When faces are outlawed, only the outlaws will have faces.

I'm doing an experiment with Twitter. Blocking all politicians and like 99.9 percent of blue checks

Sidney Powell Wiki Updated 15 mins ago.
Now she a QAnon conspiracy theorist.


Open your business. Open it all the way. Everyone.

Dare them to come stop you all. That is the ONLY way we’re gonna save this place.

These politicians will not stop until everything is Amazon.


Scientism is 👹.

Then they all say shit like, "The Universe has my back."

Stolen from Twitter:

The a-symmetry between the amount of energy the Cathedral expends in attempting to make us submit & the absence of energy it takes to completely undermine their agenda is a wonderfully refreshing white-pill.

The price of independence is $25k. Also, the matter is settled: Wisconsin > Minnesota.

Moe Factz in in the live chat on his newest YouTube right now

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