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they built a memorial to our queen

how quickly she was forgotten and people have no problem with youtube doing the same suppression that she was raging about.

>just another crazy person with a gun omg gotta ban guns, dont look into this any further

its a real shame a bunch of people had to come down to our beaches in delaware and act like complete scum bag retards. thanks fuck faces, i hope you get welded inside your shit apartments in your shit cities, because even the state here said it was jersey and ny asshats making a mess and stacking up on top of each other.
so thanks, i get my rover ready to drive out and a bunch of out of state people fuck it up. balkinization when? keep this garbage away.
just wanna read on the beach and fish

out of work hack says thing from his spare room with less production value than most reasonably followed youtubers

watch out for big shit talker over here, spicy

what a bunch of fucking boot licking jerk off lame squares

guyz like guyz i'm totally cereal, i'm so impor-an and you have to pay attention to me me me because i'm sick. omg guyz, guyz.


some chinese news network propaganda reading hole got the awoo flu and i guess the programming directors upstairs want us to give a rat's fucking ass.

i hope she makes it all the way to hell. the virtue signalling from these worthless entertainment industrial complex jerk offs makes my head spin. self adsorbed self righteous jerk offs.

it can go in any direction. these groups seem to be pathological liars who are complete sociopaths on top of that, its the damnedest thing
the self righteous drivel is amazing. but its all based on this bullshit principle of some subjective 'fairness', truly just an opinion being so virtuous and so holier than thou that it boggles the mind how these people are so brain damaged they believe all else is wrong thing and should be forbidden to even be thought.
then we give them jobs

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when you're mentally ill and a giant drama queen sustained by bigoted legislation against the general population while you live in the most safe country with the most rights in history, but of course because since not everyone agrees with you there are enemies around every corner waiting to get you because of course its everyone else.


if things are so hyper partisan and tit for tat and all of that
how come no one wants to bring up the fact that the only 2 atomic bombs dropped in history, in anger, were dropped onto civilians, by a democrat president after a socialist calling himself a democrat over stayed his welcome while abusing the citizenry of the country.
no no ww2's legacy is muh hologram, dont pay attention to anything else slave, you will believe what the victors tell you.
i mean since we're hyper analyzing history.

lemme axe you this, why are people such hyper sensitive hypochondriacs?
>lives in most convenient society
>lives in most safe society
>lives in stable time period of planet
>literally freaks the fuck out over everything they're told to, good slaves
incredible how people will rush to get the latest vax or bullshit 'treatment' after all the other shit they were told to do failed them but hey keep running into that wall, i'm sure that food pyramid will work out eventually, or those cancer drugs

i'd like to posit that the rise in marxist nonsense coincides with the rise of autism. because you have to be autistic to be so fucking stupid economically and such a fascist goon when it comes to every single person around you behaving exactly the correct was as to not offend you. its pathetic we're coddling these segments of the population rather than trying to reeducate them to live in reality. the medical establishment should be ashamed for its handling of mental illness the past 50 years

we're watching the suicide of a political party, the gun in the hand of the deluded while the zealot cultists pull the trigger.

i want to beat on this dead horse for a bit, because it cathartic to look at the m5m, the coup cabal and the president in a timeline

jan 15th
what the coup cabal was worried about

jan 30th
president was doing

jan 30th
this is what the communist news network was worried about

so are we really going to entertain that the dnc isn't lead by deluded people, launching another investigation, i guess to get djt to 75% approve

look on the bright side of this corporate spring brake on the tax payer dime, there will be so much data for google to parse for its ai projects with all the fucking captchas that you have to do to shit post, ridiculous.
its getting tough these days to be a visceral vial misogynist

making coffee and the week behind m5m are losing their shit claiming that 'hospitals are on the brink in this growing global crisis'
umm excuse me, but please chill the fuck out, several regions of the world are past peak.
now i ask you, have the m5m simply become delivery methods of a past time which slows down the transfer of news, or are they deliberately bullshitting people? there mega crisis tent in central park does not have casualties laying all around it like they paint, wtf is the prob

styx with a spicey meatball, or plate of pow wow chow rather

i think at the very least a public audit should take place, as well as revisions of loop holes these groups are exploiting to essentially propagate a ghetto of crypto asians.
i definitely agree with the environmental argument he makes as well.


this guy can't stfu, whats his problem? why does he act like a cunty hole?

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