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Ever since @adam started promoting the idea of having your own email server I’ve been thinking about doing it but I was always afraid it will be to complicated and I just came across this product so I’m wondering if anyone used it or heard about it?

Has anyone did any research on DuckDuckGo search engine and is it truly private? Some tech journos are starting to promote it which makes me suspicious and I found some posts saying it is funded by amazon and possibly CIA but I’m not good at research so I couldn’t verify any of it

A request to the community:

In the morning

I'm looking at editing together a "Producer's choice best of" show for @adam and @Johncdvorak

I need your help. Let me know the time code and episode number of any bits, with a brief description, and I'll look at putting a couple of shows together for the up and coming breaks our guys will need

Maybe use as a hashtag....or not...we're grown ups and probably shouldn't

Please boost and tell your friends

Thank you for your courage

MGM Resorts, owner of the Las Vegas hotel that was the scene of the worst mass shooting in modern US history, is su…

Very good article about Tesla autopilot and Cadillac SuperCruise for anyone interested in this subject and the realities of those systems.

@SpookyR Net neutrality doesn't solve the real problem. Of course neither is what the FCC is proposing to do. It's shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic.

Self driving bus crashes within 2 hours of being released on public roads in Las Vegas! And everyone is blaming human driver ?!

Congress votes to disallow consumers from suing and other companies with arbitration agreements

threw in the deciding tie-breaker vote. He sided with the banks.

What else do you expect?

I could be mistaken but I don’t remember this being discussed on the show, this is from 9/11/17

ITM!! Can’t wait for today’s dose of reality!

M5M started calling Vegas shooting the deadliest in history this morning and by now they corrected themselves slightly by adding “in recent history” to all the stories

Wouldn't they first need to prove the sea levels are actually rising? Because as far as I know all they have are computer models and no actual physical proof.

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