’ve been getting better at spotting this crap from the M5M

Finally figured out how to setup tootle on my phone, correction finally felt well enough to do it @kcdills @

@kcdills thanks I greatly appreciate it and need all the karma I can get :)

‪Kale is a nasty weed that got a great PR campaign because farmers couldn't do anything else with it. ‬

‪The best way to prepare Kale is with bacon. You fry the bacon, throw away the Kale, and eat the bacon.‬

‪This has been my TED Talk. ‬

For those of you new to social networks (or never really got value from them), here is my tested advice:

Cultivate the network that makes you smarter. Engage with people who post interesting things. Share things back that you think they might like.

If you want it in 10 steps:

1 • Be human.
2 • Be humane.
3 • Be yourself.
4 • Be interesting.
5 • Be brief.
6 • Share.
7 • Laugh.
8 • Listen.
9 • Learn.
10 • Repeat.

And Boost this if you like it.

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