Well, I’m getting laid off at the end of the year. At least I have a portable skill set.

I miss living in Indianapolis, where I could walk down the street in a largely black neighborhood and mind my own business, and people would leave me alone. Here in Detroit I haven't been accosted by anyone, but there's still the stigma and you have to wonder what might happen.

I live in a fairly nice 2br apartment with a garage, and my neighbors on one side are a black family. The parents are nice upstanding people, and I suppose the kids are also, but I feel a twinge of concern when I'm working in my garage on some PA speakers or an amp rack or something that has value if stolen, and the kids are around. It's like, they're nice enough, even the kids (who I haven't personally met) but who knows?

I think that as I get older, I am less happy with the idea of living near black populations. I have known plenty of fine and upstanding black people, but what I don't trust is black culture among their young people. I have a fair amount of stuff at home that could probably be stolen and fenced for cash, and all it would take is some kids sitting around saying "Man, we need drugs, but we don't have money. Where could we get some money?" and then deciding to find some things they can steal.


β€œThe internet was a mistake.”
-Mark Pugner, β€œCosmic Weenie”

I think this Aramco drone/missile/whatever strike was preempted by the firing of Bolton - Pompeo and the rest of the Deep State realize they’re running out of time to get a war started on Iran.

I still think the Dem ticket will be Hillary/Beto 2020.

Can someone explain to me how biologists determine a new species designation is warranted? Are there any standardized criteria?

There is a modernity bias in claiming that people today are somehow much better at discerning true wonders from fakes.

When historical events recede too far into history for them to be independently corroborated, they become indistinguishable from lore. That does not mean they may not actually be historic.

It looks like they’re trying to wind down Biden now, using the R-word in the Twitterverse in contexts where it seems it might stick. Dems I know are for Elizabeth Warren. But I am holding out for a Hillary dark horse.

I will see your bullshit micromanagement and raise you my passive aggressive work ethic that will stall your project until the end of days.

β€œTriggering” is just an excuse for a disgraceful childish tantrum that would never be acceptable adult behavior otherwise.

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