Anyone else noticed that John started using the phrase “the Genesis” lately? past three months

Happy belated birthday (listening to NA now) to @aighead

@adam @Johncdvorak SPAM is good. TREAT is for poorer peeps. We used to eat it growing up. The key is to slice @ boil in water first to deplete the salt. Once cool, fry up in a pan of avocado oil. Its also a staple in Asian countries & cuisines.

@adam peeps here in NE Ohio are already prepping for Halloween. Neighbors building elaborate sets in their front yards. Also, local Lowes and other shops have seasonal items out.

Had this weird dream last night. I witnessed Zelenskyy pen stabbing a Russian opponent in the neck during a friendly duel killing him with his back turned. Apparently I’m the only one that witnessed this? And he was after me next.

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