Personal stuff, not funny. Just be prepared :)

ER yesterday (hospital for those EU/ UK folks) not heart attack or stroke but still chest pains and radiating pain in left arm. ER says I am not going to die but I say if the pain doesn’t stop I will die. It is my choice. No self harm will come or is intended. If I do die and they say it is suicide, my wife is guilt. If she is dead too, blame the daughter. ;)

Smart mask. What an oxymoron.

🎶 Every breath you take. Every move you make... 🎶

(Apologies for the facebag link. It’s the only place I could find it. Fortunately, this bit of madness can be viewed without an account.)

Fat foot not far...sometimes I hate mastodon. Here is the s a regular foot.

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FML. I told the neighbor I would watch the puppy for her. I got negative Karma when I played with him. Damn it. No, it is not a far is swollen and broken at the knuckle...

NSFW? At least not a good decision by the local church... 

@mike recognize the sign?

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NSFW? At least not a good decision by the local church... 

What floor do YOU stay on when at the Treasure Island casino in Lost Wages?

By tooting this I am protected from being purged.

Retoot for your own protection.

I embarked on a drive from my home in Northern Wisconsin on Monday afternoon to a spot in far western Arizona. Client was in a down situation. After two days of troubleshooting I put my wife, who shuts down the restaurant once a year for a vacation, on a plane to start without me. If you want to hear a scree on my solo adventure driving across the country DM me. It is quite the tale (so far) and don’t want to make the multiple post to tell the whole story on NA social. I hate those.

WTF.... Has anyone seen this??? Watch biden's hand BLATANTLY clip over top of the microphone... It's a green screen!

Shutting down the restaurant for two weeks so everyone can get a vacation before the summer rush. I say we can go on a vacation for 10 days but we are going to drive.

Wife: but flights are only $49
Me: no the round trip is $600 for the two of us. Plus, you want to put me in a metal tube for three hours and my PTSD ass has to wear a mask?!?
Wife: we could make the trip in a couple days but let’s see the sights and make it three.
Me: “Sounds pretty Gooooooood”

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