Just imagine how the Constitution would be worded had the Founding Coup Fathers had the gift of a glimpse of the future.

I don't think it would have made a difference really

Agreed. Washington, Jefferson, everyone really would have advocated for another violent overthrow and reset back to the letter of the written laws.

@echoteecat @mrman @m00se I think they would clarify nullification as the decider in unconstitutional laws, not the federal government ruling on itself (via supreme court), and clean up the health and welfare clause, which may not have been a problem if my first item was done.

I was envisioning language such as 'shall not be infinged under any fucking circumstances by any fucking one'.

'Course the lawyers still would be able to ant fuck the the fucking, but oh well.

@echoteecat @mrman

@m00se @echoteecat @mrman yup, they would, and do, and just make stuff up...hence nullification being the decider. leaving it to lawyers employed by the Fed govt was always a mugs game.


It is sad when it becomes evident a supreme court justice was an affirmative action hire!

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