when any issue is injected with 'muh racism' you can be sure its not an actual problem, hence 'the electoral college is racis', no its not you're just losers without a platform.

'russians' spent 100k on faceborg ads, clinton spends 6 million on falsehoods to mislead the public and attempt to undermine the actual democracy of this country. so you tell me who i should believe is the bad actor here.


eventually spy vs spy will be offensive because the 'white' spy winning will be a microaggression....who let the fun police in and gave them the run of the place?

when will there be a parade for people who just soldier on in normal society and dont ask for special protections and treatment? oh right never, & i dont fucking need one because i'm not some weakling who needs to be constantly reassured by my mommy daddy state masters that the bad boogie men they've fabricated for me to be afraid of are coming to get me. you dont cower at the boogie man, you get ready, you stay ready, and when the fuck comes, you make sure he regrets it. stop being worthless.

why do people sperg about abortions so much? so you're telling me in this hyper sensitive 'women are victims' culture they can't set up a go fund me, grab a couple hundred bucks for an uber to the airport, a flight to some place that'll perform the procedure, and then come home? you're fucking delusional if you think this is the case. this is not an issue, abortions are not hard to get. stop the lies and bullshit.
the bill of rights isn't an a la cart menu!

why do kids need to know so much about sex and abortions? i'm guessing because its the first phase in normalizing pedophilia, probably to satisfy muslims because they love to fuck kids.


why is it that people can't be happy with anything? glass half full or empty doesn't matter, you've got a glass you entitled cunt face.
the malcontents in this world are out of control.

as the media and other various corporations stick their heads in the sand and fawn over a bunch of fetishists, lets not forget that the real world is still turning and here's a nice report outlining some reality


what happened to that beaner dnc/fbi shill with the obviously brand new 'trump van' who sent the fake bombs to democrats so the media could fabricate the narrative of right wing bombers?

why are lefties like stewart crying in congress about 9/11, all the while they continually support importation of the very same people who committed this? why do we need to 'perpetually fund' the 9/11 fund, to what end? because eventually it'll be perverted to build a mosque or some bullshit to make sure the feelings of the terrorists are considered. sorry but you'll never change my mind on this, just like pearl harbor made people hate japs for ever. actions have consequences.

gulf of oman, gulf of tonkin, whats the difference, amirite bros?.....



big ol happy birthday to our god emperor donald j trump, the last man in politics with a pair

being otg sounds pretty sweet, but if you can't get away from the tech heroin of the day, apparently an alternative is coming, and i say thank god, maybe if nothing else it'll be a thorn in the side of the tech oligarchs. when this hits the main stream idiots, they'll be told that its some 'bad' spy device, as opposed to the spy devices they carry and interact with now.

incredibly stupid people should stop using tech that's smarter than them, prereqs should be a thing.


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I like this "Blocking domains speculatively, to preemptively defederate from instances that don't exist but might in the future" idea.

I picture the admin of that site firing a gun wildly in random directions at night on the grounds that there might be a bear somewhere, and popping broad-spectrum antibiotics periodically.

i'm not shocked by this report, can you even work on a tesla at home? the realm of vehicles is becoming a hobby horse for soyboys and limp wrists.
i enjoy turning wrenches on my trucks, its a learning experience and beyond the mechanical education, one can learn to be patient and to keep cool in a stressful situation.
vehicles shouldnt become smartphone tier garbage, but thats where they're going, and its a damn shame. but its probably a reflection of the state of things


oh, funny story. so i accidentally got my wife sick with this cold that floated around my office. she asked me to pick up some sweets while i was out. picked up cinnabon, the 20 year old thot at the counter with the dark lipstick gave me a look, while not looking at me at all really, mostly staring past me, as if i had just demanded she suck my cock. what is with the bad fucking attitudes by default? i was way more polite than the fat fuck gay dudes that were before me. victimhood bs yet again

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