If you really want to cause some cognitive dissonance on Facebook, consider using this profile frame I created. Brains will explode and nose bleeds will be had. Search for "trump vaccine" in the frame store. USA only.

Probably already been shared, but I can't believe the idiocy I'm seeing in this Twitter thread. It's truly unbelievable. These people have lost the capability of rational thought. twitter.com/NickKnudsenUS/stat

@Msl3b Hey. I'm in Nashville for the meetup, but I don't know who I'm looking for.

What a headline. The media is sick. The man was just a number, apparently. (Yes, I said "apparently.")

Finally got around to deleting my Credit Karma and Mint accounts. Trying to remove all Plaid from my life.

So gun control = infrastructure? WTH is going on?

You just know that the craziest stuff is going to happen the week @adam and @Johncdvorak take their well-deserved break! 😂

I should be working, but sometimes I have to get an idea out of my head before I can concentrate.

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