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As promised, initial beta release of mastui has been posted, despite being a bit rough around the edges. Please feel free to "chip in" if this is something that might interest you. The project can be found at:

If you can't chip in, but still are interested in something like this, feel free to get back to me with any feedback.

@Dan_Ramos question for you since I know you're pretty heavy into the retro gaming stuff. You have any recommendations for USB retro gamepads? Preferably SNES so I can use the same pad for both that and NES. I have the RetroFlag SNES ones and they look amazing, but the D-Pad is really touchy and causes a lot of "ghost inputs". Have you found any that you recommend before I gamble another $20 on some random gamepad?

Anyone else with experience in this please feel free to chime in.

Found a friend who happened to be holding some so they spotted me .01 ETH to get it sorted out. lesson learned :)

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This is a tall ask, but does anyone have any spare ETH lying around they want to loan me? I didn't realize that transaction fees for any coins based on Ethereum were still charged in ETH and now all my money is stuck in PAX and I can't pay the fees to swap it out lol

Here's a fascinating article from, written by an unvaccinated American living in South Africa.

In light of Bob Saget passing away, I figured I would share the perhaps mildly interesting fact that I happened to be at Disney World and saw them filming that episode of Full House

the anti-maskers are getting more annoying than the maskers at this point. just mind your own damn business and let people do what they wanna do when it doesn't affect you ffs

I made it about 5 seconds in before the host dork started talking about masturbating and the underwear clad harlots were hugging and flashing their butts and had to change back to CBS

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what the hell New Years live from Sodom and Gomorrah trash is NBC airing

ordered some rose tinted photophobia glasses. now I can literally view the world through rose colored glasses

sorry reddit liberals
sliced bread: 1
Betty White: 0

anybody ever tried the pink/rose tinted photophobia glasses? did they work? fluorescent lighting like in an office or most big retail stores, or highly diffused sunlight on a cloudy day, really bothers my eyes

Boy its great that needing to "reboot" your TV is a thing now

Making some hardware changes in response to the issue at hand. Until then, CF JS interstitial is enabled. (apps, federation won't work but browser will).

Will be back in full swing within a day (I hope).

since there is clearly going to be a major surplus of chairs soon maybe I should short all the chair manufacturing companies

someone posted an article the other day on the 6th court mandate ruling with a great breakdown of Judge Larsen's dissent, but I can't seem to find it now. anyone happen to still have the link?

Never give your secret to anyone because if you can't keep it to yourself don't expect others to.

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