@mrmcmayhem This is exactly what we should have done from day one. I remember in the early days hearing a few voices just talking about letting it do a controlled burn.

But that doesn't elevate government's role in nature itself, as an all controlling, all pervasive element. The source of all things good and the only shield against all things bad.

No larger lie, on a global stage, has ever been accepted by so many.



its important that we treat the duped with some level of respect, but its equally important we never let them forget and we never ever forgive

its less about them saying they were gonna throw me in a concentration camp and this and that and more about them threatening the world for my son

also can we talk about how these old selfish assholes grew up in a fantastically free world, then had the nerve to take all that away and still maintain power and smugness

@mrmcmayhem @amiko

maybe we can learn from all this and reject prole rule

diversity killed the west

we're trying to figure out if we will rebuild

@mrmcmayhem @amerika
My guess,it wont be catastrophic, but faith in Federal institutions has been shaken to its core...it will be generations before people start to look to DC again for leadership of any kind...political, scientific, medical, economic...they've tipped their hand & its empty.

Rather than going Mad Max, I suspect we'll see the rise of individual State powers over Federal. State residency and allegiance will become a prime indicator of quality and character of life.

@amiko @mrmcmayhem

this is why i keep saying we're in the 1840s again

populism, know-nothings, nativism, states rights

it's ultimately not a solution to democracy but an attempt to limit its innate insanity

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