dEMS FIGHTIN WORDS...This will surely alert the 22 intel agencies fuck em, I'm in.

@tolawson @mikegastin been claiming exempt the last two months, getting $5300 dollar checks every week. Gotta say I think if everyone did this the Brandon admin would get the message real quick

Abolish the 16th Amendment! That will starve out the deep state career bureaucrats, and defund the 3-letter agencies.
I’d say return tax dollars to citizens, but we know that is all long gone.


Especially when you learn that this amendment really didn't pass, but was deemed as passed.

It was the passing of obamacare of its day.

@mikegastin saying "taxation is theft" makes you sound like a lolbert retard. no one will ever taker you seriously.

@spiritsplice Criticizing me for using a common phrase makes you sound like douche. No one will ever want a relationship with you. 😉

@mikegastin a common phrase among retards that no one takes seriously. You're a pedo jew. You arent making any pronouncements about relationships.

@mikegastin If they can print Trillions why do we give them our thousands? Control. That’s all it is.


That's a very interesting thought experiment. What would happen if all americans stopped paying tax tomorrow?

They cannot use the military or court system because handling 300 million criminals that way would be absurd and close to impossible.

@h4890 We’re not morally courageous enough to all stop paying. In fact, your neighbors would turn you in if it meant they could keep watching Netflix and smoking pot.


Yes. Hence "though experiment". ;) Maybe the boston tea party is the closest thing to reality we have in recent times?

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