If Congress actually took "inciting violence" seriously, they would have censured Maxine Waters a long time ago.

It's amazing how fast Congress can work to impeach a President again but still take months to actually help the citizens of the United States of America.

AMLO, a leftist president of Mexico, is the voice of reason. Twilight Zone.

I am on GrapheneOS now. And yes, can help.

LineageOS January update screwed my phone up, no sounds from any source, any app, phone, notification, speaker or Bluetooth. I tried to reinstall, to rollback. It did not work. So I switched to GrapheneOS.

Glenn Greenwald

I’m unlocking the article I wrote yesterday on how the intense fears and emotions provoked by the Capitol breach are being exploited and weaponized in historically familiar ways for new authoritarian measures. A new War on Terror has begun, domestically:

"Those who spent the summer demanding the police be defunded are furious that the police response at the Capitol was insufficiently robust, violent and aggressive."

A friend that donated blood in December 2019 just received a letter that informed them that they had Covid-19 antibodies. They shared a picture of the letter.

It seems very strange to send such a thing. And isn't there supposed to be some uncertainty about the duration of protection from the antibodies? Anyone else get one of these letters?

Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham have some weird action going on with the back of their hair. Cruz might even have a mullet at this point.

There's the Jeff Pegues characterization, unfortunate as it is, I think his delivery is good, but it seems like McConnell is always talking like he just shit his pants and just needs to wrap it up to wipe some more.

Thinking of @Johncdvorak referring to Senator Bennett as Mr. Pickles right now. There is something really odd about his delivery. Like a pickle!

According to ZeroHedge 🙄 Joe Rogan and Adam Corolla are the "podfathers." I know who really is @adam 😁


"Several other comedians have railed against the rise of cancel culture, including Monty Python star John Cleese, The Office creator Ricky Gervais, the ‘podfathers’ Joe Rogan and Adam Carolla, as well as Bill Burr and ‘politically incorrect’ star Dave Chapelle, to name just a few."

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