Today's softcore fear porn.

Professor Anthony Harnden, deputy chairman of the Joint Committee of Vaccines and Immunisation (JCVI): ‘Don’t kiss your grandchildren after second dose’

“You need to be really careful and remember that even after the second dose of vaccine it’s not necessarily 100 per cent effective,” he said.

Remember, always trust and obey the science.

How likely is it that Trump will run as an independent in 2024?

What are his chances of victory as he has four years over three years to plan?

Will Ivanka, Jared, and Jr build a path by finding political office in some form in the mean time?

Laptop has now rebelled and space-bar is jammed. I blame COVID, only installing for daughter to remote school.

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Just installed MS Teams on Linux... I feel dirty.

Think I've answered my own question in the question and just thinking out loud. 🤦‍♂️

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Article 230 question. Just exploring an idea.

Does the owner/operator who is protected as a platform regarding other people's postings also protected for thier own postings?

Jack on Twitter, Zuck on FB posting to thier own platform are they in fact a publisher?

Of course if I was an a-hole on a platform the platform is protected from my stupidity but I would still be liable for harm (lible or deformation) directly with the offended party as would the owner of the platform.

Before developing a conspiracy theory always apply Hanlon's razor.

If the theory still makes sense let me know. I like dimension hopping.

Why is is that Mastodon reminds me of Usenet.

I'm off back to bed to read The Principa Discord is and The Illuminati Trilogy.

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The current sociopolitical situations as viewed as part of a 50 year cycle of the elites battling within thier own circles.

But as documents of history the knowledge of the systemic process of removing persons who fell out of favour also tells a historic story in our own time.

(This time with my bad typos corrected)

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Stalin would order so many edits to historical documentary photos he was often left appearing home alone.

I love nasocial. Still no clearer on my personal views and more confused but I sure do question myself and others more.

I'm preaching to the choir here but... Parler viewed purely as a FoS platform ignoring what ideas and views people are sharing. What is its appeal a FoS platform when GNU Social and compatibles like Mastodon have it covered to such an extent you could create your own instance with your own rules.

Audience or lack of? Awareness of existence and possibilities? SNR with on some instances because not everyone speaks the same language? Stigma, "oh your one of those people"?

Kind of sounds like when a programmer says "it's not a big it's a feature"

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