@adam i want that picture of you out front of hairdresser with that AR!

@methos @surrealestate @DameAshley With less than 5 hours to the meet up, all these pop up storms start. Coincidence? I don't think so.

That entire segment with Fauci & Lucifer (zoom) discussion was scripted in a way, the image came to mind of those old School Rock Saturday specials edutainment scripts. @adam @Johncdvorak

The No Agenda Meetup for NE Ohio Shows the Peninsula Lizard but the address listed has it at the Canton Lizard. Which is correct?



Ok. NoAgenda Meetup NEO venue changed. @surrealestate @DameAshley @Allmondee @DrewSample new location : Winking Lizard @ 5710 Fulton Dr NW
Canton, OH 44718 (Mimi state’s she would send an email out to those who RSVP)

Keto pancakes & Keto syrup coming up for the Keeper.

Another “Your positive” story. Mother-in-law reported her friend scheduled an appointment and didn’t show. A few days later received notification “she” was positive. WTF!?!!!? @adam @Johncdvorak

@surrealestate just called Winking Lizard, they only allow parties of 10 and we have 22 who signed up! There’s a side room but cannot host more than 10 (state wide) hmmmmm

WRONG!! Who’s to say what’s racist?!? Today it’s Uncle Bens Rice; tomorrow it’s Eskimo Pie or a garage door “pull rope” // “Column: Kicking racists off social media doesn't threaten free speech. It protects it“ yahoo.com/news/column-kicking-

Something up with Amazon video tonight? Everything is just spinning/buffering.

@methos Six Days, Seven Nights. Anne Heche was criticized by the Right because she was a lesbian portraying a straight woman - LGBTQs of the era cried bigotry and said any good actor should be accepted in any role based on performance, not their personal life. Hillary Swank was celebrated for her brave portrayal in Boys Don't Cry.

I apologize for my own bigotry in pointing out historical facts.

I'm impressed and saddened by the incredible machinery brought to bear on the population.

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