@mrman There is also nothing to stop the next president from following precedent.


it does explicitly say we can dissolve this government

@mrmcmayhem @mrman @Mahchoo @Sum_ID

The US Consritution also does not say we can't form a Posse and Exterminate all Democrats; so when it happens, just remember your Tweet & question its wisdom.

@BlueDouche @mrman @Mahchoo @Sum_ID

its a testament to the patience and civility of the 'evil extremists' that this hasnt happened already

it is only by the goodness of the white males of america that the shit doesn't hit the fan

i'm not sorry if that triggers people but its the truth

@BlueDouche @mrmcmayhem @mrman @Mahchoo @Sum_ID It would be a violation of equal protection under the law, so she is wrong

@mrman indeed. They got a couple more years before that ability switches control though. Something tells me the progressives won’t be patient like the right. They will riot and then have all kinds of precedent to use against them.
It’s a fascinating show to a guy who has wasted his vote for a long long time.

@mrman I don’t think there’s anything prohibiting using feds to assassinate your political rivals, either (rip JFK)

@mrman I don't think there's anything in the constitution about even forming a Department of Justice.

@mrman although what’s also true is that she does not give 2 shits what is in the constitution

What is true is "she" is one of the best trolls on Twitter

@mrman ahhh I can’t even recognize parody or trolling anymore especially since all of Twitter seems like one big gaslighting troll fest…

I forgive u. That one is not very obvious. She's great though


The saying used to be that trolling on 4chan was like pissing in an ocean of piss. That's Twitter now.


@mrman and there is the clause IN the constitution to shoot people who have become too full of themselves, (paraphrased but it’s in there. )

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