When they put the Trump presidency in the history textbooks, what the hell are they going to write? Will they take the neo-McCarthyism view of what’s going on, or will they attempt to vindicate the Left after the fact by writing that Trump was really a Russian agent who stole the election?

The JCD interview of the second guy reminds me of an old man who runs a weird shop full of curiosities and is more interested in showing you things than selling you anything.

β€œAny functioning team can continue to function well without the bottom third of its members, ranked by productivity.” Now, I just pulled that out of my ass, but it is an example of the kind of unsubstantiated thinking that drives a lot of management decision-making.

Your life doesn’t get any better than it’s always been, because you aren’t making any better decisions than you always have.

I’d like to see California try this, if they are so bold. With such long distances between destinations within the state, and being surrounded on all sides by large open spaces that would tax the drivable range of all current production electric vehicles, they would be cutting off their nose to spite their own face, and they would be the most negatively affected of all US states by such a ban. zerohedge.com/news/2019-05-20/

Going forward any rich commencement speaker who doesn't repay the debt of the graduating class will be slammed as cheap and heartless

In the grocery store today, I noticed the dude with big arms on the package of Brawny paper towels has been replaced with three big-armed women of different ages and skin colors, and the slogan . And I have no time for empty virtue-signaling platitudes. Is this BS getting old for anybody else?

Appeals to limit one’s childbearing output for the sake of population control are normally made to intelligent, peaceful people, when it’s the intelligent and well raised children that you want to have filling the world. It doesn’t make sense.

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Maybe it would be more generalized to say that one rejects any component or conception of reality which is not inescapable.

For some, who are determined not to believe or to be seen believing in an authoritative Being or something unseen, no amount of evidence would be enough, so it is of no benefit to attempt to pander to them when they constantly change their terms. I limit my own efforts in that area. Atheism only exists as an β€œism” to be a statement about God or His non-existence. If there were no conception about God then there would be no need for an β€œism” to differentiate between beliefs.

I think the uptick in online political censorship is a another sign that Hillary is about to run for President. All of the media outlets Hillary’s campaign did not have full control of in the last time around and who were blamed and publicly shamed for incompletely censoring the Right are now the ones dumping every alternative-media conservative voice that gains any kind of prominence from their platforms in grand public fashion.

Against my own desires, I’m doing my part to combat climate change by negating the contributions of two, maybe three other fathers’ children upon global CO2 emissions, more than making up for my unwillingness to drive an electric-only car, since its overall benefit to the environment is minimal when considering that the energy it would use is still primarily generated by coal and natural gas power, and maybe only a negligible amount of wind/solar power in the mix. (Them’s the facts.)

Turns out that I developed a catch phrase at Penguicon:

"The world belongs to people who finish things."

Always a hoot to hear Democrats complain about disenfranchisement of voters, even as they work actively to disenfranchise Conservative voices through mysterious banning by Silicon Valley firms (generally and historically motivated by Liberal politics). Same as it ever was, no one’s hands are clean and it’s just the party not in power yelling their heads off about anything they can, until they can get power back.

Ok so now they’re calling people β€œsemi-vaxxers” if they decide there’s a specific vaccine they don’t want to take, but they will take all others. It’s just so painfully dumb.

Paging @PhoneBoy - the No Agenda Ringtones page needs the SquirrelMail Batman jingle.

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