Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.


UK CO² shortage is due to the price of natural gas.

CF Fertilizer, who is receiving the subsidy for fuel running costs, produces the CO² as a by-product of their fertilizer production.

Aside from putting the fizz into our drinks it is used extensively in meat production to both kill the animal and preserve the meat for storage and distribution adding about 3 days to the Use By Date.

There was a similar shortage three years ago as two plants closed for a refit.

So the best I can find is the suggestion that Google has some say on the channels you may or may not join.

I don't want to join any hate groups but I do like making decisions for myself.

So going to risk the honeypot that is an APK that a) self identifies a person as an extremist because they don't want the censored version and b) provides another avenue to back door my personal devices.

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What is the difference between the direct APK from The Telegram site and the version they publish in the Play Store?

The site says the APK is less restrictive but I've yet to find any listing of the differences.

~4 Afghanistan refugees had measles.


Biden adds measles to list of diseases that could require quarantine | Reuters

Looking at Brave BAT.

NoAgendaSocial takes BAT?
NoAgendaSocial takes BAT.

mRNA is the trial, Ivermectin is the placebo and Dr R. Malone is controlled opposition.

Mess I know. Just wanted to LARP being a conspiracy theorists.

Not as catchy maybe if I said something like become the change you want to see.

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On the Covid spectrum we witness the idiocracy of what is happening out there and shake our heads in disbelief in what we see and hear. To steal a phrase from Tropic Thunder we could say they have gone "full retard".

But how do you temper your self from going full retard in the opposite direction? How do you become aware you have gone deeper into the direction of your beliefs and biases because you stand in opposition to what is antithetical you?

And this applies to any divisive ideology.

So what prevents the many present and future licencees designing and producing thier own chips with monitoring and would we know?

Is it as easy as capping the chip taking x-rays and saying hmm that's an interesting cluster of transistors.

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If a tree was cut down in the woods and it wasn't done buy Apple then no one ever heard it.

So initially excited about Apple moving to ARM. Not for Apple but how it might stimulate the market. Forget that Pine, mobiles and various SBC devices like the RPi were ther first albeit with less powerful processors (and for a reason).

In the escape from Intel ME and other on chip monitoring that may be in x86 processors don't forget that ARM is a licence to build custom chips.

Activities today, catching tadpoles and comparing the different stages to becoming a frog, made bows and arrows, going to horse rescue later. Fishing yesterday and feral kids all the times in-between looking out for each other while the parents crack open the booze.

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Finding it normal that fathers are absent from home ed. activities. On home ed. camp 6 families and I'm the only dad...

This is UK.

Same experience for the other home ed. families one here. Is it a UK thing?

Must be brand recognition and a greater number of users already present so as not to loose voice and followers.

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What is wrong with masto/fedi?

Dr Robert Malone M.D. is opening an alt TWTR account in preparation to the risk of being deplatformed and selected Gab.

Everyone obviously knows better so getting suggestions of "Noo! Use X."

WHERE X in ('gettr', 'minds', 'panquake', 'telegram', 'parler')

Not one suggestion of Masto and the virtue of federation while I scroll up to the roadblock that is click show to see the surpressed replies.

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