Farewell Fred Ward. Earl Bassett was a late childhood/teenage hero of mine.

The landshark got weighed today.
In the past 8 weeks she's 3D printed 11Kg of puppy and is now 15Kg at 16 weeks. Still hasn't learned "heel" yet though.

I knew the pup was going to be big, I knew she was going to be vocal, I knew she was going to be somewhat manic but FUCK ME! From 13th of March to 28th April, just under 6 weeks and she's only 16 weeks old.

But of course, Boris did it with help from Priti Patel and Rishi Sunak as a distraction.

Hi everyone, the ZeroNode network hosting the No Agenda Chat has had some unfortunate downtime on the Canadian endpoints which resulted in connectivity issues for some of you. Everything's back to normal now, so please feel free to reconnect.

From out here in the Netherlands I wish a merry Christmas to all of you,and a happy New Year! May 2022 bring us the joy of loving relationships, may the unity of our people grow strong, and may Christ also be born in our hearts. Laudetur Iesu Christe! 🙏

aaand, the puppy is preferring to chew on the base of the cat tree, not the dried bull penis chewtoy or any of the others.

So there's Bojo the clown going on about a new variant of the plague and all I can think of is this...

It's still No Agenda's 14th Anniversary Week (and they never had a fight!). GO DONATE!

It's also the 2nd anniversary for this nutty (and super fun) hobby of mine.

Aaannnnd. . .this is also the 100th episode of ANA. Celebratory cake and cheap prosecco in plastic cups are available at the Craft Services table. ;)

TYFYC! xoxo




cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

I remember a lot of good summer days on this farm. Now the Soil Association has plans to improve the land and there's the Creative Juices Brewing company, the studio of internationally collected artist Romey T Brough and others making it quite the little hive of activity.
So good to see these plans moving forward!

Don't be a mooch! Use your time, talent, and treasure to help @SirSpencer and I celebrate 100 episodes of TONIGHT on this Tokin' Tuesday around 10:30 PM Eastern / 9:30 PM Central.

This week's is the first time I ever got shocked.

Call, text, or send nudes:
(816) 607-3663


💜 33 re-toots for uncropped pic 💜

Hats off to Bruno Fratus of Brazil for being the ultimate meme kid, even if he's 35.

Mancester city council apparently think the Delta Variant has the same symptoms as a few too many adult beverages and a bad culinary decision at 2 in the morning. causes hangovers?

I never liked Neil Oliver when he was galavanting around the UK coastline for the BBC but wow, I sure like him now!

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