@adam the 15th anniversary DSC is phenomenal. thanks for reminding me of the real player and format.

its interesting that i can't say "muslims need to apologize for ever for 911" because its 'racis' yet omar and retards like her can spout off hyperbolic hate, based in race and gender, and some how that's alright? interesting how that equality shit works. 'muh lack of power', you're literally a fucking part of the us fed gov. 'muh religion muh race' islam is not a race and religious freedom in this country says im free to not respect it.
why are we tolerating insurgency?

was terry really mentally ill, or was his hatred of cia glow in the darks founded and we just dont know all the details of how badly they fucked with him? i mean if what adam was saying is true and windows has had back doors and spy shit in it the entire time. then why wouldn't you label anyone developing alternative os' as a lunatic to stigmatize their product and drive more people toward your platform.

tfw you're trying to fuck off for a bit on a lesbian friday and you think you hear a mob creeping up on you but its really just the synthwave. phew.
and its a good thing, my armor and weapons were really shot to shit

you have no idea how much i wish this were the state of things for these fucking protestors, all of whom seem to have special interests that are antithetical to american values. fuck these shills that stood in the path of an ice employee's vehicle, dont stand in the road if you dont want to get hit

get in your free speech zone!


she's talking about using stasi tactics and spying on us citizens. and this bullshit specter, which the fbi declares isn't an issue, will be used as a means to allow for draconian control. this is your democrat party, authoritarians who want to poke their nose into everyone's lives. explain to me how these people are 'liberals' or 'tolerant' of anything but the narrow views and behaviors they deem to be acceptable.


who the fug are these guys and who the fug is this one guy in particular? inquiring minds want to know. spooks?

i'm really tired of these fucking anti american anti semite muslim congress critters having their hate and responsibility to address it shirked off on the president.
these 2 were barred because they are the hateful ones, the orange man didn't make them do shit and i'd like to see proof that he told the israelis to bar them.
again, democrats and far leftists cannot accept responsibility. why in the hell would anyone vote for this?

is the whole fat acceptance thing a soc engineering program to get a bunch of people to die early and cut down the population?

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New WAC Episode: Steve Pieczenick with Adam Curry - "Devolution of Power" l.curry.com/faC

is it trump or a couple democrats that are apparently barred from israel? so tell me which is the anti semite.

the cali voter rolls aren't a conspiracy theory, they're being forced to purge over a million 'voters' from their rolls.

by the left's logic, this makes all jews in the us islamophobes, some how.


funny how we needed a distraction in the cycle from the hoax hate bs and we get a bunch of shootings and then a pedo 'kills himself'.
why are black identitarians always apologized for by the m5m?

snap spectacles, mobile surveillance for all the slaves and the poor assholes that have to live around morons who spy for the gov. we're reaching peak stasi level here. also, we can't get retards to stop using their phones while driving, at what number of deaths from douche bags wearing AR gear while driving will be tolerated? if i'm hit by some stupid young slunt wearing AR glasses, i'm going to raise hell.

“Among the bones broken in Epstein’s neck was the hyoid bone, which in men is near the Adam’s apple,” reports the Washington Post. “Such breaks can occur in those who hang themselves, particularly if they are older, according to forensics experts and studies on the subject. But they are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation, the experts said.”

yea that'll happen when sloppy mossad and glow in the darks break your fucking neck

explain the difference between 'climate activist celebs' and goebbels please.

leftists terrorists are shooting at ice facilities and the politicians as well as m5m who are responsible are silent. this is what they called for, i hold the democrat party solely responsible for these acts of terror.

its funny how these commies demand gun confiscation as they arm up and shoot at government facilities.



did they suicide that thunberg chick on her virtue signalling boat ride? apparently there hasn't been transponder contact from the ship for like 10 hours.

perfect narrative construction. child says thing, child goes on trip, child 'killed' by thing on trip, world must submit to global government because child was actually killed doing something dangerous, albeit fun.




the 'whistle blower' from google that vertas had interviewed apparently has recorded another video, without the blacked out face or voice change.

but imo there's no way to verify who this guy really is, this could be google (DOD) throwing counter intel out there to muddy the waters to maybe force conservatives to lose their shit and demand gov intervention concerning the freedom of the internet and by extension speech and privacy.


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