Anyone know who runs Another producer wants to totes colab bro.

A little behind on moefactz.. started 58 today and caught this little gem from Adam from 3 weeks

Did you know? ...

You can borrow (for free) audiobooks from your local public library.

If you care, you'll be able to find the MP3 files that are downloaded and copy them to a secondary location for {relative} eternity.

In school today.
I'm on break duty.
Non of the boys wear the masks. All the girls do🤦‍♀️
Neither the boys or social distance.

Another teacher rushed over, screaming masks on, Covid rules.

I sit there just watching as the teenager all ignore her 🤣

Body Language: Bill Gates on Trump Censorship, Texas Freeze & Bitcoin - YouTube

It never goes well for Bill with Bombard.

@mrman I WANT TO TALK TO THIS GUY! any one know how i can get ahold of him? HE IS AN EVERY DAY HERO! holly fuck.... no quaritine no test just a little ticket? YEH THERE MESURES are FULL PROOF! I want this man RUNNING FOR LOCAL OFFICE because we need leaders ...STAND UP TOGETHER PEOPLE! #DraftYourSelfRunForOffice #AlWootton4CanadianPM2023 CanadianIndiependanceDay!

I will be posting more 'intel' on FASCI - HE IS STARTING TO BE EXPOSED
-we are finally getting some traction on who this guy is and his background -

This is a BOMBSHELL - one of the doctors worked with Fauci in his lab and EXPOSES HIS CORRUPT TACTICS

Dr. David Martin who has tracked Fauci for 20 yrs - has released a 205 pg PDF exposing Fauci -


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