remember, in history, jailing and pushing censorship onto political persons has typically had a violent response

i guess only freak shows and shut in cat women are buying the bullshit establishment line that everything is fine and that you shouldn't ask questions

jobs numbers for example, they actually came about 100k under the estimate, because a bunch were just replacements for deaths and aged out of the market

you're being lied to with fake statistics and most people wont look into what numbers the illegitimate regime is putting out

imagine if people were tracked, and charged for simply being at a rally for anyone other than trump

what if we say keep a record of people who go to biden rallies, or those who show up to see harris

maybe there should be lists so those people can receive knocks on their doors later on, just to be sure they aren't becoming radicalized by an illegitimate regime and its propaganda arms

While everyone is preoccupied with the FBI and the Trump raid:

The Scandal of the Secret Service’s Deleted Texts › American Greatness

btw remind me which of trumps political opponents he jailed and spied on

they told you trump was hitler because they were trying to install stalin

western banksters shut down their soviet project so they could go with less overt projects with the same ends

that's what the current iteration of the us gov is

if you have a safe, make sure you put something fun like lemon party or a screen grab from 2 girls 1 cup in there

i'm sorry guys, traffic was terrible and i didnt have time to get to gordon's pond to get a picture at brandon falls

wish me better luck next month when i get a chance to get back down there

on the plus side the xj beach truck is running much better after i did some wrench turning

to recap

a bunch of executives, gov and now president levels, are using gestapo tier 'law enforcement' to go after political opponent, dissidents and basically anyone who has a problem with living in a stalinist hellscape

anyone who's supported this shit show deserves the wall

i'm not a mag snob, but i gotta say, utg mags aren't my first choice

i've got a couple but yea not exactly impressed, they're just cheap feeling, and loading them isn't really smooth, but they dont leave one in the stack and lock the slide back, so that's good

btw is the fbi telling us that every other agency that's investigated trump for the better part of a decade, those agencies are garbage?

so they can be disbanded, right?

so since noagenda starts later

there's no real reason you shouldn't be listening to media monarchy live at noon eastern

why would people be afraid of the collapse?

its not your corrupt structure, let it fall, who fuckin cares if billionaires and corrupt statist shit fucks along with their useful idiot pets die?

i predict eventually there will be a shoot out, outside of a school shooting, between cops protecting the shooter doing the shooting inside the building and citizens trying to stop the government operation to sacrifice children

its going to get that bad

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