Why does revised code 3701.13 give DrAmyActon so much unelected power? needs to change this NOW.

Anyone watch on Epix? Just finished Season 1. Pretty good - a lot of diversion and cat/mouse story telling.

@Dan_Ramos The CIA basically consists of many well paid contractors. Most likeley those trillions that are simply missing from the books every few years. If shit goes wrong, they simply cancel the contract and deny everything.

Now the question is, did it go wrong or was it always the plan to screw Trump's economy? 🤔

Dan Bongino

New Jersey Re-Opens Gun Stores After Trump Administration Declares Them “Essential”


I'm convinced that corporations solely exist to take simple things and make them complicated by involving way to many fucking people to have a simple conversation.

More people = more idiots = longer meetings.

Aldi is pretty stocked right now. 2 item limit but somewhat busy.

Off to buy a new washer. Anyone have experience with washer/dryer combo all in one unit? Like it? Model?

Just watched “Flash Gordon” first time since ‘80. Childhood rewind.

Ok, I just saw a garbage can rolling down street. It’s windy out here

It's almost time for the Sunday Morning Service of the Best Damn Podcast In The Universe.

Until then, open up your windows and turn your speakers up as loud as they'll go.

Let It Rock!

The No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Pre-Show is on the bitstreams!


Uh oh... It turns out the models are WRONG:

Epidemiologist Behind Highly-Cited Coronavirus Model Drastically Downgrades Projection:

"Based on both those revised estimates ... [he] estimates 20,000 or far fewer people will die from the virus itself or from its agitation of other ailments,"
(Instead of 500,000 or more!)



Got so annoyed at the hype from the media i made a shirt a while back. Will donate part of any profits made to NA show, but had to express myself about it...

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