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@NYbill taking care of them does pay off. I put almost 300k on my last car.

@NYbill I get the opposite problem. I get an email from Subaru that my 36k service is due. I'm at 66k, and have kept up with all the service.

@postmodern So, you suggest to make Parmesan grate again?

@lattera (Non-angry question.) Do you have a reference for Linux having a worse security track record than Microsoft?

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Gooch's Garlic Run. 30th year for this charity motorcycle ride. Mine is probably the only bike with an sticker.

@nolan Take a look at FreeOTP on F-Droid for your two-factor auth needs. Works great for me.

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For my birthday a while back, my brother got me a copy of "America Online's Internet For Windows" which contains two quotes that I think are still really relevant

@NYbill I can see you. I have some trouble being seen form time to time though.

@takeshitakenji I do, I was on from the early days. Hope that they get talking to gnusocial at some point in the near future.

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Comey’s Memo Is the Smoking Gun of Donald Trump’s Watergate- Not so fast says Alan Dershowitz

Maddog's talk is a great start to a fun conference

@NYbill I see it, just been busy. Welcome to whatever this is.

@gabrielsaldana I'm in the same boat. Hoping to find some of the same good folks here.

@theru MY experience has been the same.

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like, for all the times I get utterly pissed off at Eugen, I can kinda see where he's coming from. You don't want to have anyone have a bad time on your server if you can help it, and if you're already inclined to dislike people on other servers it's really easy to believe that it's a pit of vipers nobody ever needs to deal with and block the whole thing.

But you can't really think like that unless it *is* a huge pit of vipers, and in my experience there have been very few places that are just completely irredeemable to the point where you have to precommit to ban everyone in an instance block.

You can suspend individual remote accounts as an admin, and I encourage you to do that if you and others on your server feel that is the best thing to do.