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FYI - use "nitter" instead of "twitter" for references to tweets.

Just replace with or another nitter site to link to tweets. Here is a list of sites...

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Well, there are guides like
where you are already halfway through it.

Or this guide which has a little more detail

The other thing I would recommend for the web interface is to point at things to see the text hint & click them if it seems right. You can click on links, hash tags, profile names, icons, and so on.

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A more concise explanation of the "Fine People Hoax"

I might have to pin this one....

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The "fine people" hoax and how to combat it
Scott Adams has had several discussions about this hoax and has found the rebuttals following a specific order. Here's that order and what you can say at each step. It includes links to relevant information as well.

"Not the Bee" has a bumper crop of stories today - let's wrap up with other stuff
Pinocchio Joe won't build a border wall but DHS will spend almost $500K for a security fence around his beach home.
A pair of guys survive lost at sea for almost a month." It was a nice break from everything."
Twitter locked a 12yo parody account of the DPRK News Service. "The DPRK never complained. One of you did."

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"Not the Bee" has a bumper crop of stories today - let's do COVID next.
CDC may redefine "fully vaccinated" to include booster shots. Yeah - let's make everyone a permanent customer of three companies.
Pinocchio Joe somehow thinks freedom doesn't mean you can refuse a medical treatment. Lots of good comments about why this is just WRONG!

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A novel form of art...

In this case taking strips of metal and subtle coloring to make objects that look like animals.

US Patent issued to track people and recommend vaccination for the "super spreaders"

Wow - this was submitted late last year and was approved in about 10 months. That is fast!

Matt Stoller has a story with feedback about his hearing aid story.

Lots of good updates in this one like
- manufacturing costs of $40-$80 for a $4800 pair of hearing aids
- history about the patent pool
- a big name like Samsung should just buy a small company from the pool

I will note there are apps like Petralex for iPhone which measure your hearing response and amplify if using a headset or earphones.

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NSBA letter was written with help from the Biden White House

It took more than a week to write up the letter accusing parents of being "domestic terrorists" and had feedback from the White House but NOT from the directors or local school boards.

Be safe!

A heartfelt sign at the local DQ shop. A small place without a drive through, it had a couple customers when I was there.

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This long boi is about the LA port log jam.

1) Other than people with access to port operations, no one has tried to look at the problem

2) there are a handful of big problems and a multitude of small ones

Oops. Apple is leaking internal documents ...
and did a DMCA takedown for a mirror site but didn't get rid of the original source.

Be sure to go to
to get your copy of this stuff if you are so inclined.

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A group in the Netherlands has reverse engineered Tesla logs

Though getting to the data requires disassembly of the dash (and sometimes the media system).

Add Chick-fil-A to the list of companies fighting mandates...

If you find it hard to read, it basically says they don't discriminate based on vaccine status, masks, sex, religion, and so on.

Matt Stoller has a new article - primary focus is on hearing aids

Basically there is a small group of companies that make them and cross license patents to help prevent new companies from entering the market. A lot more detail as well.

At the top there are six more short items listed - but you have to scroll to the end to find them. Perhaps these should have been put into a separate story.

A couple stories about a "speed trap" town in Colorado

(the story starts 4:23 into the whole show)

In this case Morrison CO bases most of the town budget on making roughly $1M on speeding tickets. Two police chiefs have now resigned because of it.

I remember a few towns in Texas that did similar though a law was passed that limited ticket income to about 20% before I left the state.

Glenn Greenwald pushing some subscriber only features of Substack.

Not V4V but providing more features for people who subscribe to the service. Talks about videos, transcripts, audio versions, and so on.

A scam involving rental textbooks

In this case Amazon has a method of renting those books and allows use of prepaid cards & similar products to pay for them. The thieves rent the book, sell to another person, and don't return it. There is no value in the card to pay the "non return" fee so Amazon is out over $1M.

Three stories from "Not the Bee" about diverse topics
First, a Cal Berkeley director (of BASC) is resigning because of the cancel culture & lack of science.
Second, neighbors of shipping companies are seeing containers dumped, blocking roads etc.
NPR asking kids about masks and getting some thoughtful responses. Link to the original transcript as well.

Partisan (in)action by the Department of Justice

In this case a person making threats to Matt Gaetz, a recommendation by the Capitol Police for an arrest, and inaction by the DOJ to do so.

This seems to be a disturbing series of events.

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