pixel planet is probably one of the more pure representations of the internet these days


you asked for it bro hammer

you can admit that you're jealous

this baby has been in service for 7 years

imagine being this guy, shooting your mouth off and having nothing to say, not a single fucking talking point

i imagine he'll die of embarrassment or aids or money pox or his 50th coof shot sooner than later

this kind of democrat shit stain needs to be first on the wall along with their political masters

we've got 3 military birds up right now

ones just some random bird flying around cecil, the other is a blackhawk we've had regularly flying over and the third is some douche bags from dhs down in dover

these people are fucking criminals and they deserve to be shot down

now that i look closer, the dhs bird is like some joint operation with dsp, which is concerning

wtf are the cia doing working with the staties in delaware?


maybe send your friend and family this to clarify what they support without thought

apparently la county isn't going to be bothering with going after magazines, hopefully the rest of the government across the nation gets the hint that its suicidal


who is this artist, does anyone know the language or is able to translate, i've tried photo recognition and translators and what not, i have no idea what to even call this artist


also i'm not sorry or apologetic for using spotify

uhhh someone wanna explain what all these dudes were doing at that school shooting?

hey look, a bunch of fed dick sucks

these people should be genocided

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