all this flu shit is gay

there are private individuals flying at 17k mph on a craft that was put up by a private company

and it aint some dick shaped cheap carny ride

you know the world is run by a bunch of old ghouls who need to die already when a flu is their concern, they want to kill babies to gain longer life from their blood, and they're willing to still pollute and contaminate the environment while they yammer on stroking the egos of autistic useful idiot children

feminists are truly some of the most worthless, comfy cunts that have ever existed

what a bunch of decadent douche bags larping as if they're under attack

the western world revolves around making women safe, so stop acting as if its not the case

the fda turns people into iv drug users with its 'approved' drugs

just to we're clear

these people do not care if you go to prison or die or something bad happens to your friends

just as long as they get their cut to 'approve' a drug

its a gigantic criminal drug dealing organization that takes bribes to give poison the green light, prove me wrong

look at the literal carcinogens they approve

if people want to be cyborgs and hybrids and pharma junkies, that's fine, to be clear i dont care how others live tbh, just stay the fuck away from me, because i'm not interested

thanks but no thanks

i kinda thought it'd be cool to have bionic eyes but as i get older i realize the tech will be corrupted for some perv to use them to spy or something

cake bots, train bots, waifus with raifus bots, friendly subversive discussion

its all here on the fediverse folks

"All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void."

>rreeeee one time in high school i had to read a book by some jew who claims to have had experiences at a so called 'death camp' so now all my opinions are pro zio terror by default

your typical 'educated' american on history

what big balls witchfinder general had with their s/t

witchfinder general and burning a sinner are some of the last tracks


btw if you ever come across a vinyl copy, buy it they're rare as all get out

whats funny about this milley thing, is that it was the corrupt congress under bush that abdicated their war powers is really to blame, ever since the exec has been a war mongering shit show of illegitimate tyrants

society thinks its split along party lines or economic lines, but in a way its split along those who think they're 'experts' and the 'grown ups' and those who realize those people are just retarded corporate assholes who have been brain washed into thinking they're the 'smart people' by their puppeteers

Are you ready to rock?

Are you ready to roll?

It is time once again for the No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Preshow!

Tune in now!

our pastor's words from this past weekend are really sticking with me, he's typically an upbeat kind of guy and can actually work a room very well comedically. but this weekend he wasn't so much, kept on hammering home the theme that we may need to suffer a bit more for our faith in the coming days

just kind of ominous, but i'm glad there's a strong community in spirit, physicality and mentality to face whatever struggles may come

if you stay ready you dont have to get ready

when are they going full aids quilt for this flu?

the faithful are so hysterical it seems they really do see themselves as some oppressed minority who's in constant danger and needs to be coddled by the state

Here is a video of people with adverse events from the COVID vaccines:

maybe a whole bunch of people should have it explained to them that they aren't in line with the policies of neither the dnc nor the rnc

that seems to be a hitch for a lot of people

had to explain to the mother in law that she has just about nothing in common with the dnc's policies, just because they have some old guy puppet doesn't mean they have any of the same values, and she admitted she doesn't, so why do these people just continue to pull the handle for the d's? or r's?

Drug addiction and homeless camp proliferation in Boston is costing the Greater Boston food bank $500K in security per year.🙄

Nick the Rat - 300 - Normies


A paranoid cartoon rat plays music and discusses conspiracies. Also takes calls : 1-917-719-5923 All content is Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) and all ...

how fast do you think cities would fold or call up the national guard if food deliveries were halted?

what do you think you could force dc, nyc, chicago, la to do if you could stop their supplies of fuel and food?

too stoked about hitting the presidential traverse tomorrow up in the whites to focus on jack shit today

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