wsj can't help but suck biden's dick

why can't these garbage outlets bring themselves to just say he sucks

they dance all around it and blame literally everything else on the planet

maybe they can just drop the bullshit and admit they were duped and they promoted a guy who will wreck this country if he even makes it the 4 years he was never duly elected to

remember a couple years ago when its was en vogue for people to say 'black women are going to have to fix everything, as usual'

remember that?

hows that workin out now that apparently a 'black woman' is the vp?

cause all i hear are excuses

its funny how leftists in the us, and a bunch of neocon douche bags, think that war with russia is legit, but if you say trans women aren't women they shriek like its some kind of physical assault

wtf is wrong with these people, beyond them being complete corporate dick sucks

the shitty beatles, are they any good?

man they suck!

get friends who conspire with you to skip work and go ice climbing

guyz, guyz i got it

we'll find this 1 democrat in democrat shit holes who can't get out to vote and give them a ride

ok phew now we dont have to turn our country into a communist shit hole


salesman johnny

"we'll give it to you for $495"

biden is going to start a war in ukraine to distract from his dementia

when the us spokeshole primes people like this they're ready to wag the dog


>voting rights

they love to call things the opposite of what they're doing

if they were honest they'd call it federalizing elections to secure corporate control

what happens when no one trusts the elections and people say fuck it on all sides? this stammering jerk off going to mandate and eo his way out of that?

these people rule by decree just like every other despot, hang em high


holy shit, listen to this fuckin demented old man screaming

you know the m5m is in the pocket of the dnc because they aren't saying shit about this

they'd say this was an attack on the press if it were trump, sorry about the whataboutism but its true

someone ask biden about racial jungle

why can't these m5m cock suckers just say what they want to say

they dance around the fact that biden is a demented fuck who's not legitimate and not running shit

remember when they had operators on ships, how long until trains have armed guards riding along, shooting anyone approaching

lol imagine being scammed by google to use workspace

anyone saying that you have a choice with this vax shit is like saying you have a choice when it comes to a bully saying give me your lunch money or get beat up

its the same bully bullshit

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