To the Edmonton Oilers...

For the love of God go back to your old home jersey design, These ones you wear currently are absolutely fucking horrific. They hurt my fucking eyes

/end rant

Ugh, Just looked at my 401k and its down almost 2K from 2 weeks ago....

Well my history of crappy holidays continues. I slipped and fell out of the shower on thanksgiving and about killed myself. Update to my previous post about the vax and visiting my dad. He passed this morning peacefully in his sleep. Mom said he looked happy. Even though you know something is coming soon, it doesnt make it any easier.

As if i dont have enough problems. My Daughter (Mid twenties) asked me if id be willing to get vaxxed so i could go see him before he passes.

I refuse to get vaxxed but now im feeling lost in that i may have to get it done so i can see him. (Hospital probably wont let me in to see him unvaxxed) I am really conflicted. I truly dont know what to do.

i have a major issue and am looking for some advice. My father has been in assisted living for a couple years now. He has COPD and has fought off leukemia. He was taken to the hospital and morphine was givin to him for comfort. Nurse said she didnt think he'd last 4 weeks.

Name the (as far as I know) only band to play the chainsaw.

Music is like candy throw away the wrappers

might get ugly tonight
top 3 scorers out against the lightning.
4 guys in covid protocol against vegas.

GO PENS!!!!!!

Well i finally got the email for my company about mandatory jabs.
Basically its the warning and that they will be monitoring the situation. question long before im faced with jab or fired?

Rough day today. Just found out my 19 y/o nephew in the army is going to the sandbox as "backup" for this evacuation.
Ive said it before and ill keep saying it.

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