the adl is a bunch of lazy fear mongers who are twatter tier internet trolls who lurk on /pol to see what the cool kids are saying and then they decry they've got some hot tip on some far right nazis and then take pedestrian ideas and terms from /pol and make money from them by selling their bullshit to retard tier twatter mongoloids who will give in and do whatever they're told, just like some fucking evangelist who's really getting his dick sucked back stage by some fucking twink. fuck off.

climate change is just a side ways religion like scientology, prove me wrong

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new-cular, its pronounced new-cular....
nice clips jcd but this fuckin guy is out there.
although i'm fine with dc being some wild battle ground. get outta dodge my friends in the region

whats with the constant bed of xylophone?
is it the only way to keep all these fucking brainlet's attention, my god its the most moronic thing i've ever had to listen to.
and these uptalking soy boys and deep voice women all need to be put on a fucking wall, enough

madcow has admitted that she doesn't tell the truth and plays a bit part, this entire interview should not be taken seriously, any argument to the contrary would make her guilty of spinning conspiracy and pushing the russiagate hoax so which is it. is this fucking dyke a bit actor or is she a journo? neither she's a bullshit artist who has an inferiority and penis envy complex
and who cares what this bureaucrat bitch wanted or thinks. she's already spilled her opinions without fact, so who cares

ohhhh i get it, we're back to the idiotic idea that djt is some kind of mob boss, riiiiiight.
these people live in a complete fucking fantasy.

how long was that ridiculous joke of a circle jerk?

jcd can't seem to get that when you hand over control to the gov, you the pleb gets the shittiest care. while congress gets all their brain rot drugs for free.
the glorious state run everything. we've been through this, its shit and i'm not sure who other than extremely poor douche bags and those who want to control those retards would want state run anything.
its for the pathetic by the pathetic.

bernie is a complete failure, and his ideological zealotry is bullshit. if he really believed in socialism, he would have moved somewhere with a socialistic culture to help them. but he stays in a nice comfy capitalist society to get rich.
people should really stop fooling themselves.

if amy wants to point at 'women making successful politicians' can she please explain the mayhem in sweden?
probably just those evil cis white men

booo hooo hooo, decades of globalist policies have had consequences booo hoooo hooo.
fucking airheads

i dont want to be an asshole, but it seems to me that the planet should be 49 million people lighter.
with modern farming techniques, endless and unlimited aid, why the fuck haven't these people figured out how to build stable communities?
its not racism, its realism. the west needs to stop funding poverty, pain, overpopulation and death.

think of all the climate scams that money could be siphoned off to, and you've got 49 million less polluting the earth, win win imo

university employs stalinist tactics, because communists have to enforce their views with an iron fist

these brainlets have clearly never read a book or looked into what happens to the useful idiots

basically a bunch of authoritarian jerk offs are tasked to give their opinion on the body language and meaning of words of others.

apparently isis, the neocon fabricated, democrat supported, fake terrorist group, has praised the strike on solamani

an elderly commie with the economic understanding of a 3rd grader and a man hating, ghoul faced bitch had a fight. and why is anyone shocked? because democrats are so high brow anymore.
no its only they're opinion that they're high brow. its like a bunch of retards who watch good will hunting and think they're a secret genius, no you're just an idiot.
at this point you're sub 60 iq for supporting either of these people.

so my mother in law came down last night and with a giddy uptick in her voice she proclaimed that 'the impeachment trial is on'. she would be better off watching survivor or big brother. i wanted to ask her a few questions but figured it was pointless. she's a biden cult of personality follower, believes they know who she is or cares. the useful idiots the democrats seem to pick up is pretty astounding but that's a bellwether i think, most are just vapid passengers consuming spoon fed garbage

you bros were shakin the sticks and now new england is getting snow so of course like clock work everyone's moaning about that.
its either too hot or too cold. apparently the world is populated by contrarian old women

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