@mouseybear eh, who hasn't mutilated their siblings dolls? πŸ™‚
Or stuck M80s in their GI Joe gut?

My son committed the crime and I told him to give me the evidence so I could dispose of the pieces 🀭

Chickens are adjusting to the coop and the dogs are learning not to chase them. πŸ‘πŸ»

Better late than never:
Rare Encounter with @coldacid is finally posted. This is the extra-crispy version of the audio. I hope you like it. It's better.

Join us as we invade Russia, NP in the toilet, and avoid Superman's creampie.

Also, your potato news!

Encounter #97 "Trippin' on Nuggs"


We raised our kids the good old fashioned way, on titties and cotton diapers. No supply shortage.

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