would you get in one of these? even if you were homeless?

what stops the state from saying by using it they get to use you for slave labor or experiments?
is there a eula? i'd like to read it.

dont ever get in a state provided pod

what riots?

we've got video and fondle slab meta data of who was involved and what happened, yet the collective memory of people says nothing but the awoo flu happened last year, huh funny how that happens when people are programmed

being a soft soi boi isn't going to save you

stop trying to be kind to aggressive animals, retard

this is great fuckin news man!

oh yes, the beeeeeeessss!!!!!!


research says wildfires cause more female bees to be produced

the democide of ashli babbitt was committed by this guy

this cop is a blm terrorist and should be dealt with

here's your woke left, they're murderous thugs hired to abuse the citizenry

those bombs were totally placed by state actors, the fbi shouldn't have trouble finding them, mostly because they're probably feds themselves

its muh white supremacists in 3...2...1...

also, they'll haul someone up that doesn't remotely match the soi boi cuck frame in the picture of the alleged bomber

saw pic related and searched this

Sanxingdui - bronze mask

which is a place in china, etc

it was catalogued in the 20s but not investigated until the 80s

what pray tell could have been going on that nothing got done for 6 decades

oh right, communism

run by animals, and looked upon lovingly by sub human mongs

i dunno if you guys saw, the quarantined coofer himself, the cancerless weatherman, is back making some videos. pretty standard stuff buy maybe the fun will start back up

>vote for us and we'll do stuff

get that in writing first with these fucking clowns


will the antagonist, previously introduced to the public, be brought out by the biden admin to terrorize and create reason for more cia foreign business transactions? will hamza bin laden be rolled out for the upcoming season of america's next top president destroys the world?

hopefully retards like this will be suffocated one day by their smart homes

>hur dur i'm so smart i handed over control of everything to someone else

if you hand over control of your life you are less than, we are not equal and you do not deserve my sympathy or empathy

now if only the rest of these retards would get the message

i bet the smell of italian sub on cuomo is indelible to the woman he raped

i mean shit, nepotism and politics never produce sexual deviants, do they hunter?

was this one of the reasons that HWNDU bullshit artist was freaking out like all the other pedos in 2016?

fuck this dick head i hope he goes to jail and dies of an infected pink sock

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