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FYI - use "nitter" instead of "twitter" for references to tweets.

Just replace with or another nitter site to link to tweets. Here is a list of sites...

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Well, there are guides like
where you are already halfway through it.

Or this guide which has a little more detail

The other thing I would recommend for the web interface is to point at things to see the text hint & click them if it seems right. You can click on links, hash tags, profile names, icons, and so on.

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A more concise explanation of the "Fine People Hoax"

I might have to pin this one....

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The "fine people" hoax and how to combat it
Scott Adams has had several discussions about this hoax and has found the rebuttals following a specific order. Here's that order and what you can say at each step. It includes links to relevant information as well.

Alan Dershowitz commentary about 2000 Mules

A video hosted on Rumble, about 20 minutes about 2000 Mules before the Q&A.

TLDR; bias similar to the Jan 6th committee (opposite direction) and isn't persuasive. It does indicate the chain of custody issue with vote by mail - he is apparently working a lawsuit in AZ about it.

Transcript from a speech last year about getting independent from codependence...

Link at the end of the article for more stories from last year on similar topics.

AF Branco's cartoon for Independence Day

Featuring Pinocchio Joe and his cue card, the sippy cup, and other props. Can't even say the right holiday name.

A to consider with your small child

A 10 second video showing batting practice with a reel twist.

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1908Denver Cherrelyn Horse Car Line - A gravity car that the horsey pulls up the hill then rides the trolley back down the hill.

One more from the "Brownstone Institute" - this time about COVID and kids

More data manipulation to make things look better than they really are.

A couple stories from "The Spectator" - using 12ft to avoid the paywall
Hillary Clinton railing about Justice Thomas on the MDM while Sotomayor believes he is a good man.
The urban elite are NOT victims but believe they are.

Commentary from the "Brownstone Institute" about the EPA ruling from the Supreme Court.

Lots of good stuff here including quotes from the Federalist Papers, Woodrow Wilson, and so on.

Basically an organization like the EPA (or DHS, or CDC, or ...) cannot do anything it wants to achieve a goal. Examples included.

Alex Berenson about the New Yorker hit piece about DeSantis.

This looks like a stark difference of opinion about the proper direction of the country. The MDM continues to push narratives that distort the views of Republicans.

A couple stories from Posobiec about the use of US government resources to "remove Trump" (and supporters)
This one specifically looking at the Department of Justice and FBI.
Let's add the SEC to the list with investigations of the company running Truth Social.

No drilling, more killing

Another fine cartoon by "Tina Toon" about Pinocchio Joe and his opinion on two recent issues.

Separately I will note that I saw a billboard north of Austin TX near I-35 that basically said
President Biden
Buy oil from Texans, not from terrorists.

I doubt the MDM will cover that.

A look back at Democrat spending on Colorado Republican races

Yeah - millions spent and all of the "extreme" candidates they were trying to elect lost.

BART is using a Harris Hawk to get rid of pigeons, rats, and so on

RTFA for details but in a couple months the pigeons figured out there was a hawk in the area and are going to other places.

The ArriveCAN app may be made permanent.

I guess Canada spent too much on the app and entry process that they don't want to stop using it.

Note near the end - "First Nation" members may have a superseding treaty from 1794 that would prevent it's use for those members.

Weird stories about the Stanley Cup are starting to come out

The handlers with the cup stopped at the wrong home (one digit different) to make the delivery. That homeowner did get to take a picture....

More wishful MDM statements by the Associated Press

In this case first describing Trump as "unhinged", can be charged (not convicted?) of a crime, and so on.

Then interviewing people attending an event for Nikki Haley and some say they want an alternative to Trump. Well duh, if they are seeing her perhaps they want her to run.

Plus said that the NY Post referred to "tyrant trump" - odd doesn't have that phrase in a search.

The MDM is strong in this story.

Fact check false!

Pinocchio Joe's press secretary KJP thinks it is OK to quote "Don't Say Gay" Law when referring to Florida House Bill 1557 "Parental Rights in Education".

This bill does not encourage bullying or any of the other things this statement claims. More MDM from Pinocchio Joe and his staff.

An AF Branco cartoon is feeding the tree of liberty

with the blood of tyrants (EPA bureaucracy).

Part five of a five part series on Electronic Voting

Looking at more possible threats to the voting system in Switzerland. Lots of goodies here.

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