I follow a lot of people with opinions different than my own on Twitter but it seems like my feed has suggested many more left leaning people lately.

Some cable news channels are hard to watch, not because the content but that the production quality has dropped so much. Watched a segment through video chat, looked about 480p quality and terrible audio with echo.

I'm not antivaccine I'm anti vaccine that requires a waiver that prevents me from being compensated if it causes me harm.

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Why is it mostly only the government that uses the term "cyber" for things related to the internet?

I keep getting marketing emails from a foreign airline for flights to a country that doesn't allow visitors.

Unless I'm directly related to a citizen there, work in a diplomatic function, or have some super special exception who the heck is on these flights?

How can anyone with a breakthrough case say it would be worse without the shot(s)? How the hell do they know? They'll never know so how do they get to make this point?

This message was inspired by the people in Elon's replies about FSD price going up.

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The amount of people that shill for billionaires is amazing.

Also, he never said what he was arrested for and I wonder why. That is not an excuse for treating badly the innocent until proven guilty people.

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His follow up tweet to the thread: "Hey! Stop being shitty to each other" twitter.com/NopeNo0ne/status/1 I wonder how decent cops feel about being called bastard by people like this guy.

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Twitter thread about a guy being mistreated in jail. Ends the thread with 'ACAB' -- If a bad cop does something that doesn't make them all bastards. Just as black criminals don't make all black people bad or criminals. Why do people have this stupid logic? If he said 'there are a lot of bad cops' then he could argue that. Or even saying that the cops doing it to him are bastards, sure we can get behind that.

Historical record high today is 51 in 2011 and historical low if -3 in 2016 according to Microsoft weather app.

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It's 73 degrees in Iowa right now. We expect high winds tonight. Hopefully not a repeat of the derecho last year.

It's odd being a member of a foreign airline milage program and getting emails that advertise american food as its special.

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