AUSTRALIA - Police start shooting Rubber bullets and bean bags at unarmed civilians at the Shrine of Remembrance.

Remember this day.

Vax passports are in effect as of 25 minutes ago here in Ontario. Well, fuck that nonsense. Even if I had had the jab, I still wouldn't go carrying around meine Papieres for the fucking coof-stasi to inspect.

what video editor on linux is the least shit?

Pressure works. The outpouring of community outrage made them put this on their sign.

(Follow up to a sign at a food bank that said "vaccination cards required)

Extremely pornographic tomato alert. Us Gardeners make our own fun.

This probably sounds cruel, but having my livelihood threatened again with these vaccine mandates gives me a thirst for retaliation. I want my State government to do something like eminent domain vaxxer property and give/auction it to unvaxxed people. Then force college kids to learn about how “the vaccinated tried to render the unvaccinated destitute and got their ‘just compensation’ for it,” like make them recite it or they get expelled. Make that shit official doctrine like the Holocaust and really stress that phrase: “just compensation.” There’s something very sinister about it when applied punitively.

I just wanted to grill.

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