Biden thinks heโ€™s entitled to control of the narrative just because he managed to get elected (dubiously) as President?

I think the policy of the National Association of Realtors to go fishing in the eternal Twitterverse for anything โ€˜problematicโ€™ is trailblazing because it sets the stage for policy where no social media accounts may exist except the account of the business, for promotion. Fuck your self-expression; nothing good is going to come from posting anything online.

The bodyโ€™s process of transcribing DNA to make proteins goes from DNA to mRNA to proteins. This sequence does not go in reverse, as a protective measure to prevent DNA corruption. A special enzyme must be provided that can allow reverse transcription of mRNA to DNA; HIV-1 provides this. mRNA cannot recombine on its own with DNA because RNA is made up of different โ€œbaseโ€ compounds; the resulting DNA strand would make no sense even if the RNA contained a pattern that would be functional as DNA.

The mRNA vaccines do not cause your immune system to become especially antagonistic to CNS cells or other cells expressing ACE2 receptors. It does not depend on an ACE2 receptor to be present on the cell in order to enter. It can enter any cell, so the likelihood of it entering nervous cells or reproductive cells is dependent on the proportion of those cells to others in your body. New mRNA nano-blobs are not produced, so once depleted, the bodyโ€™s cells do not express SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins.

Next escalation: they will want Chauvin sentenced to death.

This decision was arguably more accelerationist than a not guilty verdict since it basically told black people "Hey you can literally act out your most brutal racial revenge fantasies now and the cops will be too afraid to even approach you, but please don't burn down our cities and try to one up your friends in South Africa now that we have given you everything that you want". Additionally, when riots do start up the media can no longer blame a lack of "justice", they'll be inexcusable.

Youโ€™re all missing the point. The vaccine is the narrative hook that lets you tell the government, concerned Karenโ€™s, etc. to fuck off, because youโ€™re vaccinated. Instead of hoping to survive COVID, in order to return to normalcy, one hopes that they will survive the vaccine.

hey remember when people were getting run over by trucks of peace? remember those more simple times of state sponsored islamofascist terror?

If you did any of these 15 things in the 1990s, congratulations, youโ€™re racist and cancelable!

Itโ€™s a lot easier to just be a partisan. You donโ€™t really need to think about anything, so the mental workload is less. The only thing that determines truth or falsehood is where an idea came from. The ideas donโ€™t even need to be stable - they can change and even flip-flop, but as long as the โ€œcorrectโ€ party is espousing them, youโ€™ll just accept them uncritically. But this is also a form of the โ€œGenetic Fallacyโ€ - the source of an idea is not a logically valid argument for or against that idea.

If you live in city centers, brace for a weekend of โ€œpeaceful protestโ€ like you have never seen.

The Lincoln Project are Democrats who have convinced fake Republicans to give them money.

Boarding up your shop in Minneapolis in anticipation of riots is an exercise of white privilege (obtaining supplies lawfully, doing individual work, protecting private property) and is therefore racist.

@Johnny_of_the_swamp The woke and the unwoke will never again co-exist in the same space.

Only when this horrible movement is crushed will the country get back to any kind of sanity.

Following the law validates a system of law that is allegedly built upon โ€œwhite supremacyโ€. Antiracists are therefore obligated to disobey the law.

Piece of shit article in a piece of shit publication. Why do I care about what Fauci will do?

In the business articles like this are known generically as "Blow Jobs."

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