I keep coming back to that 19 nucleotide sequence found in SARS-CoV-2 and no other virus...

... yet appears in a Moderna patent from years ago.

Wow! Finally somebody speaks truth about the jabs in Canada's parliament!

Abbott Labs makes the CV19 tests (ones I had to use for work and seen the most in NYC) and baby formula? 🧐

I noticed the same name but just assumed they were different companies, different industry.


Dick Durbin is such a huge dick. They're going after supplements now, surprised it took that long,

It may be late, but it's still great! @AbleKirby and I are Trippin' on Nuggs in Rare Encounter episode 97, where we are invading Russia, NPing in the toilet, and avoiding Superman's creampie. Stick it in your earholes tonight via your favourite nude podcast app!


You should move funds/crypto off of Coinbase if you haven't already. Their bonds are getting killed as default risk rises...

Coinbase 10yr debt trading down to 65% par, or 65c per $1. Listed are the top bond holders, 4th largest being BlackRock. Love seeing these douchebags underwater. Assuming these are $1k face value bonds, BlackRock is long 43,780 bonds or $43.78m notional, market value is $28.5m. Put another way, a loss of $15.3m.

Ouch. Not much for them, but I'm sure it still stings.

Pink Floyd warned us about the school system over 50 years ago.

If you're reading about the adenovirus recombination and liver failure in kids, this is a good thread a fellow rabbit holer sent me,


New job is good! Even better news:
We're HIRING - remote / hybrid / on-site in Tampa

Engineering & Technology
Product & Project Management
Marketing & Community
Accounting & Finance
Education & Training
Strategy & Planning 
Service & Support


Lately, I’ve been noticing that people are more often referring to employees as “workers”—I did this myself the other day without thinking, and was not a fan of how it sounded. I think this change was expedited by CV-19, as the term “essential workers” became popular. When you search for the term “employees” you get images like the first two below. When you search “workers” you get more like the second two. The obvious differences visually demonstrates my unease over this change in our language.

Got some feelings about new Star Trek? I share my impressions on Kurtman era Trek and the Strange New Worlds pilot: starkweather.substack.com/p/st

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