Fauci is nothing but a simple little lying prick.

NOW, he changes his tory yet again and is telling the vaccinated people to wear a mask around unvaccinated as an extra layer of protection. This little troll really needs to keep his stories straight because the American people are smart enough to see the flip flops from masks protecting others to masks protect the wearer.


Michael Brown (Brownie you’re doing a helluva job) has a talk show in Denver. I think he listens to No Agenda because I heard him refer to a podcast on Sunday in which the two hosts argued about the Biden quip about Facebook killing people. Not sure if there were any other podcasts discussing that issue. He’s probably a douche bag🤣

From the Denver Gazzette, “ A Florida man who breached the U.S. Senate chamber was sentenced Monday to eight months behind bars, the first resolution for a felony case in the Capitol insurrection.” If that riot was truly an insurrection shouldn’t the insurrectionists be considered traitors and thrown in jail forever? This relative slap on the wrist essentially confirms it was NOT AN INSURRECTION. There are a lot Big Lies going around. Don’t believe any of them.

Dog Checks Democrat Owner Into Therapy After Traumatic 4th Of July Fireworks Show

Witnesses say the patriotic display caused Sammy's liberal owner to run and hide under his bed and whimper for several hours.

He then tweeted angrily about how awful America is and then wet his pants.


I am noticing way more ‘hazy’ beers. I am currently enjoying a ‘hazy’ IPA. The label indicates that it’s both unfiltered and juicy!

If you don't want a spoiler about ST Discovery 1st two seasons don't read any further.

1st 2 seasons of ST Discovery are giving me a hard time reconciling that Spock has a "sister" and the technology is well advanced of the original series but takes place 50 or 100 years before Captain Kirk. I do like Captain Pike. If anyone has watched past the 2nd season is it worth it to keep watching?

The Montreal Canadiens allow 3500 in the stadium yet there are 25,000 people packed like sardines watching game outside the stadium. WTAF?!

Just noticed the bottle of Smoke Wagon bourbon I’ve been drinking for a few months is Batch 33. No wonder it tastes so good. Made myself a Mile High Mule. Add a healthy portion of bourbon to a glass of ice, fill with Ginger Beer, add lemon and lime juice and a dash of Angostura bitters. Cheers!

I would say 99.9xxx survival rate.

Can you say that about the vaccines?

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