Yesterday on Discord I was lectured on economics and the corona virus by a mid-30's man who still lives with his parents and who's only employment is occasional food delivery.

Just watched AwakenWithJP's latest video today and he said this: investment firms Vanguard and BlackRock own almost all of mainstream media. They also own sizeable portions of Facebook, Apple and Alphabet. Vanguard is #1 shareholder in Pfizer and BlackRock is #3.

Just heard on a discord channel:
Woke-ism is not a conspiracy theory but anti-woke-ism is a conspiracy theory.

I was just on a discord channel where a guy said that freedom is government regulators not allowing people to buy unhealthy foods, like sugary soda.

I found the full version of the "boogity boogity" song. Also the origin of the phrase "smoking hot wife".


Ugh. Most meetings should be emails but people can't write.

The union representing the great workers building the Keystone XL Pipeline endorsed Biden. Now their workers have no jobs and the pipeline, which was well under construction (like the Southern Border Wall), has been shut down,

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