literal drunk old bag with zero idea whats going promotes the break down of rule of law.

that's cool, so when should we talk about how nancy is just a proxy for the patriarchy? any commies wanna address that? or how about her corruption? its cool when some haggared old bag abuses the country but because cnn says so the orange man is bad? riiiiiight

next you'll tell me bo jiden is some kind of legit candidate for president

>oy vey goy pay attention to me and buy my books!

looks like another one of the left's favorite terrorist groups wants some spot light, sorry blm you've gotta take a back seat to the zio terror industry, because its a big club of victims and you aint running it.

hans, get the gas

well that's unfortunate, attention seeking goblina survived the hit and run, although its funny she makes the situation out like it wasn't a black dude that hit her because she was being a retard in the middle of the road at night.
i guess we're to assume 'they' she refers to are conservatives or whites or something?
shocker, idiot fetishists are idiots

>give us back our land!

while using the patriarchy/colonizer's tech and monitary systems to enrich themselves while simultaneously suppressing crime data

but yea sure big boy we'll get right on that

shhhh it wasn't stolen, you just couldn't get with the fucking civilization program, its just a loss, stop crying about it, you were conquered.

btw crypto asians bitching about oppression is like me bitching about english abuse of irish people, i guess in theory it applies but wtf does it matter?

she should have worn a more open top, maybe those hangers of hers could have soothed the wild boar that is djt, but see you keep those stasi milkers pent up and no nato money for you baby

this man cannot be president, no one that kneels to citizens of the same country in a show of submission is fit to be a 'leader'

imagine Eisenhower going to beg and bargain with rothschild financed hitler

btw DDE's name is capitalized specifically because he gets respect, the other retards mentioned deserve the back to the wall treatment at all costs.

not a subject
not a subordinate
so you kneel all you want, weak cuck, enjoy that dick

do me a favor, i know i'm a thomas sowell fan boy, but go check out absolutley anything on youtube he's in. he just turned 90 ffs and he's more coherent in an interview about charter schools and the intricousies than joe biden has been in a decade.

sowell is like 25 years biden's senior, what kind of brain damage does it take to think biden isn't completely gone mentally? i'd honestly like to know, maybe the rank and file biden people dont see it, they're quiet here in delaware for sure

tfw you're playing a little minecraft to burn the day away, and you realize that the ender men freak out is like blm/antifa/the left's reaction as well.

if you've never played even staring in the direction of these assholes long enough pisses them off and they attack you, so yea it wasn't a leap to compare the 2.

why does joe biden get to make a bunch of special requests for participating in a debate with the president?
because biden doesn't have the mandate to simply conjure demands as if its his privilege.
no, fuck face, you can go debate him on your own merits and on your own 2 legs.
why are we accepting this weak pussy boi as if he's worthy?
he's a weak old man in mind and body, this is pathetic.
we going to start giving everyone special little conditions and capitulate to losers?

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joel gilbert’s the trayvon martin hoax. -this is the hoax that began the b l m movement.

whats with these people from Glee going missing and dying after pleading guilty to child porn?

nothing to see here folks, just keep watching garbage tv full of really weird people

maybe mental illness stems from people mirroring the sick individuals they see on tv and in movies.

great band from pittsburg, i dont think they're active still but definitely rockin

did you guys see this about mary kay letourneau?

>marries kid after

lol what a piece of work, but yea she died


and to add to the weirdness, i swear i found a couple videos with the same noises they're hearing from the ground in china

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ey bruh, you check out this 3 gorges dam collapse potential? holy cow, do you think they'd try to air brush sat photos for a while to deny their failure?


which 'scientists'? ones that are even remotely 'experts'? they've done a stellar job at being completely fucking wrong

>wear a mask
>more people are getting infected!

so then the masks work?

the brain damage is believing the 'scientists' and fakers like dr bill.

what a fucking joke, governance by a mob and science by charlatans who think math is racist

phewwwww what a wild ride life is

that pussy vindman is apparently retiring from his cushy soft boi job and will probably have some spooks right a book for him so the trash talking theater scam can continue rolling.
either way, he's still the bitch boi who couldn't not be a fucking whiny girl about not liking the new boss and just man the fuck up and do his job.
so double fuck him for every dude out there that just puts his head down and does his job, why do we do it? because we're men!

lmao! receipt of toll payment accepted

she deserves what she got

i hope her kids grow up realizing that one way or another, blm killed their mother

dont fight for your destruction and silencing and dont stand with bigot supremacists just because they say its ok for you to support them.

the irony is not lost on me that terry crews turned don lemon head's asshole inside out proverbially

he'll def need some old spice to get that smell of defeat off him lol

btw this is an example of the boule, as outlined on moe factz with adam curry, are not going to take black men and women undermining the money making narrative, which is that black people are stupid and helpless.
because that's what those who constantly think blacks are disadvantaged have to think.

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