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Another resource - Whitehouse pool reports
There seems to be a regular cycle of reports here. Late evening the day before there is a schedule for the next day. Then a series of either official announcements, a report of "what happened" in a briefing or event. Repeat cycle. I looked for an RSS feed and could not find one - maybe you have to sign in.

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The "fine people" hoax and how to combat it
Scott Adams has had several discussions about this hoax and has found the rebuttals following a specific order. Here's that order and what you can say at each step. It includes links to relevant information as well.

A few people have recently noted something odd about this Trump picture from 2016:
Zoom in on the partially open drawer behind Trump to see one or more boxes of Sudafed (apparently the UK version). The question is WHY?

Does Trump have allergies or does he use it for the side effects (e.g., alertness). Of course the left noticed that a "rare but serious" side effect is a form of psychosis.

Just saying.

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OK yeah... this is a GREAT addition to the original meme. This gave me a good laugh.

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Skiing has started in Colorado
So Arapahoe Basin opened on Friday at 3PM for two hours of skiing after Keystone announced they were opening on Saturday.

Some fact checking of Beto
with plenty of facts & figures that show what Beto said wasn't correct. Also note the YouTube video referenced was banned.

Fake brews
Another fine cartoon from AF Branco. The "six ways" the intelligence community can "get" Trump.

From a few days ago
... how the "British government" (or at least a member of it) views the Brexit negotiations (or lack of...).

Long description of Boeing's 737 problems...
In addition to the Max problems they found fractures in parts of older 737 airplanes (roughly 5%). With a parts shortage & 3 week turnaround on repairs - this latter problem will cost big $$.

I thought these rules are pretty good for your own games as well as these shared ones.

Ken Thompson's old password...
An old dump of a BSD distribution had passwords of Ken and several other early Unix developers. Ken's password was...
which was cracked in 4 days of CPU time.

Snow on the ground at Donner Pass and PG&E is planning a power shutdown in the area. Really?

What is going on at Chick-fil-A? Two rows of cars entering the drive through for over an hour! I ate Mexican food near by instead.

PDF encryption has been bypassed
This causes two major problems:
o a file encrypted can be modified to exfiltrate the encrypted data to a third party when the document is opened and unlocked
o an existing "signed" document can be modified without invalidating the signature(s).
It's a problem with the standard - a quick fix is not expected.

US-36 repaired with foam
It's from a couple weeks ago but this section of US-36 outside of Denver was repaired with a dense form of styrofoam. 6000 pieces of foam were placed instead of a dirt fill - apparently it is more stable and stronger. Several pictures showing the "before" and "after".

Policeman suspended...
A speeding suspect was stopped, had no license. The police pulled his record - found out he failed to appear for a deportation hearing. ICE came when notified.

The policeman was suspended for notifying ICE. Really?

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Here is the letter that Devin Nunes sent to the ICIG today. It contains many many valid questions.

I wonder if any of them will get answered.

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Hat tip too...
He pointed to a story a few weeks ago about this in Northern CA.

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