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@irritable Nice. I have most all of it up and running but need to do some serious cable management and rack mounting. 3 buildings worth. When this all is up and running, its time to add some of their UniFi cameras!!

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APRSdroid 1.5.0 hitting Google Play now. Many fixes, JSON config profile export/import, new USB code!
Pse help translate:

#aprs #hamradio #hamr

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A sneak peek at the first draft for the new UI in V2 of my ROES meter, an advanced SWR meter with VNA capabilities.

I still need to cleanup the location of the axis labels, and I want move around a few other elements. But it is coming along very nicely.

I can stare at this smith chart being generated all day long :)

#HAM #Engineering #RF #HamRadio #RF #EE #Electronics #Arduino #AVR

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