I'm such an idiot, wondering why I was struggling to hear, had accidentally hit my shift knob all the way to the right.

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Coworker's daughter, vaxxed and boosted, has covid....again.

I had a fairly successful first time with my new . Made contacts from eastern Europe through western US and into South America. I'm still working on refining the radial length and coil tap locations. I failed to secure the tripod so it fell over at one point and bent the end of the antenna whip. I think it's still useable.

Any have a with the Long Telescopic Whip?
I need help with the antenna settings, antenna length and coil clips for different bands. The manual is only for standard whip.

Now the big question to my #ham followers. Which morse key do you recommend? I'd like to buy a decent one, so it must not be the cheapest choice. I enjoy the quality of products.

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