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YEP! First report said he was shot in the chest, found at home, and no weapon. Police dispatch came out that way. Now the 'official' report says he was found by the side of the road in a car and had the weapon on the seat. Soooooooooooo coppers, which is it? SUICIDED.

In my estimation, there is no cost to my being mistaken about the truth underlying the Christian faith that exceeds the cost of being mistaken about the untruth of it.

You cannot make an absolute statement except by faith, because you have limited knowledge.

Who should take the Census? Every single person who wants access to healthcare on SOMEONE ELSE'S DIME.

I would buy JCD’s $100 Microsoft BOB frisbee if it were hand-signed by JCD on the back, and if the money would be a donation to the No Agenda Show.

If you can get everyone serving in government and the judicial system to adopt the understanding that the Constitution is irrelevant, then you don’t have to bother trying to change it.

So, has anyone outside of China ever made a full recovery from Covid-19 virus?

Racism: a rigged game.

The only way to win is not to play.

Did anyone else happen to notice that Lt. Col. Big Hat Andrew Vindman is... a Ukrainian? I'll bet his connections go deep.

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