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GPL (GNU Public Limerick)

This code can be changed on your end,
So long as you do not amend
This licensing verse,
For better or worse,
If it to the 'Net you should send.

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Thanks to all the people working so hard to drive software freedom forward! Happy Software Freedom Day! #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #SFD2017

@tomasino You have to whipser in his ear: "But the potatoes do, and they're watching"

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@kevie @murph

A few years back loggers went in where ~8 miles of local single track was. (I used to ride in those woods ~3 times a week.) They took out the wood and purposely dug up and left branches all over the trails.

You know, I should go see if anyone has restored them!

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Watched "The Internet's Own Boy" and pretty much lost it near the end. Our society is broken and we need to fix it.We have ceded too much power to corruption and gatekeepers.


@Combaticus That's quite a bit east from our travels.

@Combaticus We had lunch at the Lake House restaraunt on Monday.

Giving my GNU/screen talk at in about an hour.

@maiki @NYbill indeed, I did that quickly, and did not read carefully. Damn me for trying to be helpful.

@NYbill taking care of them does pay off. I put almost 300k on my last car.

@NYbill I get the opposite problem. I get an email from Subaru that my 36k service is due. I'm at 66k, and have kept up with all the service.

@postmodern So, you suggest to make Parmesan grate again?