Those are criteria used to classify a COVID-19 case in Nevada which the total number includes confirmed and probable with no separation.

ITM y'all! Ep 1254 was EPIC, riiiiight?! Too much good material. . .but but the NA Animation Studios went with the obvious choice. No one in the M5M plays Joe's gaffes!

Show day tomorrow! More amygdala shrinkage! TYFYC! xoxo

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

Here's when they talked about the infiltration of the M5M:

(pls excuse shameless self-promo - we're shadowbanned so I gotta do what I can)

Watch "National Guardsman At NY Testing Center Says Media Has Overblown COVID19 Pandemic "It's the Flu!"" on YouTube

I know I’m not ‘round here much.

I want to thank @adam JCD, and all producers here and on Twitter out there.

I have been going through a real rough patch. I thought I was going to loose everything I love. Also I might have Covid-19.

The one thing that has gotten me through it is the No Agenda show, I laughed and smiled for the first time in days listening to the show. It has kept me centered, distracted, and optimistic though all this.

Thank you for your courage.

Love, CyborgDave

The corona virus bill is a gem! I predict this will all be over within 30 days of the President signing it into law. Can't wait to discuss the details Sunday with @TheRealDvorak

ok, that is kinda funny

dude hacks Google Maps by dragging around a cart filled with mobile phones

makes Google think there's a huge traffic jam
routes all the cars away from him

I visited Auschwitz in 2005, walked through the gas chambers, saw piles of eye glasses & shoes of those slaughtered there. Their memory must live on. As anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise, we must stand against hate & bigotry. #HolocaustMemorialDay #NeverAgain #NeverForget

Did anyone post the pic from the meeting so @Johncdvorak could guess who had vasectomies?

Likely it would be dudes in their mid 30’s and older with a weary look - had a couple of kids and hoped for more sex without the risk of pregnancy... which isn’t really happening. 🤨

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