@LoopLinndrum @mrman I contest this assessment. Nothing can be "a good read" when it's on Twitter.

Age discrimination is real and approaching 50 I started to worry a bit. But with this new woke generation incoming I don't think I need to worry anymore... Last two years my company has hired only 1 person under 35 and he is definitely not woke. As Dvorak said: you can't let any of these people into your business, they will destroy it. Smart companies are adapting and an easy way to not hire woke people is to just hire from an older age bracket


OMG, that's to fucked up... This has the stench of the exiled prince email scam fishing... way to soon... People aren't ready, it's going to have people call it a trump/russian plan against bidan to throw a cue

@mrman this is an excellent take on what it's like in big tech.

When you exclude a large percentage of the population, you lose actual diversity.

He suggests that not much new work is being done at these companies. Now is the time for the disenfranchised employees to go work for up and coming alternatives. Within a few years, the alternatives will give us viable options. This is good news for those of us who shun big tech.

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