Hello? This Is Colombia’s Antimachismo Hotline.

The shift is simple, but profound. The idea of the Calm Line, as it is called, is not just to prevent violence, but to address what many experts say is one of its root causes: machismo, the often ingrained belief that men must be dominant.

By pushing men to focus on how that often unexamined attitude is hurting their lives and the lives of those around them, the program seeks to inspire a profound cultural change, said Nicolás Montero, who leads Bogotá’s culture office, which introduced the Calm Line in early September, after a pilot that began last year.

“Imagine a headline in this society in 20 years,” Mr. Montero said. “‘Machismo has been eradicated from the national geography.’”

You can have men be manly and dominant without being wifebeating cunts. Also I don't really see the issue with hitting a bitch every once in a while



because having women run the police and welfare state has been such a great success

the alleged vp of the us is a woman

why isn't everything fixed if discrimination against men was the answer?

what a bunch of silly shit dreamed up by delusional weaklings thinking that capitulation will save them, it wont

eye of the tiger will save us, no matter what gender wields it

@mrmcmayhem they fear masculine men because they don't just blindly take orders and watch their culture be eroded. Masculinity is "toxic" because it threatens globalhomo.

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