People may hate on email newsletters but the monthly one I get from the guy we hired to do our home-buyer's inspection, which has seasonal maintenance and safety tips, is an outstanding product.

@levisan On that line, i have always thought a homeowner maintenance app that told you when to do certain things(clean the dryer vent, change oil in the mower, run a clean cycle on the washer...) would be something i could pay a couple bucks for...weed and feed the lawn, disinfect the garbage bin, etc. like a spouse fix-it list but generated automatically [no sarcasm]

So you would tell the app "I just changed the fluid in the AC" and it would schedule that for every month from that day?


@Economic_Hitman @levisan something like that. Or when i buy something new like a coffee maker. The instructions are to change the water filter every three months and descale twice a year. Schedule both maintenances. With a preference for certain days/ times

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