Rogan has a buddy named Adam who runs a company that de-googles android phones.

This dr. Robert Epstein interview is pretty good. NA has covered his research before.

@mcread pretty much. prior to 1922, most of it was just provinces of the Russian empire. Stalin made a huge blunder attaching former Polish provinces to Ukraine after WW2. Krushchev made another stupid decision giving them Crimea in 1954.

Framasoft is a brilliant non-profit organisation which promotes free open software and libre decentralised services. You can follow them at:

➡️ @Framasoft (in French and English)

They have been around for years, and developed Fediverse platforms like @peertube and @mobilizon for example.

They depend on donations to keep going, and they're currently doing a fund-raising drive at:

#Framasoft #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Français #Francais #NGO #NGOs

Congrats to Dropbox for launching a BETA of the M1 support recently.

Nextcloud Desktop client has native M1 support in the stable release since last year!

>Gamble on crypto to get a lot of money OR wait until society collapses far enough
>Maybe try to pool money with like-minded bros
>Acquire massive swath of land in New Ingerland (Maine)
>So much that we can't see any signs of civilization from the center of it
>Start chopping down trees and building temporary cabins by hand
>Live in the cabins while we work on building more permanent homes
>Build things like tavern/longhouse, library, church
>Start advertising it (using the library computers in the nearest town) as a technology detox place or whatever
>Recruit skilled people with primitive/traditional skills
>First cabins become motel units/temp homes for anyone that joins later until their permanent home gets built
>Plant trees on the dirt/gravel road leading in to conceal the place
>Remove the mailbox entirely
>[REDACTED]/imprison/enslave any tax collector or lawman that manages to stumble through the brambles enough to find our home
>No more electricity
>No more plastic
>No asphalt
>No globohomo
>No pissearth
>Live the way God intended while the outside world falls apart

LOL - " beaten up and left without money "

Bad news - you'll have to start paying for Google Workspace this year

German interior minister Nancy Faeser of the Social Democrat Party (SPD) accuses Google and Apple of inciting "right-wing extremism" and "conspiracy theories" because they offer Telegram in their app stores.

The Brilliance Of Monasphère - Rod Dreher.

“ The idea is brilliant: they are trying to make it possible in practical ways for Catholic families who want to live near monasteries to make the move. “

Apple will now require employees to submit proof of COVID-19 booster shot

Unvaccinated employees will need negative COVID-19 tests before entering the workplace

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