Someone posted the Epic lawsuit against Apple PDF yesterday. Now i can’t find it. Anyone have the link?

Foam finger number one: my county. But look deeper. 44% of employees infected! Total infection in the county this year TO DATE- 315. Bah humbug.

What the hell is up with mosquitoes in California? Works In Wisconsin but not in California?

I say to the nurse practitioner today.
"I bet you can't wait for the vaccine"
Nurse days " I don't think there will be one"
I say why's that"
nurse days " my friend had it, and she has no antibodies"

Oh god it gets worse. “I have a doctorate in music from UC Santa Barbara! Do you have a Doctorate ?!? No?!?! Then i am more educated than you!” Fuck you kid. Education does not equal status. Your a bitch

Watching PlutoTV. Hells Kitchen channel. After season 14 it went to season 1. Painful. What is the price for me to have lunch with Mr Ramsay? Worth it at any price. He is now my spirit animal

Oh the interesting things i have done today...

School is gonna be a total shitshow this year.

NA producers, I pose a question. Would anyone do a quick and dirty caricature/cartoon image of a friend of mine? DM me please.

So, Wisconsin has a mask mandate through September. I can finally work at the restaurant and make faces at people. That is the only upside.

What i learned yesterday - Finland had the first mobile phone network. But it was technically not a cellular network. Well, at least according to podcasts familiar with the situation...(i tried to listen to NA live but my phone/network was not having it)...backup plan. Listen to NA after a download and go through previously downloaded, non-NA podcasts.

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