so apparently Norm McDonald died. I actually really liked that guy a lot. R.I.P Norm

@adam Man that MixCast 4 looks sooo good. My first mixer was a high speed cassette Tascam 4 track recorder. Tascam does make top notch products and I can't wait to get this podcasting station.

Those of you who play the game should understand the following text.

It's 0300 and I'm the only one awake in my home. I can't progress the story until doing the Crystal Tower quest line and I'll be honest, it looks scary. People keep telling me it's easy but the videos I have watched paint a different picture. As a new player, seeing what this place entails is daunting to say the least. A 24 person raid (or a raid in general) is something I have never done before.....but it needs to be done.

I learned the hard way: don't get a tooth extraction a day before you go back to work doing hard labor. Caring for the wound requires careful maintenance which is a lot harder to do when you are not at home. Now I just got to figure out if 72 hours is enough time to wait before smoking cigarettes again. I have gotten a lot of mixed answers on that question.

Antennpod has a new Podcasting 2.0 feature "funding tags". It's another small step in a big direction. @adam

How are your Linux woes going? I feel like there is something on Github that you can use for the hardware you need to hook up. If I had model numbers and or any fine details of what you are trying to get working, I may be able to help you find something.

With all the new developments in the Linux ecosystem during the last year, I wonder if it is time for @adam to investigate Linux again for audio production. Chris Fisher over at Jupiter Broadcasting now produces his entire podcast network with 100% Linux just in the last 3 years and can probably provide assistance and guidance. Getting off Windows should remain a priority, even if it's not a primary one.

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@mollusk @GVRon I think you've exposed a rift in the fediverse.

I saw your request & the reply to @GVRon, but no response from GVRon. GVRon has no posts from my end.

Wonder what's up?
Anyone else see @GVRon reply yo @mollusk ?

What are some Mastodon sites that are hosted by producers so my mom can join us? Thanks in advance!

So I have been playing Final Fantasy XIV for the past few months. My girlfriend and I have been bonding more by playing the game and it makes me appreciate the ability to escape reality when I need to . To that point, this mastodon instance provides me with a feeling of escape in that I can communicate with random people without being subject to extreme sensitivity from others. Thanks for being awesome.

These days I sometimes feel like I am a citizen in the video game: "Plague Inc." In that game, the player acts as god in creating and evolving various viruses and bacteria in order to eradicate the world population. However one thing that does not happen in the game is vaccines which aid that eradication.

What is something fun that every American used to be able to do, but can no longer do now because it is illegal?

Overtime is good for cash, but that's it unless you enjoy the job but I don't enjoy mine. It's time to level up but am not sure which quests to do.

Messed up my back at work and people are mad at me for calling off. Soul sucking jobs are tough.

@adam With PipeWire changing the game for Linux audio production and Reaper being a viable DAW for professionals, is it time to check back in with Linux for recording shows again?

@adam I am a big fan of self hosted software and services. I was wondering if you have ever checked out PeerTube yet. Maybe one day we should all pitch in to host our own for the No Agenda community. I have my own personal server and features are coming along nicely from the project, including Live Streaming. I just wanted to have your thoughts on PeerTube since I have never heard you talk about it.

I just wanted to say that I hope all of you have a great day.

I work nights and only get an hour of personal time after work each day. 2 nights off now and I feel like its not enough. Soul sucking job is soul sucking.

From here on out, my goal on this instance of mastodon, is to make @adam laugh at least once a week (if not more).

Well I got into no agenda social. Time to have fun and meet some awesome people.

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