i'm very happy today, but that fucking boule hole on gma drives me up a fucking wall. she's interviewing some other jerk off celeb about staying home like anyone gives a fuck. wow you're like a youtuber who's probably more entertaining, has better production and has actual talent. i truly hope these hollyweird types and corporate media collapse completely the world would be better off if they'd all have a wild night with our girl coronachan and simply never recover.

the WHO and the CCP need to answer for this, or at least maybe not act like a bunch of smug entitled cunts who clearly view the rest of the world as beneath them.
i bet hillary clinton gets along great with these fucking people.


fun fact, i can get 50lbs of ammonium nitrate a week faster than i can an oil filter for my truck from amazon. good to know

ya know who wants eternal lock down? soy boys, so they can stay home watching cuck porn and playing nintendo switch as their wife does soft core in the next room and makes more in a week than that beta does in a month.

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President Trump asked a reporter at his April 6th press event if she was working for the government of China, following a hostile question.

She replied that her company – Phoenix Media – is “privately” owned.

She’s lying.

reusable grocery bags banned, lol
gloves and masks all over the ground at shopping centers, lol
muh climate what? muh green new deal what? how many of these hypocondriac ass hats were bitching about 'blumpft not believing in science" 2 years ago, now they're littering and using resources they dont need to. i know its hyperbolic but that's the picture i'm painting from the neo liberal shit hole of delaware. they 'cant even' with the president but couldn't care less about their trash on the ground

lol this fallacy

comparing those who prep and those who are poor or laid off aren't the same

you could be poor and prep

commie propaganda

the rich = bad, unless you're the rich, then its justified and you 'need' those resources because its good for you

just stop it with this word salad bullshit.

imagine how insane it is to rely on and believe in a gov so much that no matter what they feed you, youll accept it. even better is when people want to dwell on trivial bullshit.
>what did he know
>when did he know it

when leftists literally want to show the way toward arguments against their policies and ideology.

what did he know?
that china was shit, he's only told you for 10 fucking years, dip shit
when did he know it, see above.

tfw you're looking for a 1/2 or 3/4 finger length rock glove because you got mauled by an aid climb and all the fucking reviewers are just cunty women bitching about how black diamond doesn't make unisex gloves geared toward them.
what douche bag editors are letting this shit slip by as relevant? that's why there's a sizing chart, or can people just not read a fucking tape, what am i thinking, i know they can't read a fucking tape

promoting all that globalist, one world, social media centric bullshit was a real good use of our time wasn't it? got everyone ready for hard times
oh wait that's right no it just distracted them from their own shit situation while promoting and normalizing surveillance weirdness

a citizenry that can't take care of themselves has been failed by a governing body that didn't promote self reliance

the people who claim to be your leaders failed you, stop giving them money


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Bat aids seems to be lethal to some normal human beings, but is also resurrecting the assumed relevance of celebrities we mostly never think about.

No, your forgettable ancient light rock classic rehashed as a social isolation anthem is neither presently helpful, nor will it resurrect your career, but thanks for playing.

the day discipline became abuse

word salad

really this statistic could be changed around to say
"25% more women are getting the fucking hint"
this is a teaching moment clearly


maybe another silver lining, hopefully coronachan stomps the blue haired hags of the anti natal culture.

instance is looking good and functional again, i heard it was some dude named ben

tyfyc & itm

i dunno why but @adam said 'val curry' yesterday on the show and i couldn't get it out of my head


not being an ass, but this is honestly what we all think of women in construction.

i've honestly met a few that on top of their shit and you can have a tight, efficient conversation with them. but lets be honest, there are a few companies here in delaware, so i can assume everywhere else, who hired on a lot of 'Jr Project Managers' or 'Project Assistants', that all happened to have vaginas and no qualifications, because you get tax breaks for hiring less qualified people


comic idea

a line of people getting their gov mandated vax without any idea whats in it and then having a tag attached to their ear to track them, like cattle with some kind of idiotic mouth breather quote like
>the gov loves me
>i'm someone to the gov
>voting matters
>the gates foundation wouldn't lie to me

etc etc etc

i dunno, something stupid those retards believe.


tfw the captcha asks for crosswalks but its a picture of a freeway you wish OP would fucking walk into during rush hour.

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