Been going through some personal pain lately and attempts to numb it side affect was me lashing out at people undeservingly like an ass. Ill try to be less asshole and deal. ;)

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California Ends Exploitation Of Workers For Good By Banning All Jobs

The new bill, signed into law by Governor Newsom Thursday, will stop the mistreatment of workers forever by making it illegal to work.

Taking a hiatus from NAS. Some egos are out of control.

Went to bed @ 11, up at 3am. Back is killing me and travel the next 3 days. Life is great. Im Joe but not Rogan so ignore my post.

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MOVIE REVIEW | A Bridge Too Far

The one with the classic war movie starring every famous dude from the 1970s...

There are no spoilers in this review.



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@DrChris @Zarcon6 @Johncdvorak
Okay, old NA joke here and I’m no artist but, if something doesn’t come of this that ends up on a shirt available at @noagendashop it’s a crime

cc @yukiame & the other resident Dvorak scholar @Bishop snd also @adam obviously..

@adam @Johncdvorak your debate over the netflix documentary was fascinating. I’m in Johns camp on this one. Hyper targeted ads? Sure, but how many times do i have to be fed an ad for an item i bought already? Or my “mind” was already made up well before but it keeps feeding me same content. Yes, ad buyers may “think” I’m in their “camp” but why hasn’t their ad buying moved on? Credits: I was a long term biz owner who bought ads on radio, mags & Internet

Want to see how the Democrats or worlds left want to run things? Watch on

Wonderful new NA Animated @jennifer Love how you captured @adam cracking up about the first caller MS N Bee See guy

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Anyone see GavinMcGuinness discuss Rogan&Adam ?

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