At Queen concert in Kyocera Dome, Osaka.

Daughter #2 just told 2 young guys standing up in row in front of us to sit down so she can see. Lol.

Brian May in picture.

every infectious outbreak there's a regular call by the media to not worry, to avoid panic. all fine and good, but when the big outbreak hits, don't forget to lynch these people.

Staying in Westlake. Going to Hockey game tonight and tomorrow afternoon then finish the night with LED Zeppelin tribute band.

Who’s got tomorrow off? I do and 2 bottles of wine down !!!

@Klaatu @ProfWorr

Perhaps with all the hoopla with cgi, green screen, fluffers, etc, she had a Bill O'Reilly moment.

Live, from the frozen tundra of Chiraq, it's time to heat it up!

Tune in now for the Rock 'N' Roll Pre-Show, and turn that sucker up as loud as she'll go!

My keeper just said TimElliott looks like JoeDirt.

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