NOT Making Headlines: Las Vegas Oddsmakers STILL Not Paying Out for Biden Victory — Gamblers More Honest than Garbage Dump Media

I'm still waiting for the payout on that one dollar I put on Biden. Can't they hurry some more?

the chans are trying to come up with new bo jiden nick names

tammany joe was suggested

i like bought and sold biden

blow jiden is still a fav from the show

got anything funny we can start circulating and get the memetics chaos rolling

angelfire still does free web site hosting guys, so just bang out some html, save it in a text file, then change and host various pages based on events if they get nailed on the fangster platforms, come on this is like internet 101 shit

ffs stop relying on other people and other people's platforms

what if the vax and the virus are a 2 pronged plan to infect people with some kind rna modification, to make us the genetically modified organisms

one way or another they'll get ya, if you play the game

what did biden dick suck little marco mean by this?

here's your fuckin gop

bunch of spineless pricks looking to fuck over the american public whenever their democrat overlords tell them to

little marco can swing with the rest of them

you'd figure leftists would be such fucking cock suckers, but even when they rig an election they still are just cunts and pussy boi douche bags lol its gloriously pathetic

the president posts about pardoning a turkey and the salt mines are amazing

these liberal shit bags can't help themselves lmao its hysterical

sometimes i like to leave my autocad command window big in my peripheral vision, because its like the computer screens in 80s movies showing code fly by as if something is happening

pew pew drawing lines

i only remember football exists when i see a miller lite commercial on youtube for the eagles, or some random thing on here on the BIG main fediverse stream

anyone else completely forget these man child havens exist?

hopefully the fuckin collapse although i promise you the feds will inject cash to bail them out, need those circuses for the tards still giving a fuck about millionaires bitching about ghetto nogs getting what they deserve

hey question, when will the 'earth shattering' studies start to come out that talk about how you shouldn't be breathing with a bunch of inorganic fibers near your face

mark my words this mask bullshit will lead to the next black lung incidences

i got a donut from wawa the other day

it was in a single serving plastic wrapper, with big holes, probably 1/32 or so in diameter

so for a single donut, a plastic bag is now trash, and it had gigantic holes to prevent condensation but these holes allow for the rona to enter if someone coughs all over them

so shouldn't greta be out bitching about all the extra trash, all the gloves, all the masks, all the plastic trash being produced?
oh right, she's just a prop for her parents and the state

a truer photo of trump's middle east legacy could never be produced, but will a biden puppet shit show completely undo the peace to keep its own pockets lined with backroom state sponsored terrorist deals and arms sales kick backs? i'm guessing yes, and i'd imagine the plane loads of cash will magically start taking off for tehran again

what has this peace negotiation done within the various sects of islam? will they be busy fighting each other for a few decades soon like they were a few ago?

Extreme left-wing website NOW THIS showed how thoroughly vulnerable to attack America's voting systems are in 2018.

But remember, everyone, it's "physically impossible" to hack these machines via software, even though the manuals and the source code says otherwise. Trust Dominion Voting Systems to tell you the truth.

these pussies can't even take it when someone larps as if something bad has happened to their kike in chief

i dont hope for his arrest, just a plane crash involving him and everyone he does business with

>you should feel bad for these kids

i do, i feel bad that their parents are retards and hope that the kids learn from the terrible way their parents live and get out of the ghetto

but its made infinitely easy to stay in the ghetto and perpetuate lifestyles that only plague citizens and provide what exactly to the community?

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