"Build back better," is starting to sound more like "Who is John Galt."

KCBC Light the Lighting, and the State mandated $1 cheese sandwich which the bartender told me to keep in front of me even if I didn't eat it.

Close to three breweries in the new neighborhood. The other two had long lines and packed outdoor seating. Bridge and Tunnel Brewery Oktoberfest - I Can't Wait Till It's Over, 5.5% ABV.

Saw this truck and knew I had to follow. Saw a pretty intense protest. Cops shoving people with bikes and almost getting caught up in it. The way my infrared camera works it needs more light and it was getting dark. Will share some later.

Update: I am not going. The penalties for violating quarantine are a bit steep in Western Australia style. 2 weeks inside no thanks. Pretty much did that this year already and it's unhealthy.

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Hoping that North Carolina is taken off Cuomo's restricted list before I go to my nephew's wedding next month. Not holding my breath but will have to fill out a form for New York State to re-enter. 🙄 Papers please. coronavirus.health.ny.gov/covi

Updated Indeed on the work culture at the offices of No Agenda Show. @johndvorak and @adam are the best bosses I have had as an End of Show Mixer/Jingle Producer.

@Johncdvorak is right, The Epoch Times does decent work regardless of their antiCCP perspective. They interviewed my friend Megan that owns a bar in Brooklyn that I have frequented throughout the pandemic. I'm also in the mug club 🍻. theepochtimes.com/desperate-re

At what point will Kamala Harris take over Presidential duties as the democratic candidate or into a VP term.

Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to someone else

@melodiousowls I'll be sure to share this with my wife. As a public school music teacher she'll get a quick laugh. Earlier this school year she was told by her department facilitator that any music to be studied and listened to should be culturally appropriate and all genres should be performed by artists that represent that genre. Clearly, Beethoven being black means he doesn't fit the narrative that classical music is a European centric genre. So, no more Beethoven in our schools.

This is satire right?
"Or rather, that’s long been the popular read among wealthy white men who embraced Beethoven and turned his symphony into a symbol of their superiority and importance."

Matthew Kolken on Twitter: "In New York, Democrats intend to provide the Governor with the authority to identify, forcibly remove, and/or jail anyone testing positive for COVID-19. This is a glimpse what our country will look like if Democrats are in cont


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