P&L for a Seattle Restaurant
An 8 minute video walks through his real data for March, April, and "closed".

Selling $40K of take out in April resulted in a $12K net loss; he could have lost $10K by being closed instead. The hope is he can get sales back to $60K (break even) with limited in house dining.

He projects losing $40K in 4 months before he starts making money again. Your typical small business owner can't afford it!

(what personal demons?)

“In "Greyhound," Hanks plays George Krause, a career officer given command of a Navy destroyer Greyhound during the Battle of the Atlantic. Krause fights his own self doubts and personal demons along with the enemy to prove that he belongs in command.”

i am not going to be live this wednesday but might air something special late tonight. ill keep you posted here.

Several studies have suggested that Trump was right. But, now here’s what the CDC is saying about the fatality rate the coronavirus:

0-49 years old: .05%
50-64 years old: .2%
65+ years old: 1.3%
Overall ages: .4%

symptomatic as well as asymptomatic, is approximately .26 percent.


No friends online this morning for COD. Just now noticed the number of friends on my list...

The short story is an interesting one i had not heard before but the commentary after is about Mike’s TV show appearance following Governor Cuomo.
For those not using Apple type products to consume podcast the episode is 157: A Novel Hero


Once again I want to ask you to cut all internet connections to China

Anyone here a visual/tactile learner? I find these videos very interesting. While the title is wrong (i knew some of the songs) the fact i could see the hammers striking the strings helps put the details on my mind on playing these songs.


My father -“First reports are always wrong. “ Dear Dad is proven right time and time again.

CDC changes it tune, again. Now what will you do with that pallet of bleach wipes you hoarded?!?


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