this thing is real


so the first few things that'll happen, someone's throwing shit right at the glass part, so you have to wash shit off your stupid paranoia helmet

next, someone's definitely running up behind these idiots, because they wont know what hit them, and they'll get robbed

maybe someone will knock them down and then shit on the helmet

wait are these people into some kind of hot lunch/cleveland steamer fetish?

what a bunch of fucking weirdos

if the gov thought people were pissed after they figured out the story behind 9/11 and what really went down, they're going to be ready to drag politicians out of their offices and lynch them when the normies get wind of what a bullshit psyop this chiner flu was

oh thank you daddy gov for allowing me to shell out billions of dollars in tax thefts to private corporations without any choice

democracy? where was my choice in any of this?

how can we convince more lefties in the us to self immolate?

because this guy in belarus seems to be into it, until he's on fire then i think he regrets it, but hey to each their own

lets make leftist self immolation great again, mmk?

washed up, aging like milk, over privileged psy op tranny declares from her high priestess position that we're all white supremacists

i imagine there's no proof or logic provided, as with all brain dead retard celebs, she simply states it and i guess she's someone who's opinion anyone should give a fuck about?

yes wealthy white woman, living in a comfy country, tell me how awful us working class people are

fuck lady gag gag

like this mongoloid ever was organically popular

astroturfed cunt

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looks like tik tok is toast

like snapchat, its not worth shit, but because a bunch of tweens generate traffic the rubes in these ancient tech companies think they can make cash on it, its just going to ruin both if the deal happens. oracle will ruin tik tok and tik tok will ruin oracle
should we be wary of companies like oracle who want a bunch of data consisting of videos of young girls dancing to hip hop? what kind of degenerates run oracle?

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happy friday my friends

on my mind this morning, triggered by pol, is orthodontics

is it simply victorian era quackery?

i dunno, but apparently the autists believe it causes weak chins and by extension cunty women, unable to be controlled by the weak chinned betas

is it posible that antifa and blm are partially persons experiencing houselessness, and this group is funded by the feds as a counter force to give the middle class an enemy?
we seem to always need an enemy

if its not pol season and pepsi/coke shit isn't big time then its black/white shit being pushed by the m5m, the same m5m ran by political groups

huh i wonder how all those 'protestors' got all that sweet cop issue boots and vests? so weird

hang on hang on hang the fug on

how can anyone say that reparations is moral?

i mean if we have a climate crisis on our hands, shouldn't people put away their petty grievances? grievances based on other people's suffering. so really, reparations is only a thing that a truly equal and truly great society can even talk about. unless you hate the planet, you dont hate the planet do you? you wouldn't want to do something stupid like reparations over saving the planet do you?

just so you all know, retarded femcunts who think they're big brained want to try to draw some parallel between abortion and someone with medical issues having eggs fertilized outside the body for ivf

i'm not sure how people are so stupid, or could make such moronic connections, but at least when they do say shit like that,you'll know nothing they say is worth hearing

this image

and you know what happens to cunts? they write op eds for huff po about being 45, single, childless, and suicidal

but that's cool, keep distorting young women into biologically worthless and completely insufferable, then moan about how its the patriarchy that's forcing you to act like a bitch

women need to cut the horse shit and excuses, we see you and we see through you

only group that holds themselves up on a pedestal as so superior, yet always needs/demands help from men

when i'm dictator, this is how i'll get around, especially when its unnecessary

how did at the drive in spawn 2 bands that are both so full of talent, yet both so unlistenable

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tyfyc sir & itm

carpenter is a genius and they live was apparently a prophecy

is john carpenter's music, simply some of the absolute best examples of classic 80s synth rock/electro music?

think of iconic 80s movie music, and that synth sound. then check out carpenter's discog, its insane how good the collection is

tyfyc mofos & itm

its show day!

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