Just found this in the fediverse @babylonbee

Not sure if it's a bot or really them but it works for me!!

Ben Shapiro Honors Rush Limbaugh With 0.3 Seconds Of Silence

Its been a while since I did the show from the car. It looks like that will happen Thursday as power restoration seems unlikely before then.

My employer asks me to complete a Covid Health screening on my phone each day, my dentist asks me to click on a URL when I arrive at the dentist to let them know I am here. I love having my OTG flip phone! It's like a get out of jail free card. People have no response ready. Fascinating!

Test run of my new "Ugly Drum Smoker" was a success tonight. ~4 hours of 275`F on 1/3 load of charcoal and that;'s with no temp control components. Now to get the rails, grates and vents installed.

March 1936: A mother and baby from a family of nine living in a field on U.S. Route 70 near the Tennessee River.

From Aero Precision:
The February 2021 Rifle Giveaway is here! Showcasing a Combat Grey base, with the all new BDL Halftone pattern done exclusively by Blown Deadline. This intricate pattern that includes contrasting shades of grey is sure to make your next build stand out from the rest. Be sure to grab one of these awesome sets before they are gone.

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