Which do you prefer? Mutton and Mead or Hookers and Blow?

“pre-bunked”. Best show title since “Vaxeline”. BPIU according to the Mueller Report

Listening to the first 15 minutes or so of Show 1264 of the BPIU according to the Mueller report and I’m pissed. The more I hear of the hydroxychloroquine “controversy” The more angry I become. It becomes more obvious each day that the m5m cares only about bringing down OMB. What makes me the most angry is hearing that in the very same briefing that he mentioned HCQ he also mentioned Remdesivir. But only HCQ was targeted. Maybe Big Pharma stuck its nose under the tent? It is all bullshit.

@ChrisWilson is really bringing the wattage to your cottage this morning. Best person in the universe*. ITM TYFYC

*according to Mueller Report

This fucking virus may turn me into an alcoholic and I don't want to be an alcoholic. I like drinking too much!!

I will be a proud member of the No Agenda roundtable tomorrow. ITM TYFYC mofos!!

About the only good thing about the "Rona" is that the No Agenda shows are better and longer as we all try to remain and sane. Thank you @adam and JCD

Mobilize - @OhVinnie @m00se @yukiame @blaha - welcome @mensers to No Agenda Social!

Glad you’re here. Mebbe some welcome memes, real quick? And all these fools will chime in in due time..

And don’t worry! It won’t be the spanish inquisition

“The US media is completely useless and I hope they’re held to account when this is all over.” - @adam

Me too ,, . well said, Adam

Anyone in the Denver area interested in a meetup? If so, where? I'm thinking somewhere in the Arvada area mid-February.

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