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As promised, initial beta release of mastui has been posted, despite being a bit rough around the edges. Please feel free to "chip in" if this is something that might interest you. The project can be found at:

If you can't chip in, but still are interested in something like this, feel free to get back to me with any feedback.

FYI for the people who were interested earlier, yes you can change your email in the account settings page, entering your new address and password and saving. it'll send you a confirmation email
cc @MrMaxPowers247

can we change our NAS associated email in there on the password change screen?

@NoBeret posts are a great mental bookmark of where I left off in the feed. sometimes my mind may be wandering skimming posts, but when I hit one of his that I've already seen my brain always says "I have seen these women"

"Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru."

Unfortunately true for everyone.

after the Brandon speech the other day tho, maybe she was accidentally right

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was chatting with the non-native English speaking wife today, she asked what my brother and his wife were doing for Labor Day. I said they were visiting Pennsylvania. she said "oooohhh the vampire area" after about 30 seconds I realized she was thinking of Transylvania 🤣

got a 7% raise today and a slightly over 10% bonus. not a bad day

Home too narrow
Fedi too wide
Local is juuusst right.

I use local the vast majority of time, occasionally fedi and almost never home. I'm mostly curious how many prefer home over local

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which tab do you mostly use on the Fedi

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