Anybody use Subway Tooter? Mine decided to go with a white background. I've tried changing the theme. It stays white.

what Sallee sez:


If Joe Biden and the WHO think I'm going to take directions from a fat, unhealthy, racist fuck (Gates), an Ethiopian terrorist with a sketchy medical background (Tedros) and the CCP during the next plandemic, they have another thing coming.

I legitimately thought I was having a stroke when I heard the chorus.

Lately, I’ve been noticing that people are more often referring to employees as “workers”—I did this myself the other day without thinking, and was not a fan of how it sounded. I think this change was expedited by CV-19, as the term “essential workers” became popular. When you search for the term “employees” you get images like the first two below. When you search “workers” you get more like the second two. The obvious differences visually demonstrates my unease over this change in our language.

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