Domino’s pizza commercial comes on, and when the guy goes to ring the doorbell it’s an Amazon Ring doorbell. Spookish.

Do you know the name Eric Ciaramella? The Streisand Effect at work.


For the uninitiated, the β€œStreisand Effect” is that by which the more a notion is suppressed by some concerted means, the more people want to know about and even become amenable to believing that notion.

CIA-BS News is saying we’re all gunna die of global warming because there was flooding in Venice. Hello, McFly!

Comments by Ross McKitrick on the Continuation of Climate Model Failure: "The big issue is not whether warming has 'paused' or not... [RCP4.5 is] already pulling away from the observations."

When you say β€œBuddy”, β€œPal”, β€œBrother”, β€œMy Friend” to someone who is none of those things, the translation is β€œYou Asshole”.

@blaha @realdonaldtrump

Incorrect. The point of the whistleblower law is to allow those in the bureaucracy a legal path to expose criminality by those actually in the bureaucracy that out-rank them but are also in their community.

It does not cover the POTUS - and for good reason. They are not granted anonymity even if applicable, simply retaliation is prohibited. Real whistleblowers get fucked. That's how you know this is all fake.

Can someone turn this into a nicer piece of graphic design so we can have this on T-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.?

Still wondering how long it will take @jack to launch a low level PR campaign to smear Mastodon servers as "Dark Web" content.

People are openly wondering why Twitter is not actively banning users or content that references Ciaramella, and that's all the reason you should need to use Mastodon instead.

Maybe -- the reason it is so important that they conceal the identity of the phony "whistleblower" is that he is a known CIA asset, and in collecting this information he was spying on a U.S. citizen (the President) who was on U.S. soil. Even though people have come to accept that the CIA operates on U.S. soil, it is still illegal for them to do so, and they can't have that notion surfacing in the discussion, because his testimony would become inadmissible as evidence.

As a kicker she should add β€œThe strategic disadvantage that Trump is creating for our country as commander-in-chief cannot be overstated.”

Hillary needs to say: β€œAs a President, Donald Trump has received more praise from our enemies than from our allies. Vladimir Putin and now Assad are both praising him, because they say they know what he’s thinking.”

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