Thanks to Omnicron Hysteria most people are back to masking up even outside by themselves here in Queens. Everyone in the grocery store this morning was masked again. I have watched it tick up again over the last few days.

Sticker update. The Trump thing took about a day to get scratched out. But look a brand new "Let's Go Brandon," appears on the corner. @commandlinekid

Looking for a T-Shirt and Sticker printer for a show I am working on. Any success stories?

Watch what happens when Dana Bash asks Lt. Gov.-elect Winsome Sears if she is vaccinated

"In NY we have waiters asking people their #vaccination status. Do you know what else they require? A photo #ID to determine if this #vaccine card you're presenting is really you. Who are we fooling?"

Full interview:

Virginia Lt.Governor-Elect Winsome Sears' Interview On CNN's State Of The Union(FULL)

#COVID19 #COVID #Corona #Mandates #WinsomeSears

You can find the feed for my End of Show mixes at Developing some more episodes for the feed.

RAW VIDEO: AZ AG Mark Brnovich asks reporter about their STD status after COVID vaccine question (1:28)

That face at 0:25.

Do you now or have you ever had an STD? Lol.

On my building buzzer today in Queens. No I did not do this.

The tap your phone for entry option always seemed suspect and now it's coming to light.

The saliva slurping in the Hannity interview from Trump is pretty noticeable. Still looks youthful next to Joe but definitely showing some age in the past year. Can't seem him running and/or making it [great] again.

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