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Another resource - Whitehouse pool reports
There seems to be a regular cycle of reports here. Late evening the day before there is a schedule for the next day. Then a series of either official announcements, a report of "what happened" in a briefing or event. Repeat cycle. I looked for an RSS feed and could not find one - maybe you have to sign in.

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The "fine people" hoax and how to combat it
Scott Adams has had several discussions about this hoax and has found the rebuttals following a specific order. Here's that order and what you can say at each step. It includes links to relevant information as well.

A US based clothing company hired everyone back to make masks...
The local power company needed masks for workers, bought 500. A picture online brought more orders in with several thousand going out the doors.

Trump Declares War on Americans

Go type that into your favorite search engine, I'll wait.

It appears the Huffington Post was the leader of this phrase but it is showing up in many outlets including Forbes.

The TDS is strong in these M5M outlets.

Some legal analysis of the brief sent by Judge Sullivan about the General Flynn case.
Basically the brief argues that mandamus can't apply because a ruling hasn't been made on the motion to dismiss.

This author notes the DOJ requested to dismiss with prejudice (cannot try the case again) and the judge has unreasonably delayed the dismissal. The brief doesn't address these issues.

Some analysis of the judges to rule on this as well.

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@adam @Johncdvorak
One more to add to the "Trump Rotation"...
Lacks empathy. (in regard to the riots / protests - despite making strong statements otherwise)

Number 51 Divisive was repeated several times in today's "Meet the Press". I even heard 53 fine people again today.

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At 6PM in Denver the cops are now starting to disperse the crowd prior to the 8PM city wide curfew. Shooting at protesters with pepper balls and flash bangs, and deploying tear gas.

I can post a link to a live feed but it doesn't seem to have any way to scroll back half an hour (or more) to show the specific incident.

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Pooled testing in China
The way China was reportedly able to test 6.5M Wuhan residents in two weeks is through "pooled testing". You combine the swabs from say 5, 10, or more people into a single test. If negative, all the people are negative. If positive, you retest the group individually.

Say you have a 5% infection rate & test 100 people five at a time. That takes 45 tests instead of 100.
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Sailors stuck in paradise
Over 500 sailboats are in Tahiti, waiting for the OK to proceed to New Zealand or another destination. More are in other locations, all waiting for the closures to end.

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ITM y'all! The last few shows have been so outstanding my biggest hurdle lately is picking a clip to animate. I had 5 I wanted to do from ep 1245, but alas this is a hobby (although the BEST ONE EVER) so I could only do one. :) Have a great weekend! TYFYC! xoxo

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

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The Register considers today's executive order "toothless"
by taking a broad interpretation of "objectionable". Many people object to what Trump (or others) tweets but I am unsure what a judge would consider in a legal context.

A side comment - I realize many instances using Mastodon have an interesting interpretation of what is "objectionable" to expel people or silence and block other instances. I wonder what might apply from the XO to US based instances.

Statistical analysis of epidemic models
Heavy duty math here.... It gets into some analysis of Monte Carlo type models. Introducing a "super spreader" may cause you to require 15K (!) runs of the model to get a reasonable estimate of the mean. A more complicated example required 1 Billion (!!) runs to get one significant digit of the mean.

Bottom line, it's hard to model these non linear systems like epidemics (or climate...).

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Shortest US flight, Eagle to Aspen
A mere 29 miles, American Airlines set this up to continue to serve small Colorado communities and qualify for incentives. The new flight is part of Dallas -> Eagle -> Aspen -> Montrose -> Dallas.

I recall similar loops including Binghamton NY and State College PA but apparently the AA flight has the shortest hop.

The COVID-19 Evidence Fiasco
This talks about making decisions based on unreliable data. Has several examples including the Diamond Princess cruise boat. It does note the higher rates for elderly people than the general population. It also notes that COVID-19 tends to kill the elderly while the Spanish Flu tended to kill the young.

Wow! Here's the text of the Executive Order issued today
Section 2 has the meat of the XO, exposing the "platforms" to liability if they go beyond the narrow language of 47 U.S.C. 230(c)(2)(A). All executive departments are to follow the XO in this interpretation.

Section 3 identifies & blocks advertising on platforms restricting free speech.

Sections 4 & 5 get into Unfair or Deceptive practices.

I'll note Section 7 includes web sites & search engines as a platform.

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A Manhattan Brass Company oil lamp, likely made in the late 1800s. The only identification is lettering around the holders naming the company and three patents in 76, 77, and 79. Odd that I can’t find any pictures like this on the Internet.

Most lamps by this company have a large glass around the chimney but this lamp doesn’t have fittings for that. Amazing it still works!

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