UHF Allstar node under construction. It will be set up on 446.150 (PL 100.0Hz) simplex node for now in East Asheville, NC. Hopefully this $3 china CM108 adapter will have a functioning GPIO like the internet said it would... RPi SD card is imaging as I type.

@Sabex It seems to work great during local testing. The Maxtrac wants a LOT of Vpp input for proper TX deviation but otherwise it has been pretty much plug and play.

The CM108 came from eBay, link below:

The mod I performed was from :

That looks like a much more sensible mod. Why not just use the audio outs on the sound card though?


@Sabex The 3.5mm TRS jacks on those sound cards are extremely poor quality. I intend to place this in permanent service with the sound card in a project box when it is complete. I prefer to have all my connections soldered or connected with a locking type connector if possible. Its a lot of effort on the build but hopefully a lifetime of service with no flaky connections.

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