Wife says she thinks she's getting a cold. Fatigue and low grade fever. Is she going to die?!


if you ask cnn, she has covid.
is you ask online, it's cancer

either way, spend as much time with her as possible.

I shall read your @ for the answer ;) also I'm like at least 1k miles away from her

@mrman Yes, everyone dies. Probably not from this illness though.

@mrman Blast the Vitamin C, D3 and normal/daily Zinc seems to be the advice, and might be good advice at all times anyway depending on diet/latitude?

Do all the contagious diseases get more active in the fall because students go back to school? Above a certain latitude you cannot get enough D from the sun to be healthy. Maybe these things coincide and amplify problems?

I'm not a Dr.

@mrman absolute goner. You should probably wear a hazmat suit when you'll be calling her. And a life jacket. Them varians are sneaky as heck!

Get her on the protocol. Ensure helped a bunch to keep the calories up. Aspirin and acetaminophen, no ibuprofen. If it's the Rona expect 8 to 10 days of it. Hope she feels better soon!

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