i checked out gab for a bit, and it was basically ruined after a few months of it setting up shop.

so what are these twerps going to do, look over your posts like a psycho ex girlfriend? why the fuck would i care what some psycho ex thought?


the woman was just some ideologue craptivist tard who most likely patronizes planned parenthood but has a problem with bret so she called him a eugenicist, probably because she just learned that word and thinks it means nazi and doesn't realize it means bill gates and the founder of feminism killing black babies for profits


grub hub sent me a thing about

"help women owned businesses"

i've been trying to, i've been speaking out against these bullshit lock downs for nearly a year

if you're for lock downs or masks or any government intervention you're against women owned businesses, simple as that

Here we go. Zimbabwe all over again. Let me guess... They'll start with taking land from farmers, and giving it to people who have no experience farming. They'll lay waste to the land, food prices will sky rocket, and the economy will crash.

Worst case scenario of course. STRAP IN, GONNA BE A BUMPY RIDE🤡 🎠

the vice news bot just posted a thing about horoscopes

that's how much people should listen to that disney owned pile of shit

is anyone kinda suspicious that this gab 'hack' is really all an inside deal

torba is a censorious kinda guy, so who's saying he's not working with the tranny that allegedly hacked this site?

and what exactly are they going to find that's not already on fake book and twatter?

>oh shit boys look at these minion memes, it must be a nazi thing


what insurance companies are cops going to be forced to buy insurance from? i have a feeling this utah bill could have some legs which means someone's cashing in on this scam for sure. and if gov shit balls can get out of that liability they can siphon off more of the budget imo.


let me axe you something

this whole globo homo thing, they really didn't think about that before they ran with it did they? because its about as bigoted as you can get if you're trying to push it globally

why are lgbt fetishists so anti muslim? because i'm pretty sure they really dont like the lgbt fad, nor do a bunch of countries globally where its still a crime

so how come some pathetic genital preference is put above real things in people's lives like religion?

one reason the whole covid thing wont go away, pathetic people who no one gives a shit about usually, are getting a bunch of attention and they feel like their lives are worthwhile, but in reality they're the same pathetic people

i dont wanna be cruel, but look, if women didn't find you attractive as a dude, i'm certainly not going to find you attractive as a chick with a penis that's projecting mental illness

that's a huge ask and a bit out of the realm of reality if you ask me


lets hope the rest of the country follows suit with OK

tell those feds to fug back off to their pathetic dump in dc and leave everyone alone

wouldn't being more hands off with states make the country more diverse? rather than forcing some homogeneous garbage dreamed up by lobbyists to maximize profits for some bank they plan on working for after the admin gets kicked out.


so we went from black mythology month to womens mythology month

rah rah

white guys dying made this possible, so go fuck yourselves

went and saw my parents yesterday, my mom is 60 and got the moderna shots, she was completely unaware that she wasn't given a vaccine that provided anti bodies, and she works at a hospital, so there's your medical front line workers

i love my mom, but i think she's the poster child for those who have just taken this thing via pressure

imo law suits are due for companies who coerced their staff into these shots, especially if they were med pros and pushed bad, junk science

>the WTO

hey guys look, a token black chick has been trained to do the bidding of international bankers who all work to enslave the continent of africa with chinese imperialism and coups sponsored by the us government

but totally trust her because she's a black chick, nothing malevolent to see here folks

what a shit show



you should totally take this balding inbred feudalist's word, i'm sure he's not positioning himself for further control and wealth massing in the changing world

he totally just wants to help...


isn't there a group of people who keep screaming about colonialism? so how come they aren't screaming about the reassertion of imperialism, they just call it something else these days.

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