A 10GB worth of SQL dump containing personal data and login credentials of 21 million SuperVPN, GeckoVPN and ChatVPN has been leaked on .

@mcread "Randomly generated password strings". *sigh. Password hashes, not password strings.

In any case, y'all used a unique, long random passphrase different for every vendor, right?

@progo the worry is that those hashes are just salted passwords … that would be something, no ?

@mcread If I never use one password for two vendors, I have no password worries. Cut off the breached vendor and move on. Fortunately the vast majority of vendors treat bank card details as a hot potato and have learned to not store those. The entire world already knows where I live and where my phone number is; that cat isn't getting back in the bag.

@mcread I mean I don't particularly care how they treated the encoded passwords in this case.

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