anyone have an opinion on the Icom ID-5100A ?

well my antenna must suck because I can't hear anything.

We'll try again next week. Good night

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I'll be on HF this evening EST, any want to try an on-the-air meetup?

“The one finite resource we have besides the resources of this planet and time is our ATTENTION”.

Almost a month since my last run, I need to get out more

Biden campaigned for Latino voter outreach "Todos Con Biden," but forgot to purchase the website he was advertising. Trump's campaign bought the domain.

Looks like I cannot connect to the other node for allstar from here. I did have a nice chat with another local ham and gave me some great advice on how to build my own allstar node. I'll research this more and post what I figure out.

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anyone available to confirm my allstar connection?

ABC "news" used footage from US gun range claiming it was Turkey attacking Syria:

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